So I walk in, and John, the head of our label, who had just signed Selena, was there. He was like, ‘Have you ever met Selena?’ So he introduced me to her, and was like, ‘Hey, she’s cool, maybe we should make a song together.’ And then like a week later, we start working on a song. All because I had to pee.
—  Zedd on how he met Selena Gomez

We road tripped to New orleans and danced on bourbon street, and even though shes plane ride away, i am  truly the happiest i have ever been with her. With her, anything is possible, I’m down for anything. She brings out the sense of wonder that i always knew was inside of me. I fucking adore this girl



Fall in love with the boy who makes you laugh until you cry, who stares deeply into your eyes and tells you that you’re beautiful, who will make you smile just by thinking of him, who would cross oceans and drive miles to see you, who kisses you passionately and slowly, savouring the taste of your lips and the touch of your skin. Someone who overall loves you deeply, truly and endlessly. That’s the kind of boy every girl needs.
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