京都の花(宮川町) by Nobuhiro Suhara=


Nghệ thuật ẩm thực Nhật trong bánh wagashi by Harry Le

traditional japanese confectionery

@shychiro replied to your post “I have a question: is the gay ice skating anime actually gay or is it…”

The anime confuses me bc there are culture things Japan does that can change the tone. Like grooming (brushing hair and stuff) is a thing usually done only by family but in the ending you see victor brush his hair and its like ‘YOOOOO WHAT’ because japan tends to subtle about things like that. Idk if that makes sense but ye

oh man i almost forgot about that!! yeah in japan, brushing someone else’s hair is one of the most intimate non-sexual things you can do. it’s usually only something family/married couples and serious lovers do. it’s not something friends or people that just met or more casual couples even do for each other. it’s not like, a stereotypically girly sleepover activity like it is in america. it’s not like it’s super serious it’s just….intimate. something for people you are very very close with. and in the ending sequence they specifically focus on a picture of yuuri and victor with victor brushing yuuri’s hair and yuuri looking so so calm and???? i cry.


Gold Fireflies Dance Through Japanese Enchanted Forest in the Summer of 2016

An array of photographers captured these stunning images of gold fireflies during Japan’s rainy season in June and July. A dazzling long-exposure effort, the fireflies resemble a chimerical glittery effect only seen by fairies in enchanted forests.

(h/t: spoon&tomago)


iPhone 6 Plusで撮影 by Masaki Tokutomi


桜茶 | 34/365 Projecy365 お茶シリーズがはじまったのかもしれない。 | hichako | Flickr

photo by hichako

traditional japanese tea “桜茶 sakuracha (cherry blossom tea) or 桜湯 sakurayu (cherry blossom hot water)

sakuracha or sakurayu is a hot drink with salted cherry blossoms in hot water.


4.5 Million Baby Blue Eyes Just Bloomed In Japan’s Hitachi Seaside by  Hidenobu Suzuki

Japan is known for its beautiful, vibrant, ethereal and enchanting spring. From its stunningly lush cherry blossom trees, we dare you to feast your eye on another one of its natural beauties.

Japan’s Nemophila, or Baby Blue Eyes just bloomed in a burst of deep blue flowers, which cover the entire field. Little greenery is seen. Hidenobu Suzuki recently captured this Japanese treasure for the entire world to see. This is not the first time Suzuki has captured Japan’s nature in its full glory, have a look here.

‘Wake up, master’

Hanzo: Where are we?
Dragon: In the hospital
Hanzo: Something happened..
Dragon: You don’t remember?

Dragon: You got hurt. In the future, it’d be best if you would be more careful.
Hanzo: You’re a rude one…

Hanzo: Where’s the other?

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I’m feeling particularly apathetic today, so I’m taking it out on you guys.


この橋は渡って良い (May over this bridge) by wakyakyamn