“Cyber Fail”
Creeping failure
Cyber threat!
Countdown to Zero Day
Cyber war!

Creeping Failure: How We Broke the Internet and What We Can Do to Fix It by Jeffrey Hunker- A cyber security expert details the dangers of the internet and what steps can be taken to correct or combat the dangers. 364.168 H937c

Cyber Threat!: How to Manage the Growing Risk of Cyber Attacks by MacDonnell Ulsch- Author MacDonnell Ulsch argues that cyber security is an issue that the government and industry leaders need to work together on to protect their assets. 658.478 U46c

Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon by Kim Zetter- This is a behind-the-scenes look at the virus that infected Iran’s nuclear power plants. 355.4 Z61c

Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do about It by Richard Clarke- Learn about what types of cyber weapons there are and how they work in this book written by an expert in security. 363.32 C599c


How To Wage A Titstorm

Hungry Beast introduces you to Anonymous, and explains how their actions today brought down the Parliament House website.

The CIA lost its hacking arsenal.

Let that sink in a little.  The press is ignoring this aspect of the Wikileaks dump.

They lost a cyber warfare arsenal.  

Forget all the illegal shit they were doing with it and consider what can be done with it by any number of actors with ill intent from common thieves to corporate entities to assholes with a grudge.

This level of negligence is criminal.  If congress were legit, it wouldn’t be launching investigations to prosecute leakers, it would be calling the CIA to heel and neutering it.

They have put us all at risk and they were content to never tell us.

Inhumans Epilogue Part Two

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Epilogue P1, Epilogue P2

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 4K

AN: Early gift! Thank you all who’s read the story! It’s now the end… Hope you all enjoy!

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Summary: This started out as a cute fluff piece with baking and now there cyber warfare and there’s probably going to be multiple chapters. But don’t worry the Reader’s gonna save the day and there’s still gonna be some cute stuff.

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Donald Trump revealed he has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to cyber warfare

After the debate, it would appear Trump has very little clue what to do when it comes to the cybersecurity. While Hillary Clinton suggested Russia was one of the main culprits behind the DNC hack, Trump had his own take on the situation. In response to his suggestion it was a 400-pound hacker, everyone on Twitter referenced the same TV show.

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NHS cyber attack: Hospitals warn patients to stay away from A&E as ransomware cripples systems

The NHS faces a weekend of chaos after an unprecedented cyber-attack forced hospitals to cancel and delay treatment for patients.

Thousands of patients across England and Scotland are stuck in limbo after A&E wards, GP surgeries and other vital services across the NHS were infected with a virus based on hacking tools developed by US cyber-warfare agents.

Non-emergency patients have been advised to use health facilities frugally, while those who are critically ill have had to be diverted to unaffected hospitals as computer systems failed in A&E units.

NHS trusts have requested new patients do not come to A&E, but instead to ring 111, or 999 in the case of an emergency.

“To ensure that all back-up processes and procedures were put in place quickly, the trust declared a major internal incident to make sure that patients already in the trust’s hospitals continued to receive the care they need,“ a spokesperson for East and North Hertfordshire NHS trust said.

NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group tweeted: “We are aware of an IT issue affecting some GP computer systems. Patients are asked for understanding whilst the issue is resolved.

“Please avoid contacting your GP practice unless absolutely necessary. Should you wish to obtain non-urgent medical advice, please call 111. Please also only attend the Walk-In Centre and A&E department if absolutely necessary.”

Other trusts stressed that some of the problems were being caused by protective measures, rather than the cyber attack itself.

“Following a suspected national cyber attack we are taking all precautionary measures possible to protect our local NHS systems and services,” NHS Merseyside said on Twitter.

The attack plunged the NHS into chaos on Friday afternoon as patients across the UK had their appointments and operations cancelled and medical staff were locked out of test results, X-rays and patient records.

Doctors warned that the infiltration – said to be the largest cyber-attack in NHS history – could cost lives.

At least 30 health service organisations are said to have been infiltrated by the malicious software, while many others shut down servers as a precautionary measure, meaning all systems were offline and hospitals were unable to accept incoming calls. Staff had to carry out work with pen and paper and without access to any digital files.

Microsoft today took the “highly unusual” step of delivering a public patch for Windows XP, despite having officially ended its support for the 16-year-old operating system in 2014, after the attack exploited vulnerabilities within it.

The hack, which brings up a message telling users they can recover files but only if they send $300 in bitcoins to a specific address, appears to be an example of ransomware – criminals breaking into computers, taking sensitive files hostage and only allowing their owners to have access when they pay enough money.

The attack is said to have hit around 100 countries across the globe.

US firm FedEx announced on Friday night that its operations in the US were affected, while researchers with security software maker Avast said they had observed 57,000 infections in 99 countries with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan the top targets.

In a statement posted on its blog, Microsoft said seeing the cyber-attack take hold was “painful”.

“Seeing businesses and individuals affected by cyber attacks, such as the ones reported today, was painful. Microsoft worked throughout the day to ensure we understood the attack and were taking all possible actions to protect our customers,” the statement read.

“We are taking the highly unusual step of providing a security update for all customers to protect Windows platforms that are in custom support only, including Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. Customers running Windows 10 were not targeted by the attack.”

The Government and NHS bosses are now facing growing questions over the attack amid suggestions preventative measures could have been taken “months ago”.

A former NHS Trust chairman told Sky News: “The NHS will have practised for this, but it’s had an impact right the way across the NHS, and I think this took the wind out of the NHS’ sails. IT plays such a huge role in modern healthcare at looking at past notes. It’s so interconnected.

"Over time, Microsoft has held us to ransom, and of course the NHS hasn’t got the money to pay for it. In 2014 when Windows stopped supporting, the NHS played £5m to have an extra year’s support. There has not been enough investment over a long enough period in IT.

"The question for the politicians now is what are you going to do about IT in not only the NHS, but the public sector more widely.”

Home Secretary Amber Rudd admitted files may have been lost, telling BBC Breakfast: “We will find out over the next few days if there are any holes in [the backing-up of files].

“There may be lessons to learn from this but the most important thing now is to disrupt the attack, let’s come back to afterwards whether there are lessons to be learned.”

In a separate interview on the BBC’s Today programme, Ms Rudd said: “Windows XP is not a good platform for keeping your data as secure as the modern ones, because you can’t download the effective patches and anti-virus software for defending against viruses.

”CQC (Care Quality Commission) does do cyber-checks on the NHS trusts, on hospitals when they do their visits, and they will be advising NHS trusts to move to modernise their platforms and I think that after this experience, I would expect them all to move forward with modernising.“

Ms Rudd will chair a Cobra meeting in Whitehall today (Saturday) at 2.30pm.

Scotland’s Health Secretary Shona Robison meanwhile said there was “a level of confidence” that GP systems would run as normal on Monday, and that any lessons from the cyber attack on NHS computer systems will be learned.

The NHS has been hit by such attacks before, but this was by far the worst, experts said, taking down an unprecedented number of trusts and hospitals.

The attack came soon after a report was published in the British Medical Journal in which neurologist Dr Krishna Chinthapalli warned hospitals that they were at risk of an attack.

“We should be prepared: more hospitals will almost certainly be shut down by ransomware this year,” he wrote.

He warned just hours before the hack broke out that IT departments needed to do more to keep hospitals safe, and that such hacks – which have already hit some hospitals in the US – were a problem waiting to happen.

CIA Identifies Suspect In Russian Hack of U.S. Election

The alleged Russian hacker behind the leak of thousands of Democratic National Committee documents in July has been exposed, thanks to some crafty counter-espionage by the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Our cyber warfare specialists have reverse-engineered a data cache and recovered an image from the hacker’s webcam moments before the attack,” said CIA director John Brennan in a statement on Tuesday. “The suspect appears to be a Doge.”

But the identity of the Shiba Inu is being hotly debated in the intelligence community.

“Facial recognition scans are still inconclusive,” says Herman Caufman, a technology consultant who has a number of defense department contracts. “It’s a little insensitive to say it, but a lot of Shibas look the same – at least to a computer.”

The algorithms have surfaced two possible identities of known Russian cyber criminals: Malinov Nikolayevich and Kirigin Fyodor (Fedya) Filippovich. But intelligence experts warn these matches are only about 60% conclusive.

“There’s a strong chance he isn’t even in our databases,” says Caufman. “While this is a huge lead in the investigation, there’s probably a lot more of good old fashioned spying to be done.”

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"White Hats" are good guys and "Black Hats" are bad guys, the terminology originates in old Western movies where the characters were supposedly color-coded like that. Currently the terms sees the most use in cyber-warfare, with Black Hat Hackers being criminals and White Hat Hackers being government or security.

Ah, I see! Yeah, I have heard about black hat and white hat hackers, but I didn’t think the terminology extended to other areas of life too. It makes sense.

Anonymous also says: Clockblocker picked his own name to prevent having a “PC”(Politically Correct) name chosen for him, like how the media refuses to acknowledge that Bitch doesn’t call herself Hellhound. She is honestly lucky that they don’t call her “Heckpuppy”.

It’s going to be a nightmare to sell official merchandise about Clockblocker…people in this universe do sell merchandise about the heroes, right? It’s impossible it doesn’t happen.

Well, the heroes are lucky too she isn’t called Heckpuppy. Somehow I can’t imagine headlines like ‘Aegis, defeated by supervillain Heckpuppy’ would be flattering for the heroes. At least Hellhound sounds intimidating enough, hah.


The groups Anonymous inspired are more powerful than Anonymous ever was

Anonymous’ latest exploits haven’t been impressive. It went after the Klu Klux Klan, but produced only a dubious list of alleged Klansmen. It went after Donald Trump, exposing some basic personal information and doing absolutely nothing to his campaign.

The age of Anonymous, the years it was known for exposing institutional corruption and taking down major government websites, might well be over. But Anonymous’ influence reaches far beyond its own operations. The secretive hacktivist group inspired a generation of rebels ready to wreak havoc. Hollywood Leaks, Ghost Sec, Lulzsec and more are carrying the torch.

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☘ Are there any other blogs on here that you love or think are cute?


  • @ask-emilz-de-philz who is a total cuttie and always puts stuff out (i odn’t know how they do it) they are also super sweet and i can’t get over their muse i just cant
  • @askaphdaddy even though I’ve yet to work up the guts to talk about them I just absolutely adore what they do AND THEIR FUCKING ART STYLE MAN
  • @ask-la-istmena even though i don’t think kami likes my hyperactive personality much it always makes me smile to see her art and when i do get her to talk to me she is always civil
  • @ask-millionaire-alfred/ @ask-avatar-alfred fucking deli supported me despite my cringy blogs and bad personality not only that but she drew the best response to my ask about millionaire’s dog tags how can you not love someone who gives your angsty alfred
  • @ask-aph-nyofrance / @ask-globetrotter-anya for being such a cuttie and also giving much needed love to so many female characters 
  • @aph-ghosttown for being a spontanious friend and also slapping my ass into gear with getting this blog a FAQ
  • @askmauritius chair is lowkey my lady crush and I also can’t get over her character too. Him and his sly yet playful personality i can’t even
  • @ask-the-smol-italian they are so cute and I just love our rps
  • @aph-american-college-students for having a black american character which makes me so happy and lowkey inspiring Alfio and John who is to be re-introduced at a later date and also for their super cute art style i just love how they shade things
  • @ask-slytherin-kirkland who is such a god damn cuttie and also so sweet like I’ve had senpais who turn out to be assholes they were the exact opposite (which is ironic since their character is such a sassy little fucker XD ))
  • @ask-devilamerica Ive been admiring their art from afar for a long time now and if you wanna see a cool art style check them out!  also their character had a lot of influence on Monty who again has yet to be introduced
  • @ask-monster-hunter-jones I don’t know them very well but the depth they but into their blog is just super admirable
  • @ask-aph-nyo-sealand The smol is so cute follow for cuteness
  • @ask-miss-israel You wanna meet someone with an uplifting personality meet them! They are such a cuttie and their support of female characters makes me so happy
  • @ask-agentbeilschmidt One: THE GOD DAMN ART STYLE two: CUTTIE PATTOTIE three: jfc can they write a story. within that mun exists the holy trinity to become the next steven moffat 
  • @knightofrageandhope for being a good friend and just talking to me so much. I really enjoy every moment. 
  • @askpriest-gil another blog I’ve watched from afar but it makes me happy to see someone doing so well with traditional art! Also their style is A+++ and super cute 
  • @ask-the-maple-prince DEFINATELY on the cute blog list i mean seriously how could you not though their lineartless style is kinda intimidating
  • @askthemaplespirit great personality matched with great blog. Mun and muse are both cuttie material. 
  • @cartoonsys because they are sometimes the only reason I can keep this blog going
  • @ask-scientistgil for my daily dose of a sciencegasm i mean seriously it is so amazing to have someone to talk about big things with I MEAN SERIOUSLY IF YOU TALK CYBER TERRORISM AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE TO ME I WILL FALL IN LOVE
  • @chase-de-grandpre who as volunteered for the anti-fuckboy army that will beat navy out of his sexist ways
  • @ask–romana for their beautifully sassy muse and matching awesome personality. Muse and mun definitely make it on the crush list.
  • @ask-americaaa their hunky muse and them definately make the cuttie list 
  • @ask-twentieth-century-usa I don’t even need to explain this one scout has been on the cuttie list since before there was a cuttie list
  • @ask-murderer-apprentice-ivan bahbs don’t even fight me on this one your style is too cute
  • @askmodelkiku @askgakuenkirkland angie and their art and blogs has been a love of mine since the begining
  • @askcreepykirkland for A+ character and A+ plot and of course A+++ Mun, that and i lowkey wonder what would happen if our muses hooked up i mean really it is an odd pair
  • @asktheolddominionva for giving that sassy bitch that is the state of virginia a worthy muse (i mean really if you know what virginia is like then you know how difficult this is)
  • @worldneedssomecookies gracing the world with Alex is definately something worth loving
  • @ask-the-son-of-liberty because who can’t love someone who talks dirty to them? And by dirty i mean down and dirty with the facts of this nation and its history i love this mun and her insight
  • @askathens bc i luv mah mama gloo
  • @ask-the-russian-vampire floop and her amazing insight and god damn art that keeps getting better and better
  • @ask-cosplayukraine-please because official cutie award goes to this girlie who is inarguably the cutest of them all
  • @askbikerkuro who has been following me for a surprisingly long time- like i never noticed that! Strange- they must have see the blog at it shittiest. Anyways, their art has always been goals along with their accepting personality
  • @ask-keyholderalfred who through friends of friends I have heard a lot about how cute they are- that and the awesome art gets them up here too!
  • @ask-dreamelia even though they seem to have dissapeared i miss them and even if they never come back i will always love the influence they had on all of us at DG


hahaha anyways imma probably lose followers for this spam but in many ways everyone here has done so much and Navy probably wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for their influence and support

and if i missed anyone forgive me it is late and im tired its not that i odn’t love you cuz i probably do