Lesson Planning

Pairing: Reader x Park Jinyoung

Genre: Fluff?????????

Word Count: 2,466

Summary: You spend every Sunday planning out your class lessons for the week at the local coffee shop with your coworker. After 6 months you’re already feeling a little burnt out and questioning if you’ll be able to fulfill your contract. A serendipitous accident may be just what you need.

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anonymous asked:

I'm a girl but could use help with my bi-fi too. P.S. Love you love your blog

Keep in mind that your bi-fi should be tailored to your community and country as well as to your age group, as it can be pretty different depending on these factors. Most of all, remember that your bi-fi can never be perfect. There are so many kinds of people in this community that you really never know. The idea behind bi-fi is just to try to improve your chances a little! But, for what it’s worth, here’s the perspective of one 23-year-old bi woman living in a liberal area of the US Southeast. 

Gender expression and personal style: 
Tons of queer women are femmes who can be hard to spot; femme invisibility is a real problem. That being said, women who have a more butch or androgynous look are more likely to be wlw. There are also some fashion staples of wlw that can be a good clue. For example: wingtip or oxford shoes, Doc Martens, outdoorsy hiking shoes or sandals, flannel shirts, oxford shirts, short-sleeve collared shirts especially with the sleeves cuffed; hair that is short or an undercut, colorful, or can be styled more masculine or feminine; gender expression that is fluid (more tomboyish some days or feminine others); piercings such as septum piercings; I also feel like glasses are a look for a lot of wlw. You can figure out what’s specific to your region/age group by observing people who are out or by looking at pictures on tinder! 

Politics and subcultures:
Do they talk about LGBTQIAP+ issues a lot? Share a lot of memes on Facebook or links such as This is often the biggest clue. Also, check their Facebook profile to see if it’s listed! I find that wlw are more likely to be environmentally aware, anti-Trump, vegetarian/vegan, etc. Do they talk about out celebrities a lot? They might also be fans of certain artists, TV shows, or books. Here are a few: Hayley Kiyoko, The 100, Orange is the New Black (fairly mainstreamed though), Team Dresch, Carol (a good measure because it’s a queer classic but less well known by straight people), Blue is the Warmest Color, etc. Basically, if they like a lot of media that represents LGBTQIAP+ people well, that’s a strong indicator. If you’re trying to sound someone out, you can also ask them what they think about specific LGBTQIAP+ political issues to at least weed out any bigots.

This can be subtle, but it’s also a strong indicator. LGBTQIAP+ people in general and especially bi, pan, or queer people tend to use more gender-neutral words, like “partner” or “spouse,” whether to talk about themselves or in a general sense. They are more likely to be respectful and careful about pronouns and gendering. A lot of out wlw will intentionally signal their orientation by referencing an ex-girlfriend, too. 

Also, please remember that you can be out there signaling your presence too! And the more you think about how you could signal to other wlw that you’re bi, the easier it will be to notice when someone might be signaling you.

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i don't know if you saw some of the latest mx's photos but why does hoseok look like a suburban dad (and ofc he's a supporter of that b team) surrounded by his six child (just see hyungwon's outfit lmao)? they're hilarious and btw i love them very much

afjsdlfdsfdsk please…. wonho’s always out here looking like a suburban dad lately…. hyungkyun+kihyuk looking like children with their shorts or cuffed jeans and all the oversized shirts.. what a concept ! here are some of my other favorite suburban family looks lately:

Reflection Summer Tour: M&G at Uptown Theater | August 20, 2015

For Kansas City’s meet and greet, Lauren wore The Turtle Neck Crop Top (sold out) from ASOS, a pair of shorts similar to the Blue Cuffed & Distressed Denim Shorts (sold out) from Forever 21, Carvela Stole Boots (sold out) by Kurt Geiger, and wrapped her Ultimate MA1 Bomber Jacket (sold out) from Topshop around her waist. 

Summer Feelings
  • Aries: the excited giddiness at a fair, sitting on the shoulders of your friend at a music festival, chewing expensive gum and wearing designer sunglasses walking down the beach
  • Taurus: rush of productivity, satisfaction that your life is going in the right direction, breathing in the salty beach air while driving with the windows down
  • Gemini: feeling like the main character in your favorite book, looking amazing in your skin, a game of tag in your front yard, sitting on the trunk of your car drinking with your friends during a bonfire
  • Cancer: taking group photos, braiding each others hair and picnics in the park, dreaming about the future, the get-ready hustle in the bathroom and trading lipsticks
  • Leo: feeling the sunshine while tanning in the sun, playing beach volleyball and getting sand everywhere, the sound of flipflops clacking on the sidewalk, beachy waves from the ocean water
  • Virgo: reading a classic on a beach chair, paper umbrellas in alcoholic drinks, flowy tank tops and bandeaus, pretty beach towels, the sound of seagulls
  • Libra: a summer romance, the cute guy in the swim trunks running next to the water, eating a snow cone, online shopping and blowout sales, trying on the cutest outfit for the first time
  • Scorpio: the feeling of a successful summer, laughing about the previous school year, taking polaroid pictures, making tents out of the curtains and pillows
  • Sagittarius: the new adventure promise of an airport, aviator sunglasses and cuffed short shorts, screaming and jumping on the rocks in the sea, pinning tacks onto a vintage maps of all the places you've been
  • Capricorn: beach cover-ups, lace and flowery print, a row of bracelets up your arm and painted nails, flash tattoos and feeling the warm sand under your toes
  • Aquarius: fourth of july fireworks, giving your friend piggy back rides and decorating rooms with band posters, listening to inspiring music and writing down your dreams, high-waisted everything and multicolored eyeliner
  • Pisces: group hugs and buying smoothies, sleepovers and skinny dipping into pools, yelling your favorite lyrics, lying in bed on your phone in the afternoons, staring at the stars and seeing things in the clouds

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ok so i see you giving advice to others so i thought i'd ask :) im a 18 year old girl and i need a cheap website for clothes!! I'm in university and I dont have a lot of money, and mainstream stores are so expensive!! Reliable websites only please <3

Hi :) of course. I’m in university too and I know the struggles of having no money lol. I swear by THIS website for cheap,affordable good quality  clothes. I’ve bought from it so many times and its honestly the cheapest website i’ve come across for clothes. :) 

i’ve picked out some styles for you guys :) 

Aries: brown lace up sweater & blue skinny jeans & brown gladiator shoes

Taurus: print boho jumpsuit & leather flats & black buckled strap bag

Cancer: white elephant tshirt & brown zip mini skirt & black suede flats

Leo: brown suede minidress & black leather ankle boots(cheap!!) & black handbag

Virgo: queen bee tshirt & blue embroidered shorts & yellow strap bag

Gemini: navy two piece outfit & white lace up sneakers & grey sunnies

Sagittarius: pink grid shoulder blouse & white ripped jeans & strappy sandals

Capricorn: ‘too tired to function’ tshirt & wool cardigan  & high waisted jeans

Pisces: gold zipper metal skirt & bodysuit & leather chain bag

Scorpio: brown curduroy skirt & pale vneck top  & black boots(so cheap!!)

Libra: white knitted tanktop & cuffed denim shorts & long sleeve jacket

Aquarius: denim furred jacket & floral jumpsuit & black fauxsnakeskin boots

i’ve bought from this site millions of times so if you want pics let me know xo most items ive picked are under $20 and you get freeshipping/50% on a lot of items ive picked.

Bolded items are my personal favourites, definitely check them out xoxo 

anonymous asked:

sorry if this isnt piano related but ive seen you posting lots of fashion and i wanted to ask for more recommendations on cheao online store? thanks

no i dont rlly mind!! im gonna assume that you mean “cheap” online stores. honestly, i really like shein and romwe!! ive gotten like a bunch of stuff there already. the prices are cheap so the quality isnt super amazing but its worth it for the price (do u get me?? lol) lastly, please measure the sizes properly. they change it for each item and the sizes are usually smaller. (especially for jeans)

anyway, when u order stuff there, make sure to take advantage of the discount codes they have!! usually, they display it on their homepage. right now, romwe is having a sale, starting from $0.99!! also, they’re having 60% off on orders that worth $60+. example, your total is worth $100, if you use the code AMD60, your total would only cost $40. i made a wishlist below if you don’t know what to buy!

jewelry: simple golden chain / quartz choker / black bow choker / deathly hallows pendant / black diamond choker /

hats: (they added lots of new ones and im rlly in love) - basic white red cap / minimal navy blue cap / simple pink cap / okay cap (I ORDERED THIS) 

tops + bottoms: sleeveless tank top + black cuffed denim short (also ordered these two) blue striped shirt + high wasited jeans / suede brown skirt

dresses: burgundy swing tank dress (my last order) / striped collar dress / vertical stripe off shoulder dress (good for looking tall) / black checkered off shoulder dress / (okay i really love off shoulder dresses but my back has acne scars so im kinda reluctant to wear it) :-(

that’s all! pls send me msgs if u guys need help with studying / fashion 


Black, White, & Pink All Over

A Minimal Approach To Summer Dressing

Summer simplicity seems to be a recurring theme for my outfits lately. Although I love my fall layers, comfort above all else reigns supreme when dressing for the NYC heat. I kept this outfit super minimal in a black and white color scheme. It’s all about versatility and no fuss because I can wear it during the day for errands and into the night for drinks with friends or events. Tucking in my tee really makes this simple outfit look a lot cleaner and even though I don’t really love wearing shorts, I really like the way these cuffed tailored shorts maintain their shape and flatter my body.


T-Shirt // Shorts // Bar III Slip-ons // UltraOlive Tote // Marmol Radziner Bracelet


Best. Friends. Forever. The Top 3 Things You & Your BFF Need to Have NOW!

How fun is it to share something special with your BFF? Some of our favorite celebrity best friends inspired us to go matchy-matchy - Taylor and Selena, RiRi and Katy, and Lea and Dianna show us how important it is to keep your good friends close.

Here’s the top 3 coolest things to share with your BFF:

3) Urban Renewal Best Friends Hoop Earring from Urban Outfitters - hurry on sale for $4.99 from regular price $14! One says “Best”, the other says “Friends”. Click through to see the earrings in more detail.

2) ASOS Boyfriend Friends Forever T-Shirts - this comes with two t-shirts, both with cute cuffed short sleeves! Split this with your BFF for $25 each!

1) ASOS Best Friends Partners in Crime Bracelets - perfect for the summer! Cheap and chic at $8 per person.

Go on, show your love for each other.

Editor: Kathleen