the fact that today is a travel day and we have to wait until tomorrow until the series resumes adds so much suspense and is frustrating as hell because it’s all i’m thinking about


So there’s this park right by my apartment that keeps on popping out Cubones. Everywhere else I get Drowsees, Rattatas, Pidgeys - y’know, the usuals, and the occasional random Horsea. But this park ALWAYS pops out Cubones no matter what. And then I realized they like to pop out in a specific area in this park.

So when I finally got my head out of my phone I realized a few things.

1. Cubone keeps showing up in the baseball field.
2. Cubones carry bone clubs.
Conclusion: Cubones are huge baseball fans/play baseball.

That was already funny cute enough, but then I also realized one thing.

I live in Chicago. Where the baseball team Cubs is a huge freaking deal. Like “everytime there’s a game the trains are packed near the stadium and there’s drunk blue people everywhere” huge deal.

Cubone. Cubs.

The people on the Pokemon GO team planted a colony of Cubones in a baseball park in Chicago and that cannot be a freaking coincidence. 

Oh what a time to be alive