BASIC TANK TOPS by Twinksimstress

Adorable basic tank tops, perfect for any outfit as they come in 50(!!) swatches.

  • 50 swatches
  • 14 matte colors
  • 29 stamps
  • 7 metallic colors
  • custom thumbnail
  • maxis match(ish)
  • 100% base game compatible
  • new mesh

Yay, I’m back!! Made those cute tank tops as a sorry for being away for so long. A lot of new things are coming, so stay tuned!!


                               - FIFTHS CREATIONS -

Saluut ! Aujourd’hui je vous présente ma collection de rouge à lèvres mattes ! Ceci est la partie rose, composé de 6 teintes toutes sublimes.

Fifths Creations - MATTE LIP STICK PINK PART :


Thank’s You everyone !

Here’s the stunning new BMW R nineT Racer, due to be launched at the Intermot moto show next week. We see hints of the original Concept 90 prototype here, and the wheels seem to be 17-inchers. It’s rather tasty, isn’t it?
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Outfit 1

Eyebrows by @kakecosmetics
Eyeshadow & Eyeliner by @alf-si
Lips by @sintiklia
Piercing by @pralinesims
Hair by @hallowsims
Top by @bellaisadellima
Tights by @lilosims
Shoes by @puresims

Outfit 2

Eyeshadow by @hallowsims
Eyeliner & Lips by @kakecosmetics
Choker by @arthurlumierecc
Hair by @missparaply
Skirt by @sims4-marigold
Top & Socks by @trillyke
Shoes by @daisyxsims

Outfit 3

Eyeshadow by @kakecosmetics
Eyeliner & Lips by @mac-cosimetics
Earrings by @mayhem-sims
Hair by @hallowsims
Top by @simplyking
Shoes by @kaoz-sims

Outfit 4

Eyeshadow by @somesimsgirl
Eyeliner by @mac-cosimetics
Piercing by @pralinesims
Necklace by @arthurlumierecc
Hair by @hallowsims
Top by @serenity-cc
Shoes by @lumy-sims

Outfit 5

Hair by @hallowsims
Top by @kundalini-sims
Pants by @tarantoolasims

Outfit 6

Hair by @antosims
Sweater Dress by @trillyke
Jacket by @lumy-sims

Outfit 7

Hair by @darkosims3
Cap by @sims4-marigold
Top by @simpliciaty

Outfit 8

Hair by @aveirasims
Top by @simxnation

Outfit 9

Hair by @leahlillith
Top by @jfc-sims

The freedom is blue and the fraternity is red 

(just because I love the titles of Kiéslowski’s movies on my country: “A liberdade é azul” and “A fraternidade é vermelha”. Only missed “The equality is white”, “A igualdade é branca”, because I couldn’t edit a pic with white tone)

Adept and Engineer

Weighted Plush Commissions

Hi! I hand dye and hand sew weighted plush. I know some of you are quietly waiting until I have some other types of plush. So I was thinking why not list out what types of plush I  want to do in the future. I can only afford to buy so many patterns at a time, so the types of plush I will be able to make/sell will be limited until I have more funds.

That is unless you want to commission me to have a certain type of plush done sooner! Like for example you want a dinosaur weighted plush, commission me for one! And then I can start making them for my shop too.

Here is a list of plush I would love to add to my shop:

- Dinosaurs [DYE-nosaurs]:  
Raptor (19in head to tail)
Stegosaurus (small 4in)
Brontosaurus (small 6in)
Generic Floppy Dino (14 in tall or 7 inch tall)

- Chameleon [Chromaleon] (10 inch head to tail)

- Floppy Eared Bunny Rabbit “Teddy Bear Styled” (8 inch)

- Raccoon “Teddy Bear Styled” (10 inch)

- Cat “Teddy Bear Styled” (15 inch)

- Cthulhu “Teddy Bear Styled” (10 inch)

- Pudgy Bat (small 5.5 inch)

- Floppy Hippo (22 inch)

- Floppy Turtle or Tortoise (21 inch)

- Dragon “Teddy Bear Style” (15 inch)

Since I would be making these plush for the first time, I do not know how much weight they can take yet. Some of them will have weighted beads in their whole bodies. While others will just have it in their main body and not the limbs.

Each plush will be hand-dyed by me, you can pick up to 5 colours or one of the pre-set colourways from here.

If you are interested in commissioning me please message me on here or send an email to so we can discuss specifics and I can give you a quote. 

I do have a Tsum Tsum style weighted dragon plush on the way. As well as a limited edition halloween dragon plush. So keep an eye out for those soon!

Male Casual Shirt by Julie J

I removed the badge from the Base Game Fast Food Shirt and did some recolours and I liked the look of it and decided it was a new casual shirt for Males
Works with Sliders - Teen through to Elder - Everyday, Formal and Party wear

Please read and honour TOU

Sim - Nick Russell by me - Not shared
Hair - Anto Electric retextured by me tumblr/S4S
Body Hair - lumialoversims at MTS
Jeans - me tumblr/S4S
Watch - me tumblr/S4S
Glasses - Tamo at MTS