agenderly asked:

maybe artist!phil and writer!dan? love your edits btw xx

yes!! i was actually thinking about smthing similar last week or this week or i dont know what time is … 

but like phil doing very sort of surrealist paintings with really bold colours OR being a really cute illustrator who does childrens books and things .. i cant pick. but just that Messy Artist aesthetic fits him v well ?? and dan as a writer is just .. very lovely, i think he expresses himself a lot better in writing than in speech and he often describes things very Nicely and im like yes my boy!! 

but think about this! childrens author dan and illustrator phil collabbing on a kids books thank u

Rei, Nagisa and Shaoran are now in my bookself! I bougth Rei and the other two were belated Birthday presents i recieve at the local anime con last weekend! I totally love them!!! They’re sooo cute!

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This was an open assignment for my Computer Illustration class! I decided to create a children’s picture book about a kitten who wants to experience the world outside of his dull house. I finished the book cover and one of the page spreads, which I used for the book cover.

I’m going to be working on this a lot during the summer!

If you’d like to see my artwork posted before I post it on any other website, and if you’d like some other artsy goodies as well, please check out my Patreon!

Just got back from my weekend mini trip, and the trip was really awesome! :,D

I got to go to Dave n’ Busters which was a definite blast, n’ if anybody’s looking for a fun modern arcade experince I’d heartily recommend looking for one in your area. And then the science museum I went to today before we came back home was really pleasant as well.

Also from the museum gift shop I found a super cute children’s book that I got with a lot of fun robot designs, which was actually all about teaching beginner’s coding with a language called Scratch! So on top of cuteness it seemed like a fun way to dip myself into game design a teensy bit- since even though I own RPG Maker VX Ace it’s still a bit overwhelming to try and jump right into xD

Since getting back I got some more really disappointing news grade-wise in my children’s book class, but at this point it isn’t new. 

Just frustrating (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 

So as long as I just pass and you guys can at least enjoy the final product then that’s what counts at this point <3

I’ve been really busy with moving out of our flat and running a shop that I haven’t really drawn anything in a couple of weeks. (Other than doodling on scrap paper.) I decided to grab the tablet tonight, scribble and see what would come out! Gotta’ dust the cobwebs off somehow. 

I don’t think they’re completely gone yet!