Usually, when the distractions of daily life deplete our energy, the first thing we eliminate is the thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most: quiet, reflective time. Time to dream, time to contemplate what’s working and what’s not, so that we can make changes for the better. **** Amy Acker!! H/m by @jennykanavaros #nyc #bk #brooklyn #newyork #dumbo #soho #amyacker #editorial #personofinterest #patrickxiong #actress #sag #beauty #film #print #art #curate #design #love #icon (at SoHo, Manhattan)

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Going Under

Evanescence, Going Under
Basile Pesso-my BCN © 11 June 2 016
My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are (links) with David Wooldridge and Albert Gràcia as The Side Looks of a Barcelonese #58 + 59 of FB Era3
…and thanks a lot to Do Soll, Basic Minimum and Shea Butter 96 for the reblog of an image that I totally love : The Yellow Line(s) #17 (link) !

Happy 1st Anniversary!

As the game enters it’s first year of life, lost of people decide to take a trip down memory lane.

I’m sure you know the tale by now.

The tale of a soon to be Reclaimer being woken up in his stasis pod.

This…is not his story.

After finally getting off my lazy butt, I’d like to finally introduce the XCX Tumblr to my newest Cross. Touko Takeda. Sister to Touya Takeda, my first Cross.

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A brilliant cousin of BD Scott’s selection of yesterday evening, also deserving the very best, for the German number 4 today after, among other ones, Eloiza the Observer.
Banister…© Chrissel :

What makes @tate Modern’s exhibition ‘The Radical Eye’ such a powerful and personal collection of modernist photography? The Rake finds out online now (link in bio)…
Photograph: Salvador Dali by Irving Penn, 1947.
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Mark Rothko, curated by Jermayne MacAgy for the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, 1957.

“MacAgy managed to ignore design systems — or tried to work outside of systems of taste for these shows. Early on, here in Houston, when she did a Rothko show, she went out of her way to have beautiful flowers in the entryway — living flowers, planting beds. It was just a general reminder that you don’t start trying to ask why the flowers are some color — you relax and enjoy their beauty. It was a very interesting reminder that viewers should not be upset with the Rothkos if there’s no image there, no subject. What is the image of a flower? It’s just a color, it’s a flower.” — Walter Hopps, interview from A Brief History of Curating, JRP | Ringier, 2008

Let’s get out of the dark sequence of 5 b and ws, with one more Brian Wattesque colorful achievement, you know, this mix of very direct and even aggressive colorful mundanity and compo cleverness, here with both superb chromatic delicacy and intensity.
Shop mannequin again, aright fter Benoît Debuisser, but way, way, way more lively. Unique, and also deserving the total best.
At the End of the Rainbow, London © Brian Watt aka Brian W

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #645 : Untitled, New York, 1 987 © Thierry Cariou :

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #645 : Untitled, New York, 1 987 © Thierry Cariou :