In the underground passages around Ginza Station, I saw what may be the healthiest vending machine ever: assorted apple slices! Choose skin or skinless, with optional honey or caramel, and depending on the season, you might even find green apple or Asian pear! All the apples are of course from Aomori–where else? Other locations can be found here, if you’re curious to try for yourself!


Samurai Shin First Soundtrack

Samurai Shin is a soulful soundtrack which features a lot of Indie artists/producers such as Kuro Silence, P. Soul, Chill $quad, Jaymin Warren, Xia-Dawn & more. The soundtrack is based on the 30+ pages, first issue of manga/comic Samurai Shin which will be released this September 2016.

Download the full Samurai Shin First Soundtrack:

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We love it when awesomely huge things are put into relatable perspective, but every once in a while the results are also very unexpected. 

Case in point: We all know Godzilla is incredibly tall, but the original Godzilla from the 1954 film was only 50 meters (164 feet) tall. Japanese Twitter user Shinobu Yoshino recently created this graphic which places a scale version of the first Godzilla in modern-day Tokyo. Today the city’s numerous buildings are so tall themselves that Godzilla looks positively puny in comparison.

Shhh, no one tell Godzilla he’s short. We don’t want to hurt his feelings.

[via Laughing Squid]

Speaking of Godzilla, this awesome model of the famous Japanese monster was made entirely from cicada nymph shells by Twitter user @3kyk212. Cicada shells are pretty easy to find around Japan this time of year because summer is when the cicadas emerge from the ground to molt into their adult forms and seek out mates.

[via RocketNews24]