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AH THE NBOMB THING AND Hakyeon goes red and mutters that he can't exactly not wear anything and that bbomb should help him choose and bbomb telling him that it really would be fine if he wore nothing and poor hakyeon is getting more and more flustered and Bbomb is so earnest tho so Hakyeon grabs him and brings him into the changing room 'we're going to choose dammit' and then he proceeds to make bbomb 10x more flustered as revenge alfkjdalfjafja

Aahhhhhhhh that’s so fucking cute omgggg but also are you implying they fuck in the dressing room or just that hakyeon is a tease bc i’m ok with either or both possibilities esp if it involves hakyeon basically doing an impromptu strip tease in a dressing room

( weetaeil catchmeinthedrift savekimjonghyun princejellychu jongdaesbae lemme know if y’all don’t wanna be tagged in every single mention of nbomb and i’ll stop and you won’t hurt my feelings i’m just excited that people are sending these in and like sharing)