Hey!!! Me and qpop gallery invite you to opening of the cardmageddon muji cotton card show.

All the pieces are 2.2 x 3.6 and $30 each!

I’ll have over 100 of my cards at the show!!! Like the ones above! With over 100 other artists contributing to the show its gonna be cardmaggedonnn!!! Haha

The show is first come first serve!

Opening reception: June 24th 2017 7pm - 10pm @ qpop gallery in little tokyo downtown LA


FACE FORWARD - Meet the Photographer Advocation for Black Beauty in the Fashion Industry: Glenford Nuñez

“You photograph what you see around and the things you care about,” Nuñez says. “My mom is a Black woman. My sister is a Black woman. These are the people I love, so I want them to be depicted in the best possible light.” He is on a mission to capture at least 100 aspiring Black models to affirm that our beauty — inside an out — is worthy of praise.

featured models: Ra’Chael Baker, Kennedy McDaniel, Sinmidele Badero,Tene’A Cummings, Ariana Gulford, Emoni Baraka, Tayquana Demery

text: Juliee Wilson - Essence July 2017

Sterek museum AU where Derek Hale is the director of the Beacon Hills Museum and the local expert in the fields of anthology and archaeology. 

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Stiles is the enthusiastic college student who visits the museum almost every other day, studying among the exhibits and looking for job openings.

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Derek dismisses him at first, but then one day, Stiles accidentally leaves his study notes at the museum and Derek finds then when he’s doing a final sweep of the museum. Curious about what Stiles is studying and why he’s so intent on being at the museum, he takes a look inside and finds a mix of notes from entomology to archaeology. All the notes are really in depth, colour coded and at a level of study that should be beyond a college student. He hates to admit it, but he’s impressed.

The next day, Stiles comes bustling in and Derek is waiting for him at the front desk. 

“I don’t know about job offers,” Derek says, offering Stiles back his thick book of study notes. “But if you’re looking for a supervisor for your dissertation, I’d be happy to take you on.” 

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thisismyjimmypage  asked:

Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to ask you a question when you did "answer time" a while back. I'm an aspiring archivist interested in medieval Europe, so you're like rock stars to me! Ultimately, I want to live (er, I mean work) at the MET Cloisters. I was wondering if you could explain how you planned your educations? (Your undergrad majors, masters' programs, internships, etc.) And is it possible to succeed in your profession if one is very, very bad with foreign languages? Thanks!

Thank you for your question! 

Bryan Keene, curator of manuscripts, did a different Q&A with us that is posted on our blog. Take a look! He answers a few questions related to curating as a job, and the path to become a curator. 

“Curatorial work requires many skills, including a background in art history (the broader the better, but also with an area of focus), languages (the more the better), and even digital savvy. There’s no one path: Some have PhDs, some don’t. Some work across materials/media, others focus on a single type of object. More and more, global or cross-cultural and material studies are important, as are expanding our knowledge about an object’s use or historical approaches to race, gender, sexuality, and other topics that are relevant today.”


ONE OF THE GUYS - models: Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik, Anwar Hadid - photography: Inez and Vinoodh - fashion editor: Tonne Goodman - hair: Christiaan - makeup: Dick Page - Vogue August 2017

  • featured: Prada - Louis Vuitton - Ralph Lauren Collection - Ann Demeulemeester - Marni - Burberry - Dsquared2 - Alexander McQueen - Gucci - Marc Jacobs

BLANKET STATEMENTS - model: Wayne Booth - photography: Billy Kidd - styling: Katie Burnett - hair: Takuya Sugawar - makeup: Sara Glick - manicure: Eri Hada Interview September 2017

featured: Céline - Stella McCartney - Acne Studios - Vivienne Westwood - Burberry - Gucci - Loewe - Mulberry - J.W. Anderson - Sacai - Thom Browne - Hermés - Salvatore Ferragamo - Bottega Veneta - Max Mara