Vine always ruin the quality

tonight ended with me going out at like 10 to have drinks with one of my best friends from highschool, having the bar be out of my first two drink choices (”i will find you a fucking blue moon, though,” which is oddly appropriate, so it’s okay), the bartender was REALLY CUTE, sam and i caught up after not seeing each other since like christmas???? and we’re both moving in with our SO’s and we won college??????, and as we were paying i got a free sangria pitcher with bar-measurements, so i can’t complain.
so that was a successful, completely unplanned night.

I laugh at all those fuck boy “netflix and chill” jokes but I just remembered I pulled that on a boy without realizing it and now I see why he kept trying to kiss me and was ignoring the show, and why he seemed so confused at school the next day it all makes sense shit man I didn’t want to fuck you I just wanted to show you Supernatural and take a nap sorry fam my bad