scorpio cuddling with the signs

aries: most likely leads to sex
taurus: warm and cozy, probably have some soft music in the background
gemini: gemini constantly moving and doesnt seem comfortable
cancer: teasing and falling asleep
leo: short cuddle session as you will probably end up making a joke
virgo: virgo will keep you entertained
libra: cuddly and long
scorpio: bondage
sagittarius: hugging but hard to feel connection
capricorn: watching a movie
aquarius: will play with your hair
pisces: content

leo cuddling with the signs

aries: *reaches down your pants*
taurus: aww i love youuu
gemini: dude can u not omg fOR REAL can u just like stop mOVING STOP
cancer: *cancer’s thoughts* omg do i smell ok i hope i smell ok
leo: not in the mood rn stop poking ur dick at me
virgo: talk about little things and how ur day has been
libra: ur so warm omg
scorpio: *teases*
sagittarius: hAHA i love youUU
capricorn: can we just like stop kissing and just cuddle
aquarius: lets fuck
pisces: *pisces wont stop talking*

Love shouldn’t be some great tragedy, nor should it be painful. I don’t want to die for each other like that silly play we read in high school. That’s too easy, too soon. That leaves too many words unsaid and memories that could have happened, but didn’t. Love should not be lamentation.
I want a love that lasts through the decades, highlighted by mornings waking up in your arms and nights with our legs tangled together between the sheets. Love should taste like that hot tea I drink every day, the cookies I bake in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep, and your toothpaste when you kiss me in the morning. Love should feel like kisses on the nose, the warmth of a coffee mug in your hands on a cold morning, the relief of sunlight on your face after a long winter, and that moment you finally finish that book you’ve been writing for over a year. Love should make you appreciate and find joy in the little things that make you happy.
—  Why die for each other when you can live for each other instead?

I’m having a rough night
Please stay with me
Your touch on skin calms my mind
Calms my soul
I trust you
More than I trust myself
I know
But my mind has a will of its own
Please stay with me
Your voice eases my anxiety
My shaking hands
I trust you
Still shaking
Hold me so I’m not alone
Tighten your fingers around mine
Protect me
I trust you
Over thinking
Going a mile a minute
Too much paranoia
Stay with me
I am quiet
You lay still
“What are you thinking?”
No reply
Stay with me
Quiver, shake, wrinkled brows
Your hold on me tightens
Kisses distract me
I become present
“What are you thinking?”

#7 Cuddling - Ashton.


Ashton had been at the studio pretty much the whole day, the boys have all been really busy writing their new album. You couldn’t be more excited to hear their new tracks, but now you were just waiting on Ashton to finally come home. It was about 10 PM when you were watching a tv show, but you got distracted by your phone lighting up. You got a text from Ashton.

From: Ashton

"Hey babe, I’m on my way home right now. See you in about 10 minutes :)"

10 minutes just gave you enough time, to change into a sexy outfit, it was about to go down tonight. You put on the sexiest set of lingerie that you could find in your closet and put on a satin gown over it. 

You were sitting on the couch when you heard Ashton come in through the door. 

"Babe, I’m home!" 

You made your way towards Ashton, put your hand on his chest. You began to kiss him and pulling him in, while he threw his bags on the ground. You pulled away from the kiss and dragged him upstairs. 

You were standing in your bedroom when the kissing got more intense, but you noticed Ashton wasn’t really feeling it. You pushed Ashton on the bed while you were crawling on top of him, slowly unbuttoning his pants. 

"Babe." Ashton softly said, but not in lustful way.

"Babe, stop." 

You looked up at him, with confused eyes.

"You look amazing, but I’m just so tired, it’s been a really long day." Ashton said.

With dissapointment in your eyes, your rolled off of him, laying next to him.

Ashton rolled to his side, so he was now facing you. “You just wanna cuddle, babe?” 

"Yeah." You moved closer to Ashton, your head was now resting on his chest. He stroked your hair while you were listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

"How was your day?" You asked him.

"Fun, we wrote with Alex today, I think we got about 2 songs done." He told you.

"That’s amazing, I’m so proud of you babe."

"Yeah, I can’t wait to hear the studio version." You could here the excitement in his voice.

"And how was your day?" Ashton asked.

"Kinda boring, mainly just watched tv."

"I’m sorry I’m not around a lot." Ashton apologized as he gave you a kiss on the top of your head.

"You don’t have to apolgize, I know you’re doing what you love, and that makes me happy." You looked up at Ashton.

"What if I take a day off tommorow and we go do something fun?" 

"That sounds fun." You said smiling.

"Deal." He said, as he kissed your head, once again.

The two of you slowy drifted off to sleep, still in the same position. 

You were almost sleeping when you heard Ashton whisper “I love you.”