613.5 - Cubchoo have a constant runny nose, which they use as the raw material for their ice moves. You can tell how healthy a Cubchoo is by examining the consistency of their snot. As these cubs age, they become considerably larger and more powerful, turning an all-white that will grant them better camouflage in their icy environment. A mature Cubchoo’s breath becomes so cold that its mucus will begin to freeze into icicles, which it can break off and use as a weapon as a last defense. 

Names: Cubchoo - Ursicle - Beartic

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Pokémon Pop (for my twitter friends)

Artist: Fa Magikal

I love twitter, so I make several exclusive drawings for my friends there. This time I decided to do a drawing with the style of the new promotion of the Pokémon Center Japan: Pokémon Pop, so I asked some of my friends to choose a Pokémon, some didn’t choose anything, but they make me happy so I put some pokémon that characterize it or they like anyway ;).

I accept commissions too.