why dont we talk about this iconic moment when tae was so absorbed in watching clips of his costars acting that he accidentally let the gay slip out and had to act like he didnt just embarrass himself in the middle of an interview

5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do not reblog. Repost and tell your followers five cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

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  1. he randomly sings along if it’s a song he knows. a familiar song = invitation to a karaoke session (he gotta know the person too tho)
  2. blushes super supeeeer easily. compliment him and hardcore blushie activated
  3. is incredibly invested in finding new hobbies nowadays. likes to try out everything for a while and is usually stubborn about continuing it too (then forgets about it like a week after not practising whatever it is)
  4. doesn’t need much time or knowledge about another to comfortable lie in their lap/lean on them to sleep. usually not too awkward with physical contact unless he’s with a group of people
  5. if someone stops talking in a group of people, kou’s usually the one to swoop in and add them. if not, he just tags along with that person and talks to them

I lit dont know what I’m going to do when voltron ends and they don’t stay together. Like. The most shipbreaking thing this season was when they talked about what they’d do after they defeat zarkon and it wasn’t “settle down together, help pidge find dad and matt, help keith find out about his lineage, meet Lance and Hunks’ families and get Shiro a dog.” Like they’re planning to go separate ways and I’m like

but guys

what about the power of friendship

Bubbline Conversation

So, I’m writing Bubbline fanfic and my little cousin is watching me write it and all of a sudden this conversation happened:

Him: Wait, they’re both girls?

Me: Yes.

Him: But mommy and daddy said that isn’t allowed and that God made it a rule that only boys can kiss girls.

Me: Well…Some rules are meant to be broken, okay?

Him: So I could kiss a boy?

Me: Yep.

Him: ….Have you kissed a girl?

Me: Yes, I have.

Him: *Giggles* I want to kiss a boy.

Me: *Laughs* Alright, but when you’re a little older, okay?

(I only said that because he’s 7)

“I run back. I’m going back towards the skeletons”

Heroic Keyleth aka one of my fav moments 
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ep32 18:17


“Tell us what BigBang means to you.”

Ji answers ♡
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