Record cold could strike 'almost the entire US'
Forecasters expect the record-setting cold weather plaguing Alaska to spread to the rest of the United States in the coming week.

The climate is really going crazy. To the sisters in America, do take care! Stay warm! 

Happy Fryeday from gloomy Malaysia (the weather here has been cuckoo as well). I hope you are all well although, I can feel my body heating up. :( 


Shout out to sisters (and brothers) all over the world! 

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 favorite books.

Ah I’m so bad at choosing favorite books. I invariably will end up forgetting a bunch. So I’ll just list five books I’ve read a bunch of times because I like them

1. Rebecca
2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
3. Harry Potter series
4. Emma
5. Dandelion Wine


This week on Ten Paces and Draw is Legend of Zelda swap!!!!! For my sketch I ended up drawing Link battling the cuckoos and in return I got a similar sketch from another artist, almost half of us ended up drawing those things, haha! So instead of having them running away I decided to have him fight back, I know in the game I always tried to kill them hoping that one day I’d get one before being pecked to death… I may have gone crazy on the details in this one, hope you enjoy it all! I need to definitely make one of King Dodongo soon.

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Hey Guys!

My first post in who knows how long. 
I was working on this small personal project with simple ‘concept.’ I love birds, and I love looking at royalty and the romantic depiction of them so I put them together. (technically just slapping on crowns on all these birds)
Just  tried to design and depict everything as something lovely.

These were all digitally done. 
I’ll have a couple more pieces I’ve done for this project so I’ll post after I’ve taken nice pictures of them.