Cuyahoga County


OH Cleveland - House 2 by Scott
Via Flickr:
Decorative house in Cleveland, Ohio.


Cuyahoga County Criminal Court Building (Demolished), Cleveland, Ohio
from Library of Congress

The octagonal rotunda. Photos seem to have been shot while building was in the process of decomposing. This whole scene reminds me of that photo, I think in LIFE magazine, of Gloria Swanson standing in an old NYC theater while it was being torn down.

From LoC:

The Cuyahoga County Criminal Court Building is a fine example of the Art Deco Style as interpreted in Cleveland during the late 1920s and 1930s. The interior contained a restrained, but elegant octagonal entrance rotunda. The building housed both the criminal courts and a jail, with an ingenious circulation pattern that maintained maximum security at the same time that it permitted efficient transfer from one to the other. This building was the scene of a number of highly publicized trials, including that of the Marilyn Sheppard murder case in 1954.