There’s more to these stylish porcelain Waltz Cup & Saucer pairs than you might notice at first glance. They aren’t simply covered in eye-catching patterns. In fact only the saucers that are patterned at all. The teacups are mirrored and reflect the designs from the saucers, creating the illusion of a perfectly matched pair. When the cup is lifted off its mate, the reflective palladium surface is revealed.

These clever pieces of china are the work of D-Bros, a Japanese home design brand.

Made from Hasami porcelain, a specialty from the Hakata region, each cup is handmade by skilled artisans who ensure that the surfaces are completely even. After all, even the slightest scratch would create distortions throughout the reflection.

Click here for a brief video that provides an even closer look at the clever design of the Waltz Cup & Saucer, currently available here.

[via DeMilked and Spoon & Tamago]