Inner jej / LizQuen

Cafe # 17: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Alabang Town Center

So my bff and I watched Just the Way You Are last June 19, Friday at Alabang Town Center. We are LizQuenatics (lol) We really love Liza’s beauty and Enrique’s talent for dancing. The movie’s just okay. Typical love story but I liked the fact that relationship with our family is also included in the movie. Not just the teenage love. Liza is so prettyyy and Enrique is so hot. 

Anyway, after the movie and being a jej for almost two hours, we ate at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. The place is so pabebe. Lol. Very girly! But it is a good place to catch up with your friends. The food is really pricey for a cupcake. The cheapest is around P95 and the most expensive is around P120+. I had Valrhona Chocolate. The icing’s kinda sweet and the bread itself is kinda dull. Their cupcake is not much of a big deal. I ordered Hot Chocolate for P95. I thought that it would be too sweet but it unexpectedly went together with my Valrhona chocolate. The staff are accommodating and friendly! They waited for me while I am deciding what drink to order. 


So we just talked about our past, present and future. We talked about the things we missed. Thank you, Ekha! See you again soon ;)