↓ media page .o1 by Jayn

Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to use my own media page - specifically for a place to log my mmo gaming for a while now and finally got around to coding one, so now it’s time to share. :) 

It’s a pretty simple page, but you should probably have a good understanding of how to edit pages and whatnot. It has a table of contents for you to edit in your links, and then you just click and it’ll go to that section. There’s a back to top button as well. Feel free to edit the colors and whatever else you need to as much as you’d like, just leave the credit! 

The original code has four sections for TV Shows, Anime, Games and Music! I edited the preview as I needed. I recommend using something like Scratchpad or Brackets to edit the page so you can see what you’re doing!

Please check the guide here on how to edit basic things if you don’t know how to edit page content.

page preview | page code 

Please like/reblog if you use or like the page!! Have any questions?