just another video with Christian Borle

Let the curtain fall, and the lights go low. Let the cast bow as the audience claps for the final show. They give out flowers, maybe even a speech, all these people filled with promises they can’t keep. For we are all just actors, playing on our own little stage, so let the curtain follow and show me the way. Behind the scenes first look at the person you’ve become, backstage look at the nights where you haven’t won.

No more acting, no more time for games. This is the part where you give up the play. I’ve seen your strength, and I will love you through the tears, I’ve seen you at your best and I’ll still adore you when the curtain call is near.

No more acting, no more shows, no more playing the part everyone knows. Show me you behind that mask, and I promise we’ll still make this last.

—  The stage lights don’t hide the hurt behind your eyes my love