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I just had an adorable idea. Little Kana has a nightmare and comes to his mama and papa for comfort. Could you do one with ryoma or Xander?

[How can you give me a prompt this cute and not expect me to do both]

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Ryoma: When he hears little Kana’s voice warbling from the floor, he’s the first one up. Whether it’s because of his training in shinobi ways or because not even your dragon ears can hear things when you’re asleep, he doesn’t know.

He leans over the bed to find Kana standing there, little blanket in hand and ears drooped with big, bubbly tears in his eyes.

“P-Papa?” He sounds so shaky and frightened it quickly draws his father from his drowsiness. “Papa, I-I had a…I had a bad dream.”

“A bad dream?” He echoes, glancing outside. It’s pitch black. “…I suppose you’re in need of some comfort from your mother and I.” He deduced, confirmed when Kana nodded vigorously. He squeezed the blanket tighter, looking very small.

“Y-yes please…” Kana mumbled, looking up at his father. Ryoma smiled softly at his youngest son. He silently leaned over the bed and wrapped his arm around Kana, lifting the little one up onto the bed. Kana wiggled in between you and Ryoma, turning into his father’s chest.

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Alexander and the Hurricane by omlwhatamidoing

It was raining. Rain was generally a good thing. It watered all of the plants, gave the children puddles to jump in, cleared the sky of smog, and put most people in a good mood. Yet, rain wasn’t very good for Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander has seen a lot in his seven years of life. His dad left him and his mom when he was just four years old. Two years later, a really bad storm, a hurricane hit his town. He remembered it all vividly even though he tried to block out all the memories. He remembered the howling winds, and the rain thundering down on the thin roof. He remembered the streets flooding, and him yelling for his mom. His mom would hold him. She almost died of a sickness, but she got over it. The hurricane was devastating. It had destroyed almost all the vegetation on the small island. It destroyed houses, it destroyed electrical wires. It destroyed people. He remembered going out in the streets and seeing people floating on their backs in the water. At first, he would try to talk to them, and then furrow his eyebrows once they didn’t respond. His mom had to break the news to him that they were dead. He was shocked to say the least.

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Captain’s Cuddle Puddle

because I promised @kyosuke-kugas a captain’s cuddle session and then @notsuchasecret said the magic words: cuddle puddle

Bokuto’s pretty sure that if anyone were to look at them they wouldn’t think that Sawamura would be the one to start, well, pretty much everything that gets started between the group as a whole.  Kuroo’s the crafty one.  Oikawa’s the challenging one.  Terushima’s the playful one.  Bokuto himself is energy personified.  Ushiwaka and Futakuchi are such opposites, Ushiwaka being so reserved and calm while Futakuchi is easy going and provocative, so you also wouldn’t think that anything that interests one would appeal to the other.

But here they all are.

Heaped together in a writhing pile of limbs.

All because of Sawamura Daichi.

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