Here’s a look at the Lagoona commission I was working on for a while :) Stupid rain kept stopping me from working on her consistently so it feels good to have her done. I’m usually not a big fan of lagoona but I think she’s growing on me haa The past few repaints I’ve done on lagoonas have been some of my faves >u>


Jane’s new hairdo~

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, now.

I really like Jane per se, but I’ve always found her hairstyle to be incredibly boring. And because she reminds me of Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided that locks would be a good idea. It’s actually insanely hard to find any good resources on giving dolls locks without rehairing and using wool, so I just winged it with a YouTube twist and rip dreadlock method video…

And two hours later, this is the result. I am absurdly happy with this. With all of half an hour’s hindsight, I probably should have used glue instead of styling wax, but we’ll see how this holds up tomorrow morning. Very tiring, but totally worth it.

(Also, given that she’s literally a monster… I suppose it’s still OK to call them dreadlocks. It’s a pun like any other in the franchise…)

Custom Monster High Doll- Master List of Resources

I thought I’d make a post linking to all of the resources I’ve been using to learn how to make custom MH dolls. If you think of anything I’ve missed or have a link you’d like to add let me know and I’ll update this list! 

I take ZERO credit for any resource here.

Designing your Repaint

Factory Paint and Hair Removal

  • Michaelisk (I would also recommend soaking the head in hot water occasionally as you’re pulling the hair out to loosen the glue.)


Wig Making

Styling Hair



Removing Eyes

Repainting Full Tutorials

Repainting Semi Tutorials

  • Nicholle’s Dreams (This is the most valluable resource here IMO. She answers so many questions about techniques and what kind of tools to use in her videos.)
  • NickiiR


My little Firefly was quick to make! She’s just darling in person, too. She’s made from leftover CAM parts I had lying around. She had a full body repaint. I made her dress, but her shoes were once Cleo’s, I believe. Her wings were purchased from a shop on etsy, and her hair comes with the Skeleton CAM pack. Despite her simplicity she’s probably one of my favorite dolls I’ve finished.

Also, her little dots are made with glow in the dark paint. You bet she glows!


So … I’ve been distracted! So damn distracted! >< I’ve been trying to make myself post this girl for two weeks now… But that’s besides the point! I am in love with this pink hair! It’s really satisfying to reroot a doll, but it’s really time consuming and hard on my hands! I think, in all, the hair took me around six hours to put in. But it looks great! And I’m going to do it to other dolls anyway. lol

If you can’t tell, Dracy is a little jellyfish. She was really fun to make, and I think I might make more like her. Maybe a Spectra and Ghoulia . . ? Who knows?

If you’re interested - she’s over in my etsy shop!