We lost the original ask, but this is written for the following prompt:

“ Tony and T'Challa meeting for the first time when Howard invites T'Chaka to discuss the possibility of vibranium access. T'Chaka has no intentions of such a thing, obviously, but T'Challa pays attention to the news and has a [really-quite-obvious] crush on Howard’s teen-aged son who will be home for the holidays.”

Combined with “ Shift & A/B/O AU with Good Father Howard: Tony’s a white panther, his father a lion and Howard set up an arranged marriage between Tony and T’Challa because he wants his Bambino (Bambi) to be taken care of and have the best of everything”

This is Part 1

Warning: Minor Character Death

Howard Stark, billion dollar CEO of the greatest weapon manufacturing company in the world and a proud lion shifter was now a single alpha father. His beautiful wife Maria was shot and killed by a mugger in the park trying to protect their son. Anthony, the five year old omega was traumatized. He used to be so bright and happy, now he was scared all the time and had stopped speaking all together.

It broke his heart to see his little Bambi this way, As he held his crying son as they lowered his wife’s casket into the ground, Howard swore he would do anything to protect his child.

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Something is stuck on my NOSE!
 by Fritz Rambo