Sunny (Danie Wu) get his rematch with one of the Abbots ( Cung Le) in this fight scene from last week’s show! 

anonymous asked:

I wonder if there'll be two fights with the abbots, one in the Christmas yard whatever it is, and one perhaps at the place where Sunny and the others are laying low to hide?

Hey Anon!

I saw some of the previews and so far there’s at least two like you said anon.. The most recent one was Sunny fighting Cung Le’s character and shout out to his arms. You can tell he hit the gym extra hard for season 2 and Daniel Wu has been giving us some major arm porn all season long. Swoon! I suppose he’s the head of the three that goes out searching for the novices.

There appears to be another one with MK fighting at what appears to be the same Christmas location. It all looks crazy but that good kind of crazy. There was even snow or fake snow? Anyways anon 2.06 looks like another great episode with at least two great fight scenes.


With talent like Scott Adkins, Marko Zaror and Cung Le on board, “Savage Dog” seems like a martial arts fan’s dream and, to be honest, the trailer isn’t too shabby.
One thing’s for sure, it won’t be light on action. If Adkin’s isn’t shooting someone in the chest, he’s kicking them in the chin.
Granted, there’s a little too much slow mo in the trailer but, these days, with the love of tricks/flip-kicks in martial arts cinema, it’s expected.
I’ll be scooping this one up once it gets a release.