Twilight reminisces about the days when her daughter was well behaved, an honor student, and a dutiful princess in training. Pandora cringes at the memory of being the most awkward teen noodle nerd to ever walk the planet.

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lookit that gangly dork noodle girl. bless her, young panny was tryin her best
her hobbies back then included adventuring with Cupcake, studying magic with Moondancer, being instructed on princess customs and Equestrian law with Skyla and Twilight, feeling immense, constant self-doubt and insecurity about the future, and having the odd cup of diamond dust iced tea with her father Discord.

Did you know that it’s actually a right of passage in America to dump tea in the Boston Harbor. Every American, when they come of age, travels on a pilgrimage to the great land of our forefathers to pour a cup of tea into the harbor. When this ancient ritual is complete they are rewarded with their very own pet eagle and a Big Mac then everyone sings Party in the USA and lights off fireworks.

Those Empty Days || Sirius and Remus

Remus sat at the kitchen table in what had once been his father’s home, staring into a cup of tea that had long since gone cold.  There were so many things he should be worrying about - but only one had continually occupied his mind since resigning from Hogwarts nearly one week ago…the location of Sirius Black.  They’d had so little time…why did it always seem to be that way with them?  So much he’d wanted to say, and no chance to say any of it.  Just like last time.  A part of him hoped that Sirius would come here…come to him.  Maybe there was time now?  Maybe it wasn’t too late…?

The man sighed, waving his hand half-heartedly at his cup, reheating the liquid in it, just as he’d done several times already.  He needed to focus…to decide what to do next.  There was enough money from his professorship to keep him for awhile…but Remus knew he should be planning ahead.  Severus had seen to it that he wouldn’t be getting a wizarding job in the area anytime soon, but he had no desire to return to America…not while Sirius was out there somewhere.  So, perhaps it was time to pick up a muggle paper - take a look at their want ads.  Something was better than nothing, after all.

My father,
student of sacred numbers and secret eschatologies,
knows nothing of the power of knotted cords or sugared cakes.
My father,
admirer of the magi,
does not believe in candles lit for saints
or lilac roasting in the oven.
My father,
collector of conspiracy theories,
cannot see the healing steaming from cups of tea
and decks of divining cards.

My father,
who threw out my childhood potions of rainwater and roses,
and chastised my babbling of fairy tale incantations.
My father,
who scowled into his Bible every October
when the occult brushed by my windowpane.
My father,
who allowed me the consolation prize of candy and night air,
so long as I never dressed as anything dead,
or painted my nails black
or learned to read my horoscope,
or wandered in too much moonlight.

My father, who raised me to know that magic was real,
and hot
and not for the touching.

—  “Dueteronomy 18:10”, S.T. Gibson

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miyuki nervous in front of his s/o father?

Miyuki Kazuya: It was rare for him to ever be nervous. He kept telling himself that it would go well. That her parents would absolutely love him, he’d show them he was reliable and dependable, the day would end and done! Though, now, he felt like a lost dog huddled in a corner as he felt her father’s piercing gaze on him.

“Miyuki-kun,” Your father sternly addressed the young catcher as he directed his gaze on him once again. “Thank you for taking care of _____.”  Miyuki stiffened a bit, but stood up to bow to the older man.

“No, thank you for bringing ____ into this world.” Miyuki said seriously as he looked at your father with stern eyes. Your father, smiling a bit, nodded to Miyuki before pouring him a cup of tea. Miyuki had survived when you introduced him to your father. Now the next goal is asking him for your hand is marriage. How he was going to get through that was a whole different story.