H.M.S KAISOO > Iceberg ahead!

Attention all Kaisoo shippers and quite frankly, all other sensible, moral and kind humans out there. I have sat by and not said anything for a while now but I can’t bite my tongue any longer. It seems Inarichi is being bullied by a bunch of people on here and I can’t stand bullying! She is a beloved writer of our fandom and yet some of you are turning your back on her because she posted something positive – I really can’t even begin to describe how hurt this makes me feel. Now, I know she might be just brushing off these horrible bullies and not letting them get to her (because she is a close friend of mine and she has thick skin for people of such meagre calibre) but I assure you that regardless of how it is affecting her, I WILL NOT and NEVER WILL stand for bullying towards anyone for any reason, ever! I don’t care if you think somebody is the worst person to ever walk this earth, bullying doesn’t solve anything and quite frankly it just makes YOU stoop down to their level. Whether or not you are joining in on this bullying or not (yes, there are like 200+ people in on this, a fair fight? I think not) if you are witnessing it and not standing up to them, then you might as well be complicit to their actions because to be a bystander doesn’t solve anything and it can leave the victim feeling even more alone and isolated in many cases.

Now, to clear up the definition of bullying/cyberbullying, let me recite to you what I teach the kids at school on a yearly basis.

Bullying is the repeated action of deliberately making someone hurt either physically or emotionally.

Repeated is the key word there. If you say something and offend or hurt someone just once, then you’re probably just human; we have all done that by accident in the past. But to SEEK her out on MULTIPLE social media platforms and REPEATEDLY leave hurtful comments. Well, I think it’s pretty clear that you are nothing but a bully.

Now, bullies will often seek out some kind of moral/righteous excuse for their actions and no matter how founded in truth or delusion these excuses are – it doesn’t EVER make their actions acceptable. Once you actively seek out someone and intentionally hurt them repeatedly, that makes you a bully and nothing will ever change that.

So I am writing this because I know these bullies can’t be reasoned with, but I also believe in standing up for those who need it and for those you care about. Now these people might choose to flood my account with hurtful and childish comments. That’s fine but please know that if you do, you will only be making yourself look stupid in the end. I’ve been tracking and reading all your blogs and comments for a while now and it baffles me how hypocritical some of you can be in the space of just two or three posts. Anyway, let’s not even go into that for fear that this post will be longer than my dissertation but I urge people who are reading this and who ARE decent people to re-blog/like and show all the victims of bullying out there that they are NOT alone and there ARE still nice and good people in this world who are mature regardless of their age, who don’t have to make themselves feel better by trying to knock others down. No, we don’t need to do that because we have self-worth, we have confidence in the fact that we are nice and decent people.

Captain L, signing out! *salute*



JUST A FEW FOLLOWING HARASSMENTS (Just a sample of the amount of hate she recieved since she blocked a lot of them after she replied to these… these are about 10% of the hate she got on tumblr. Not including twitter and other SNS)

I mean, take a look at these people’s blogs if you want to see the extent to which they have taken this bullying. I will leave you with this info and let yourself decide.


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