Time to play Identify a Possible K-Pop Idol!!! :))
I’ve been sitting in the CUBE Cafe for a while, and these two really tall guys who I don’t recognize came in (a couple fangirls trailed behind them, so I assume they’re famous). They aren’t BEAST, so that leaves either BTOB or Pentagon? Is anyone a big enough fan of either who can identify them from their backs? :3

I walked past one of them, and he was like, “wow there are a lot of international fans here…” ㅋㅋㅋ


Some more ramen cubes… because why not… 

Upcoming: ramen sticker set, hopefully they will all arrive in the mail before I leave for study abroad! Enjoy some cube food. https://society6.com/sinistersquids

Due to popular demand the stickers are now available on Redbubble


I would recommend cutting out the stickers because die-cut stickers were not an option (why redbubble…)

Pois Vertigo (minimal) by Not a Knight Rider

This time I feel geometric! I used a “vertigo effect” and some super tele to achieve this sort of optical illusion. 
Note: this is the kind of animation one would do in Processing.
I wonder if Pi-slices, p5art or any other creative coder of Tumblr would like to give it a try (-: 


It’s new-animation-time! Megathanks to Egoraptor, Jacksepticeye and Haylizbeth for helping out! :D