Curly Hair Care

Thick/Curly Hair Guide/Master post/guide thing

This is a guide for Thick/curly haired people on how to manage their hair.

It took me about ….. my whole life to figure out how to manage my hair, so I thought some people out there might benefit from this.

Not all of this will work for everyone though, since everybody has different hair, not all curls require the same treatment.

FIRST OFF: Styling stuff

For the love of everything good and sacred in the world. DO NOT USE A BRUSH. The brush will betray you. THE BRUSH IS BAD. Use the COMB. The comb is your friend, it will never betray you.

For some reason, when curly hair is brushed through with a brush rather than a comb, it loses its curl. I have no idea why or what magic is behind this, but that’s just how it works.

Some even say that the brush damages your hair. I have no clue if this is true or not and there’s no evidence to back it up, but I wouldn’t doubt it.


It wips around the hair and makes it tangled and messy and the curls lose their shape. Its tragic, and it can be prevented. Instead, USE A DIFFUSER. 

A diffuser isn’t a different machine, its just an extension to the hair dryer, that you put on the end of the hair dryer. You put it directly on your hair instead of holding it far away from the head. It works great and you don’t have to worry about the hair wipping around and losing its curl.

Alternately you could let it AIR DRY,which I found works best for me. I just comb it while I’m in the shower (or sometimes right after when its still wet), then I let it air dry.

You can also use the PLOP METHOD,where you use a longsleeve shirt to bundle your hair up and let it dry. Its fast, easy, and you don’t have to do much. It works great to keep your curls too, especially if you want to use GEL,

You can find a whole bunch of youtubes on PLOPPING if you search it up:

SECONDLY: Washing stuff


Parabens especially dry out your hair, so try to stay away from them. If they’re low on the list of ingredients though, you can probably get away with using it.


"whaaaaattttt", you say

I’ll tell you why: Your hair will get brittle if you wash it too much without putting oils back into it. With straight hair, the oil can fall down to the tips to distribute evenly throughout the hair, but thats not true for curly hair. Curly hair can get more brittle because its curled, and it takes the oil more time to get down to the tips of the hair.

I wash my hair about 3-5 times a week depending on how oily it gets and how often I condition it.


It works as a conditioner 200% better than every other conditioner out there 500% guaranteed. Every single curly haired friend I know or am friends with uses it. It is the salvation of every curly haired girl.

You can put it on and let it soak into your hair for 5-15 minutes before showering and shampooing it out, or you can put it on before bed and shampoo it when you get up.


Trim your hair.

This may be obvious, but the split ends get all messed up more often than you might think, and can make your hair hecka frizzy.



Sometimes the weather just messes up your hair, man. 

I find that the more arid the climate, the better my hair fairs. For some reason humidity just dun mess up your hair .The only thing you can really do is experiment to see how much more time/care you need to spend with your hair in different place/climates.


Split Ends - What are They and How Can I Spot Them?

Split ends are inevitable since they are caused by thermal (heat), chemical (relaxers, hair color), or mechanical (manipulation) stress. So no matter how healthy your hair is, there are bound to be a few split ends here and there. The problem with split ends is that they prevent you from retaining length, travel up your hair shaft if they are not trimmed promptly, increase breakage, and for the ladies with natural hair, split ends can increase tangles and knots.

Read more about split ends here:


okay so if you have curly hair but half the time it ends up in a ponytail or a braid because it is frizzy or looks bad or whatever than i have a solution..

I’ve been trying so many things and i finally found something that works for my hair! credit goes to

my hair used to have some good days. and also some bad days. really bad days. but i know how to always have a good hair day. and its easy. believe me.

okay so after you take a shower, squeeze out your hair. go get dressed and such but DO NOT WRAP YOUR HAIR IN A TOWEL. DONT DO IT. your clothes might get a little wet from your dripping hair but it’ll dry.

once you get dressed, squeeze your hair again over your towel or over the sink/tub. comb through with a wide tooth comb. put in your hair product if you use one (all you need is a small amount.. i use a dime-size amount). comb through your hair again to equally distribute the product.

now comes the fun part

lay out a long sleeve cotton tshirt on your bed or a chair with sleeves closest to you for later use..

bend over and scrunch your hair. you should hear a little bit of the squishy sound from the water. once you’ve scrunched, lean over the tshirt you have laid out. slowly lower down over the center of the shirt so your hair piles and scrunches over itself. fold the shirt over your head like a turban. and leave it there for 10-15 minutes while you finish getting ready.

*i suck at explaining so heres a video of this method. its called plopping. wrapping starts at 1:02

after that, just take the shirt off and let your hair dry the rest of the way. enjoy your pretty curls :)