Cutie Mark Crusader

So here’s a quick character sheet for Apple Bloom in my style. For the longest time I’ve wanted to draw her with the gaptooth, and if you look back over my work you’ll see it’s there some times, and absent in others, but from this point onwards it’s there to stay!

She also has the Apple Family’s freckles since they’re too cute to leave out!

I have fewer ideas about Sweetie and Scootaloo beyond them having their races’ upturned and flat muzzles, perhaps I’ll play around with them in future, too.

I typically don’t upload two images in one day but I’ll make an exception this time ‘cause I really like how this one came out. Finally a look of all of the youngsters that’s on the road trip with the Mane 6. This one is a direct follow-up to the previous one:

After lunch the gang decides to do a bit of shopping around before hitting the road again. But before they fully leave the diner, the CMC and Spike ask Pinkie Pie to take a picture of them with the caricatured statue of the legendary Hollywood actress, Marealyn Monroan. Instead of the usual photo though, the kids decide to get… creative. They’re superstars! Definitely a keeper. c:

Got a short written snippet for the image? Just let me know! C:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^

Here we have the CMC as they appear in the Arranged Marriage!AU; Apple Bloom the minotaur calf, Scootaloo the orphaned griffon, and Sweetie Belle, the princess of Equestria (just like her sister!). I was gonna have Spike be included in the picture too but I think I’ll upload him separately with a glimpse of his parents in this AU. For now, the CMC!

These three are still the best of friends in this AU, although I don’t think they’d very much be out trying to find their cutie marks so much as they’re trying to make their lives more exciting. Or, maybe they are trying to find their cutie marks (even though Scoots and AB can’t get one), and they’re simply trying to find their purpose in the world.

Sweetie already knows her purpose; she’s the second in line for the throne once Rarity becomes queen, but truth be told as much as Sweetie loves her family and her interest in politics, she doesn’t really want that responsibility. It isn’t guaranteed, of course, especially if Rarity produces a child of her own, but the possibility remains. She’d be in the CMC to find out what other purpose she could possibly adopt that’ll allow her to live the way she wants, without conflicting with her responsibilities as a princess in the future.

Scootaloo wasn’t born in Equestria; similarly to Rainbow Dash, her parents immigrated to Equestria to escape their home country and the war plaguing it, but unfortunately her parents wasn’t able to survive long; perhaps they were victims of a hate crime. However it happened, Scootaloo was orphaned and originally thrown in an unkindly orphanage where she was treated differently because she’s a griffon. Luckily her stay in the orphanage was short; Rainbow’s parents came across the little filly and were so endeared to her they decided to adopt her into their family, with Dash being of course the cool big sister figure. She eventually meets and becomes good friends with Sweetie and Apple Bloom, and with them she goes on wild little adventures to find her purpose. She believes its to be a guard in the Equestrian army, like Dash, but who knows what the future has in store.

And finally Apple Bloom, little sister to Applejack and resident in Ponyville. I’d say that Apple Bloom actually actively works on the farm because, despite being loved citizens by the Ponyville population, the Apple Family (being minotaurs) are still not as trusted by others in the country because they aren’t ponies. I’d even go so far to say that Apple Bloom might be the primarily one selling their wares when school’s out and she’s brought along with AJ; doubtful or suspicious ponies might feel more comfortable with a small child than they would a towering Applejack. Not that AB minds; she’s willing to work if it means her family can live a happier life. But, that doesn’t stop her from joining Sweetie and Scoots on their quest to find some sort of bigger purpose to their lives. If she could, Apple Bloom would be interested in perhaps being a blacksmith for the Belle family, partly because it’s a well-paying job and it’d secure a living for her family, and partly because she’s beyond fascinated with how things, particularly tools and weapons, are made.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there ya go! As always there are some things that could be subject to change, but that’s all I have thus far for this gals. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, and I hope you like the art! ^.^

  • [Setting: S1EP18, "The Show Stoppers"; after the Talent Show]
  • Applebloom: Are we gonna get our cutie marks?!
  • Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo: HECK YEAH!
  • Applebloom: Are we afraid of anything?
  • Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo: HECK NO!
  • Apple Bloom: And why?
  • Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo: BECAUSE WE’RE INVINCIBLE! [jump off a cliff]
  • Applebloom: [yelling down to them] I NEVER SAID THAT!