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All designs by egregoredesign / Aristotle Pramagioulis

Primordial Reaper

First of the dead, this Primordial Reaper rules over the death of all life.

It silently floats to the corpses of fallen humans to transfer their souls to the next world.

Not much is known about this Old One, but it can often be seen on the battlefields of wars.



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Redditor IQuoteWhatILaughAt recently shared these photos of terrifyingly awesome Cthulhu pie that her friend made. Do not look into its blackberry eyes, for it will devour your sanity and then your soul before you can savor its sweetness. And be sure to make the Elder Sign before carving out a slice.

Want to learn how to make your own madness-inducing Cthulhu Pie? Click here for a tutorial video.

Cthulhu fhgtagn.

[via Bored Panda and Reddit]