Cuties being adorable ♥

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Do you remember that one time in Orlando 2014 when they were sound checking and H had a black shirt on, tucked into his jeans, and then when the actual show came on, H was wearing a different shirt, and Louis was the one wearing the black shirt, and you could tell right away that it WAS H's shirt, because you could still see the indent marking of the belt that H was wearing when he had tucked it in!? That was so wild. I was a baby Larrie then, so that was a big deal for me.


exhibit a: harry in the black shirt early that morning for sound check

exhibit b: louis wearing it later that day (and yes, you can see the indent in it from where harry had it tucked in/the belt buckle)

exhibit c: louis showing us just how loose the shirt is on his frame vs harry’s larger one

and exhibit d: louis being an adorable lil cutie pie (no this has nothing to do with larry he’s just cute as fuck)

exhibit e: boyfriends in florida (LOOK! HOW! BIG! IT! IS! ON! LOUIS!)