When you are a fat person….more so a girl people think you are public domain. It seems that people feel that they can come up to a woman and tell her what is wrong about her appearance. I mean, I feel that because of social media we as a society have no boundaries. We all feel we can go up to anybody and just spill our bullshit onto them, it used to be you say hello, be polite, and keep your fuckin mouth shut if you didn’t like something about a person. When you are fat, people feel like you shouldn’t be content with who you are…PEOPLE HATE when you are fat and you like yourself. When you’re fat, people think you shouldn’t take pride in how you look…. Yeah fuck that I know that I’m cute and I play that up… I also know I need to lose a lot of weight to stay healthy. But until I start working harder on that than I already do, I’m gonna wear cute clothes… just because I’m fat I can’t hide in a cave only going out for cave toilet paper and when I do go out I have to hunch over and look pathetic… no way… I got shit to do and while I’m doing it I’m gonna dress how I feel…. Cute or sexy or mean or professional or sexier. I’m fat cause I’m fat, that’s all you need to know and i work, pay for my own clothes and other shit. Other than to try and hurt me what the fuck does me being fat have to do with your life???? Contrary to your belief your insurance ain’t suffering because of me, you not going broke because of me.. if anything I pay more for ALLLL my shit and according to most I eat more so I must be putting more money into the economy. Right?  unless you are my doctor or personal trainer… the fuck is  it your business?? why even speak on it cause you just being hateful… that’s the only reason.