I can not and will not ever get tired of looking at Hutchinson Guitar Concepts reconstructions! Seriously such beautiful mastery in re-envisioning a guitar and making it totally unique like this beautiful Viking themed Les Paul <3 check out more of his stuff at

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So, this isn’t anything like my normal posts. But I came across this when I was Googling for things, and it’s just amazing. I’d never normally share something like this, but I just have to.

You need to check out this girls art work.


I feel like this guitar was carved right out of the side of a viking or pirate ship! I am really loving the distressed look of this! Kudos to the builder of such a finally crafted vessel!

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The Fender “Dragon” Telecaster. It was a gift from Jeff Beck to Jimmy Page when he was yet in The Yardbirds. It’s a Fender Telecaster 1958, originally white.

Page added eight reflective circles, it is said as a tribute to Syd Barrett. But in early 1967 he completely painted guitar, drawing a dragon himself on the wood.

The guitar still exists but with a different look because a friend of Jimmy Page deleted the dragon while he was on tour. Upon returning, his friend told him that he had made “a gift” but found that the new finish was not to his taste and the paint had affected the functioning of the entire circuit and the bridge pickup. Jimmy Page dismantled the mast to install it in its Fender Telecaster B-Bender brown. The Fender “Dragon” Telecaster was used for the last time May 2, 1969.


Fender Custom Shop Dia de Los Muertos “Day of the Dead” Telecaster 

Masterbuilt and conceived by Chris Flemming and artisan Kit Carson. Painted by Dan Lawrence, with contributions from Ron Thorn. 

Photos via alainlafrance on the Fender forum