Temporary Tattoo (Lasts 1-2 Days)

1. Find a tattoo design you want to use (smaller & simpler ones work better.
2. Draw tattoo in desired area with sharpie marker (Face is not recommended)
3. Wait 3-5 mins for design to dry.
4. Rub baby powder over tattoo.
5. Wait 10 seconds.
6. Repeat step 4-5. Continue these steps one or two more times for bigger tattoos.
7. Spray hair spray lightly all over tattoo. (If you want a “melting effect”, spray hair spray heavier until you get desired melt.)
8. Wait for hair spray to dry.
9. Spray tattoo one last time VERY LIGHTLY.
10. Enjoy :)

P.S. - if you want to keep the tattoo for a few more days, don’t scrub your body in the shower where the tattoo is. If you do, leave tattoo faded so you can draw over faded area. Repeat this process again.

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