Happy Independence Day Peru!

El Perú es desde este momento libre e independiente por la voluntad general de los pueblos y por la justicia de su causa que Dios defiende. ¡Viva la patria! ¡Viva la libertad! ¡Viva la independencia!

From this moment on, Peru is free and independent
by the general will of its people and by the justice of its cause which God defends!
Long live the nation! Long live the freedom!
Long live the independence!

(Declaration of the Peruvian independence, July 28, 1821) 


Cusco by Pedro Szekely
Via Flickr:

Lavandería y Muro Inka, Cuzco, 2017.

It is amazing how many Inca stone walls are incorporated into buildings in present-day Cuzo. Despite being un-mortared, the walls are strong and seismically stable. This wall on an unassuming commercial street to the east of the Plaza de Armas was once a major route out of the city, and there are remains of Inca walls along it, incorporated into modern buildings, for a considerable distance.