Heeeyyy what’s this, some cc from me? That’s right y’all. I’ve got a cute little sailor dress and hat for your toddler sims!

The dress is categorized as female, but obviously you can use it on male sims. The hat is categorized as male and female. The hat and the sailor collar are also NEW MESHES by me, which means they probably look meh so pls be nice to me. It also has all lods, categorized (for the most part), and thumbnails.

Big shout out to @lumialoversims for helping me bc im suddenly a noob who can’t figure out weights anymore!

download: sfs (1.3 mb zipped)


I called together a teddy bear tea party and invited a few of my favorite cubs to join, including my flower print teddy Twill, my frosted teddy Crackers, Miss Bear’s Dream, Rilakkuma, and Stitches (who could barely keep his eyes open for the affair).

Guys, I’ve decided: I’m finished with the real world and am taking up permanent residence in this one.

  • He is 19" from top to bottom.
  • Body and hair made from Minky
  • Embroidered face detail
  • All of the clothing is removable
  • All the Buttons really work.
  • Shorts have a tiny snap button and real working pockets.
  • Suspenders made from navy elastic with real tiny suspender clips and a tiny metal triangle held in place with tiny bolts and screws.
  • Glasses made from black and clear plastic sheets.
  • Bow tie held on with velcro
  • Plastic armature throughout the whole body to make him fully poseable. With tiny wires in the fingers.

I want to make either L from Death Note next or Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory.  : D


TS4 LGBT+ Sims Tees 1/3 

Holy shit I am so excited for this clothing pack I’m not sure where to start. These are just a few of the tshirts you’ll get when you download this custom content. They fit on all body types, work with all skin tones, and can be worn by sims with boobs and without! 

Hey! For those of you who don’t know what this is about, here’s the original post (download link included)!

LGBT+ sims CC is super hard to come by (trust me on this), so it’s really important that if you take a minute out of your day to support the programmers and designers who produce it. If you don’t have a sims game, feel free to reblog or scroll on by! But hopefully those of you who do will give it a signal boost and a download!

I divided this one into three parts because there was SO MUCH CONTENT :’) this part is centered on sexualities (gay, bi, pan, etc.) and the next two will be gender identities and specified designs based on art I’ve actually seen circulate around on here! 

Let’s get started! 

[The first image is a tshirt with “LGBT” written on it, the gay, lesbian, trans, and bi flags each behind their respective letters. 

Top left: “1-800-girls-like-girls” written across the front in white letters on a pink background. 

Top center: a fly decorated with the bisexual flag colors near the collarbone, likely meant to be a play on words (e.g. “bi fly”). 

Top right: a heart-shaped gay/lgbt+ flag near the collarbone. 

Middle left: a panda decorated in the colors of the pan flag with the words “Pan DUH” written along its body. 

Middle center: a rainbow with a banded design that wraps around the front of the shirt at the chest. 

Middle right: a whale decorated with the bisexual flag colors, likely meant to be another play on words (e.g. “bisexu-whale”).

Bottom left: text print “gay” filled in with a cutout floral design. 

Bottom center: “Love is Love” with two rainbow hearts around the edges of the text print.

Bottom right: a rainbow fist of solidarity that resembles the BLM symbol (”black lgbt+ lives matter”) ]


I will definitely post more pics of my new Soon, but I was super excited to show Raven to the world. Raven is a custom doll by Polka Dolls Fabrics, an artist who I’ve loved forever and never thought I’d get one of her dolls. There was a ton of drama getting this doll home (lost mail, almost returned to sender). I also want to point out the super cute hedgehog dress and fluffy hat, which are apparently also by Polka Dolls Fabrics and which are super cute in person.