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Some fun Black Sails & Zach McGowan tidbits from MagicCon this weekend:

- Zach thinks that Toby Schmitz is the most like his character on the show in real life. He also mentioned Toby Stephens for the same quickly and Clara as the most dissimilar.

- During the scene where he was buried alive he was ACTUALLY buried alive under 4 feet of earth. He wondered for a moment if the crew actually forgot him down there. “So I guess being buried alive is one thing I have in common with Charles Vane”

- He LOVED filming 2x10.

- Zach used to be a chef. Used to be called ‘the chopper’ because he is great at chopping stuff. He loves ‘handling big pieces of meat and seeing what’s inside them’. His words. He also used to narrate nature documentaries, in particular about sharks. He knows shit about sharks.

- Apparently the cast & crew started making out with Ned Low’s cut off head whilst filming that ep.

- During autographs he told me he can’t draw for shit and we agreed that Vane would draw stick people comics of Vane stabbing Flint in the back.

Okay i really need to talk about ep 28 of snk. Because not only did the pacing of this ep felt very off. They cut out some very important scenes that was detriment to the developments of some characters. And i don’t know if its because of the 12 ep constraint and thats why they felt the need to cut out important scenes like these, but then again this ep just felt so rushed and the pacing felst so off that its hard not to believe that they couldn’t have added these scenes in.

First off.

They changed Eren’s monlouge after he was told that he needed to learn how to harden like Annie so that he could plug up the hole in Wall Maria.

In the manga, after he thinks to himself that the ability Annie used should be possible for him to learn as well, the thought of remembering Annie as the female titan shows to discomfort him. This was a sign that even after battling her and finally accepting the realization that she was the female titan and killed numerous scouts, he still had a hard time viewing her as an enemy.

He then states that he is tired of not knowing answers and not finding a direct person to channel his anger at. Which is why he proclaims that he wants to go to his fathers batsmen and finally learn just what the hell is going on

He says that once he does, he’ll finally be able to direct his anger to at least something. Now this moment in the manga was extremely important to Erens character because it was the beginning of his growth from seeing the world as black and white, to realizing that things obviously aren’t as simple as he originally thought. It also cemented the strong relationship he had with Annie, as he still couldn’t direct his anger towards her and still refused to see her as just an enemy. I’m not just saying this as a shipper of the two,  this scene was important to his development and sort of paved the way for future events once he reaches the basments and finally see’s the world for what it is.

But no…. instead we get this one scene

They completely removed his inner monologue, a scene that was important for his character and development, if not only to rush the episode for the castle utgrad scenes at the end of the episode. Which i have a hard time believing because i can’t see how hard it is to add 1 or 2 more scenes with Eren thinking to himself. With the removal of this scene it removes the progression Eren hurdles through up to this point and finally seeing the world as a sort of grey area then black and white.

I would forgive this if they somehow include a scene between him and Annie during their training days that cemented the close relationship between the two. And no i don’t mean the scene that played out during Eren’s fight with Reiner, i mean a new scene that shows how close Eren and Annie’s bond were and that cements how close their relationship were.

The only hope i have of this is that Annie’s Seiyuu has been heavily advertised like the rest of the cast. So that probably means that she has recorded new lines for the season and im really hoping those new lines were for a scene between her and Eren.

Aannnd thats not the only thing they cut out.

One of the things i was really looking forward to was the talk between Levi and Mikasa. And in part i was super scared that they were going to skip this scene entirely. Which to be fair they didn’t( and i was happy at hearing Levi call Mikasa name ^_^)

However  i did not like how they changed the scene where Levi tells Mikasa to control her emotions and to not make a blunder like last time…

To instead telling Eren the exact same thing and that he needs to control his emotions and to not screw up next time.

Again, they removed a very important scene that helped develop Mikasa’s character. In the manga this was a way for Mikasa to admit that yes, she made a mistake, and its was because of her constant need to protect Eren all the time that caused Levi to be injured. This moved Mikasa away from the fandoms perception of her as someone who is, ‘ just obsess with Eren and is a mary sue.” Because this was her finally coming to the realization that her Emotions gong out of control and her recklessness had consequences. It gave her something to reflect on because it came from levi himself

I’m happy that they still included the scene with them talking, but when thy remove an important scene like this it removes that formation of a relationship that was starting to build between levi and Mikasa. It’s important because it was Levi who told her of her mistakes, and telling her to learn from it.

I know people are saying that thy are going to include a scene where she reflects on her mistakes during the Reiner fight, but they can’t add back a scene where it was Levi telling her all that when they completely just skimmed through it. It won’t have the same meaning because it doesn’t come from Levi himself. Which would have begun that Mentor- Student relationship between the two.

And lets not forget the scenes with Ymir. I Was happy to see that the scenes between her and Historia were pretty on the mark. But the pacing of this ep was just really rushed that its kind of aggravating that they would exclude some important scenes from her.

Like when she was trying to comfort Connie by making fun of his claim that his mom was turned into a titan.

This showed Ymir in a sort of caring light and showed her character as not just a sarcastic asshole, but someone who genuinely cares about her friends and wants to cheer them up. Albeit in her own way.

But then in one episode, they arrive in castle utgrad, and then the castle gets attacked. All of this happens in the span of like five minutes. They skip the scenes with her altogether to make room for action.

I realize they could always add these scenes in a flashback during her reveal as the dancing titan, bit its just going to seem off to have an entire flashback dedicated to these missing scenes, in between what is currently going on. The pacing is just going to be ll thrown off because of it.

underrated poe party things

-is that a thrrrrrrrrrreat, miss bronte

-poe writing down eddie’s speech to steal it right in front of his face then denying it like five minutes later

-*pulls off hat dramatically* I AM NOT THE MURDERER

-hg’s pronunciation of “camera”

-the song in the opening theme speeding up every episode as the authors start to die off

-uh, i think it was called karen?

-fyodor responding to pretty much everything that happens to him by drinking a shot

-poe and ernest accusing each other of being the killer every other episode

-the music changing slightly every time an author arrives at the door in ep 1 and then cutting out altogether when emily appears

Lipstick Prince S2 [ENG SUB]

Hi guys! So today I started watching Lipstick Prince Season 2 (where our precious leader Shownu participates) and I’m loving it so far (it’s a plus that some of my not-mx bias are participating as well lmao yeah I’m looking at you N, Rowoon and Johnny) so in case you are interested, I’m sharing the links where you can watch the episodes that have aired until now! 

“Lipstick Prince is a South Korean beauty show distributed by OnStyle every Thursday at 9:00 pm. The show features a group of seven idols who will learn about makeup techniques before applying their new skills on celebrity guests. The show hopes to break the stereotype that makeup is only for females and for male idols to talk about male cosmetics, makeovers and beauty”

Links under the cut!

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It’s so weird that in the new ep of snk, they cut out the whole Ymir scavenging for food and being able to read the really old label and Reiner calls her out on it. I mean, yeah, it’s not super important, but they put the last bit of it


Not cut:

I mean, I get it’s to build suspense, but I don’t know when else they’re gonna touch that unless to do a flash back in the next ep.


But then again, there could be some flashback or something or the “before this shit was happening”


The following text contains shitty English grammar and may contain spoilers for the forth season of Sherlock. So SPOILER ALERT everyone who has not watched it yet.
Some of these were put in our three sick heads by other people and some of these are our guesses that were build after two days of NON-STOP RAGING CAPSLOCKING.

This post is just to collect everything together, because our heads is so SO messed up right now.

Ok, let’s start with..

1. That video of Moriarty in the end of “Behind the scene” on PBS or wherever. By the way it was noticed after downloading 15 hours later. Come on people, we can do so much better!
It cannot be the creator’s last kiss to the audience, it would be stupidest shit EVER.

2. What’s next? We were promised the television history, the groundbreaking expierence. However, no matter how much I liked it, even I can’t deny there are too many plot holes and questions occurred. And also there are 20 min cut out of every episode (they were promising 100 min/ep) 

3. This wierd show Apple Yard Tree in prime time on BBC ONE, which, by the way, changed it’s synopsis from tomorrow - added details. And this what they also added a couple of hours ago:
Amanda Coe
Louise Doughty
Emily Watson
Ben Chaplin
Mark Bonnar
Susan Lynch
Steven Elder

4. The piece of news with wierdly unprofessional for news language: “THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY” - YOU CAN’T JUST SAY IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!!

5. Ok. Also this news piece about leak suspiciously mirrors that unathorized third party… thing (here)

6. Oh yes, about that story: you’ve noticed, it’s called “The Lost Special”. I mean come on.


8. THIS: 

9. AND APPARENTLY YAHOO KNOWS MORE THEN WE DO (look at the Episodes section)

10. This season there always was something leaked some time before the episode premiere. Of course Russia had the worst one. Because who would not trust it - oh that bad bad Russians! I really would not be surprised if it’s Mofftiss who seeded the episode on Piratebay or whatever. 

11. The tricky number 3 (watch the second episode)

OK. It MAY be a great number of coincidence, but come on! Is there any when we are talking about Mofftiss?

The game is still on and as Gatiss said “It’s good to play games on people” 


anonymous asked:

I was wondering, what are your top 10 favourite cartoons and then what are your top ten animes?

Wooo Okay this sounds like fun. Gimme a sec

*cracks knuckles*

For starters I just wanna say there are many Cartoon Network, Classic Nickelodeon, Disney, Kids WB and Fox Kids shows I love but these are the ones that never dipped in quality for me. Like for example Dexters Lab and Rugrats kinda went downhill, these all stayed uphill or the same to me.

My Personal Favorite Cartoons I can re-watch all the way through at anytime

1) Spectacular Spider-man

2) Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

3) Young Justice 

4) Hey Arnold 

5) Star Wars: Clone Wars the 2003 one 

6) Invader Zim 

7) Kim Possible 

8) Teen Titans (2003)

9) My little pony friendship is Magic

10) The Powerpuff Girls 

Now onto my Favorite Anime, the 1st 3 slots should be obvious and all the anime I have watched you can see here.

Also this list is constantly changing but here we go

My Personal Favorite Animes I can watch at any time.

1) Dragonball and Dragonball Z

2) Yu Yu Hakusho 

3) One Piece 

4) Naruto/Shippudden 

5) Attack on Titan 

6) Fairy Tail 

7) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

8) Digimon Adventure 1 and 2

9) Kill la Kill 

10) Hajime No Ippo 

Again my tastes are always changing for the anime but so far all of these I have rewatched from Beginning to end….(cept One piece and Naruto recently hahaha) and still be entertained….cutting out filler eps of course haha

Seoul Fan Meeting 10 Sept 2016

Note: Please do not repost this outside tumblr. If you want to share it elsewhere, please just share the link. Thanks. I did not check the recordings and I just relied on my one week old memory when I typed this. There can be errors in my recall.

I have struggled in my heart for like a month- to go or not to go, since the FM was announced. I couldn’t go to Korea for more than 63 hours because of work problems, it would be so tiring and I couldn’t get tix on yes24 on the first day, together with all the bad things that happened in the week when I wanted to go. And then all the what-ifs in my heart after I decided not to go… Seeing Kang Chul weekly made it worse. And it looped over and over in my head until the end of August when i finally decided, ok, I would go and asked my colleagues for the day off back… I am so sorry for all the troubles I have caused.

My seat was far away from the stage, and this year, the hall is so much bigger and with the lighting, LJS was practically just a bright dot in my eyes. I was sitting near the back last year but I could see his face clearly with my eyes, this year, he was just a bright dot. However, even with that and someone screaming like crazy non-stop right next to me… Seoul FM is still the best. LJS is not good in languages, not that this is any secret, but that is a fact, and he got stage fright. Even though I can only understand about 60% of what he said with the screaming right next to me (the Korean fan sitting right next to me kept screaming and shouting throughout the FM) and my far-far-from-good Korean listening, it feels really warm to be there. He is much more comfortable in talking in Seoul compared with other FMs, and the noona MC is the same one in all these years, she knows him and she can get him to talk and she can understand him. I remember there was a moment when she asked him something, and he didn’t reply anything, she said something like, “I am not a mind-reader, you need to say something before I can translate it.” (She didn’t really mean translation, but she would try to elaborate after he said a few words and ask him questions to lead the interview along.) When LJS was just stuck there without an answer, I was thinking, haha, this is so Jong Suk. A non-fan would probably be demanding for the money back, but I think it is so cute and so him.

@rainy9 and I guessed the guest might be Yoon Kyun Sang before the FM, I was surprised when Zion T appeared singing JS’ fav songs. Haha, but then later YKS did really appear, and that fan girl who was selected to be on stage by the game was so lucky hahaha. The screaming for YKS was so much louder compared to that for Zion T. How unfair it is for Zion T… He should be much more famous. LOL

It just feels so good to see them together. YKS and LJS. Seeing JS with his friends made me feel warm and fuzzy, like how it feels like when I saw his instagram updates yesterday with YKS and LSK. Only more so when you were there in person. 

Some of the things I would like to record down from the FM. The scene when the Oh Sung Moo and KC first met in the real world, initially it was like an episode’s length, but they cut it. (I checked out the script last night, it was in ep 6 and that scene stretched for almost 2/3 of that ep.) And he often practises his lines with his friend Park Key Joon (his friend as YJ). MC asked him to try doing one of the scenes from the drama and after a short pause to choose which scene to do, he did the lines from bathroom scene in Ep 3, he said he could still recall the lines because he is the type who needs to memorise the script well before filming. And he rates his look 3 out of 10 and his acting in W 8 out of 10. And he needs to get fat with the new upcoming movie. And when he mentioned his close friends, he included YKS, KWB and PKJ. He drinks with YKS. He said he could drink a lot before getting drunk because he could still remember things after drinking a lot, but noona MC told him if he feels dizzy etc, he is already drunk. I remember the one and only time I got drunk and I asked my friend the same thing why I could remember and think clearly when I felt this dizzy, I should not be able to remember if I am drunk right? LOL

Of course the best thing for going to FMs is being there with friends. @rainy9 whom I have known for so long and we think alike on many things, but just meeting her for the first time, @hitoritabi who lives just one metro station away from me, but we meet more in Seoul than here where we live lol, sobaniitezutto​ who shares so much JS memory with me, and we just didn’t have enough time to chat this time, and rainyfox​ whom I met for the first time, you draw amazing fanart and I feel really touched by the messages on your ins, I should have chatted with you more, hope we will meet each other again!

And we ended our day by going to see the place where Kang Chul jumped off the bridge. It was just so much fun with you all.

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Bet you didn't complain in episode 2 when Sam had the solo mission and didn't need help or when he was the chosen one to save the World or the writers choice for the Hero trials. Sam fans complain about Dean getting anything when Sam gets the biggest saves, the main arcs and everything and everyone usually revolving round him including Dean. You've sod all to complain about compared to Dean fans. Sam is always the writers chosen one & they always turn Dean into the sidekick for the big stuff.

Good morning, brave Anon!

No, I didn’t complain in episode 2, because while Sam had a solo mission and didn’t need help, Dean had his OWN mission and LOTS of bonding scenes with a woman and a baby and trouble of his own.  Last night’s episode was very different in that there was no mechanism, because of the conceit of the episode, to go between the brothers and show what Sam is doing while Dean’s doing all the fighting.

And that’s not all.  If you’re able to look at this objectively, which I doubt, you will look back at the seasons and find that time and time again, the writers split the boys up and focus on Dean, going back to Sam for a few seconds at a time.  We’ve had entire episodes in fact where Sam is there at the beginning and at the end, and nowhere between.  An astonishing number of episodes are “Dean goes back in time” or “Dean must find a way.”  It’s telling that even episodes where Sam is the “plot,” the descriptions are all about how Dean is going to deal with it.

I damn well did complain about Sam having to save the world in Swan Song, because it came after an entire season (and more) of Sam getting shit on by writers, the in-universe characters, and you, the hard-working Dean stan.  And he still gets shit for Lucifer, and still doesn’t receive the credit for the save, time and time again.  So yes, I complained.  

It’s the same with the “Hero (sic) trials.”  Sam was beaten over the head with how wrong he did everything, over and over, by writers and Dean and you the fans until he wanted to die and you think that’s a satisfying arc?  

And still the trials were all about how Dean felt about losing Sam, how Dean felt about Sam pre-trials, what Dean is going to do.  

There’s a reason a “Sam-centric” episode is a thing while “Dean-centric” sounds wrong.  EVERY episode is Dean-centric by default, and if Sam gets a shining moment about his past or something, it’s special.  Because it rarely happens.  

For a while, I was with the mytharc4deen people, because I hoped that if he got the mytharc for a while, Sam would get some point of view time, some dedicated episodes that were all about how he’d deal with whatever was happening to Dean.  

Then the MoC happened and it was all Dean looking at himself in the mirror, Dean looking through a glass of brown liquor, Dean sadly showering, and very few Sam looking worried moments before someone starts talking about the case they’re working on, or a brief, “you okay?”

This show has been told through a Dean lens about Sam.  In some episodes Sam could be a mythological figure Dean has never met but is loyal to, and it wouldn’t fucking matter because he never shows up and when he does, Jared Padalecki has to act the shit out of NO LINES or FEW LINES to even get across that Sam isn’t a robot.   You are willfully ignorant if you think that just because a character is a tool of the plot they are getting good material or being allowed to make choices or be a real character.

But you’re right.  Sam is the writer’s chosen one.  They choose to dump shit on him when they don’t want to blame their golden boy Dean.  They choose to make him Lucifer’s chosen brother while Dean’s the “Michael Sword.”  They labelled him “boy with the demon blood” while Dean’s the “Righteous Man.”  Yeah, I totally see what you’re bitching about.  Poor Dean gets all the terrible heroic golden light beams of narrative pardon for the shit he does and the decisions he makes that happen to turn out okay, while that asshole Sam gets all the awesome blame and guilt and inability to predict the future.

What a fucking asshole, Sam Winchester, amirite?  Up high anonymous Dean stan.  mytharc4deen 4evar!  GIVE DEEN ALL THE FRENS AND SOMEONE TELL HIM HE’S AMAZING FOR ONSE –


if i tell a story about my toaster and how i feel about it not working right, it won’t turn on, but then i fixed it, really i’m happy about that because my mom gave it to me, oh crap now it only burns things, dammit toaster



Edit to add: also they told us this was a brothers ep and then cut one brother out for like the entire back half, so.


The Summers and the Zetas aren’t the only ones being affected by the school’s recent budget cuts…

Check out Ep. 9 here!

girl-of-tao  asked:

Hey Jax I was lookin and cant find it but what were your top 10 Animated Cartoon Series and Top 10 Animes again?

Damn I can’t find it either so I guess I have to go from scratch 

*cracks knuckles* 

For starters I just wanna say there are many Cartoon Network, Classic Nickelodeon, Disney, Kids WB and Fox Kids shows I love but these are the ones that never dipped in quality for me. Like for example Dexters Lab and Rugrats kinda went downhill, these all stayed uphill or the same to me. Also I love Steven Universe and Gravity Falls but there still new and fresh to me, and Imma Massive TMNT fan and love the 1987, 2003, and 2012 series respectively but each of em has eps that are meh

My Personal Favorite Cartoons I can re-watch all the way through at anytime

1) Spectacular Spider-man

2) Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

3) Young Justice

4) Hey Arnold 

5) Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003)

6) Invader Zim

7) Kim Possible

8) Teen Titans

9) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

10) The Powerpuff Girls

Now onto my Favorite Anime, the 1st 3 slots should be obvious and all the anime I have watched you can see here.

Also this list is constantly changing but here we go

My Personal Favorite Animes I can watch at any time.

1) Dragonball and Dragonball Z

2) Yu Yu Hakusho

3) One Piece

4) Naruto/Shippudden (not the fillers)

5) Attack on Titan

6) Fairy Tail

7) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

8) Digimon Adventure 1 and 2

9) Kill la Kill

10) Hajime No Ippo

Again my tastes are always changing for the anime but so far all of these I have rewatched from Beginning to end….(cept One piece and Naruto recently hahaha) and still be entertained….cutting out filler eps of course haha