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4 months ago, as you all know I signed a contract with a fellow friend and her company whitelabel.Social not knowing how shitty they are. Me being new to the LA life style. I started with 4 friends and tbh I needed all the friends I could. Now crystal seemed fucking amazing, she was fun, drama free etc.. She insisted we build up my profile online, and that’s what we did. I sit here with over 2k Twitter requests and over 6k followers here. Why? Because everything is lies. Crystal made me take credit for things, bad things such as exposing blogs/Twitter accounts, ones that have/had nothing todo with me. TGA, remember that? Well since I’m living under the name Lauren and not my real name, and the CO of that account is named Lauren, this was the perfect opportunity to get my name ‘Lauren Williams’ out in the open. That’s when my snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tumblr, became centre of attention.

I took credit of a blog that wasn’t mine, to get followers. Not knowing it would end in me being harassed at concerts, my number being leaked, restraining orders, hate and even ‘fans’.. But I was lead to believe all that was good. Because now I have 20+ friends irl, I have free concerts, whether it be 5sos, TSS, Halsey, ALT etc.. Because they’re now my friends. I also now get free products, including makeup, sugarbear hair (which is another post because I’m not aloud to write my HONEST opinion) I even get free meals, drinks at bars, that i get into although I’m 19 because of her.

TGA, WAS NOT ME! I was paid and manipulated to make people believe it was me. Now you may think I’m lying, that’s fine. But all I’ve done the last few days is receive asks, questioning me and TGA being the same person. I guess the real owner, owned up to having that blog? I’ve also proved myself time, and time again. Which isn’t something I want to do for the rest of my Social media life. And that’s going to grow more and more until I get out of my contract (this post will probably help me get out of it)

Being a 19 year old, new to LA with famous friends, a big house and all access to shows and events my life seems great. But my happiness is a lie, I’ve become the person crystal wants me to be, not the person i want to be. And I’m ready to start living as I want to.

Love me or hate me, I appreciate opinions, good or bad. I don’t want to live a hateful life with lies. I want to spread positivity as you all know!! But being under WLS it’s not going to happen.

I’m so sorry I lied about being TGA to get followers, looking back it was a stupid idea, and I hate the person I’ve become. Money orientated, Drunk, unhappy this is not who I am!! I’m unbelievably sorry and I wish there is a way to make it up to you!

I’m ready to live as me, with my friends, happy..

I love you all :)


I feel so bad for this girl tbh

*Luke and Arzaylea* *Ashton and Bryana* *Possibly Michael and Crystal* Ashton, Luke, and Michael girls: *all look at Calum’s lane* Calum girls:

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how old is crystal leigh?? What's going on between her and michael?

Crystal is 32. 

She has a boyfriend named Spencer Peterson, his instagram is @spncr and he is in a band, if she cheated on him they wouldn’t be good and they still follow each other on instagram and twitter and like each others posts, crystal liked some of his like yesterday and he tagged her in one of his posts recently. She has been with him for over 4 years, they have dogs together, live together and she wouldn’t throw that away for a fling 

She has been in the music industry for years and does alot of stuff with social media and branding. She used to work for interscope records and recently created her own music company called  they manage brian logan dales and roy english. Being in the industry has given her many celebrity clients and friends and she has never gone for any of them. Her job is in PR and she’s supposed to generate publicity and clean up acts/social media presence, i doubt she would want to ruin this with cheating scandals lol. Her name is Crystal Lauderdale, she is not a hookup!!! She works with them 

Crystal considers Brian Logan Dales to be like her little brother and he’s older than Michael. 

She went to Bali because she organised the trip, the same with the deadpool viewing, she does it because it’s her job.

Friends can share clothes, Halsey has worn Michaels clothes before and they were not dating

and for those saying they live together, they don’t! Crystal lives with Spencer, Aubrey Weight and Shayla Mghee 

hope that clears things up a little!!


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missing | part one

part two

calum + reader
word count: 1131

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: calum is mia on the most important night of your life


I paced back and forth outside the art gallery, my phone pressed to my ear.

“Hi! This is Calum, I’m not here right-” I let out a cry of frustration and ended the call before his voicemail could finish. I’d already left him 8 messages, another one wasn’t going to change the fact that he was MIA on the most important night of my life.

“(Y/N)?” I turned to look at the organiser of the exhibition and my boss. “We’re ready for the reveal.” She told me.

“Right, okay, yea.” I nodded, smoothing down the crisp, white button-up I had on and walked back into the building.

We walked past a crowd of people, the public and art critics alike, to the front where a board was covered with a large grey tarp.

I took a few deep breaths as my boss took her place next to the board and I took mine on the other end. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, thank you all for coming to..” The rest of the night passed in a blur. 

I shook hands with many people I didn’t know, told the story of how I got inspired to make my artwork a thousand times over to so many different people, took a couple pictures in front of my artwork and declined offers to buy my artwork.

Before I knew it, I was home, relieved to kick off the awful heels I had to put on for the occasion and stepping into the shower.

I’d almost forgotten about Calum. Almost. As much as I wanted to forget the fact that he didn’t show up on the most important night of my life without so much of an explanation, the thought stayed in my mind and hung on my heart, leaving a lump in my throat I couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard I tried.

I stepped out of the shower and headed for the bed immediately, burying myself under the covers. My eyes were too heavy to stay open and I willed myself to sleep so I wouldn’t think of him any longer.

Before I could fall asleep properly, I heard the front door open. Heavy footsteps running toward the bedroom followed. The door swung open and Calum stood in the doorway, hesitating as he saw my lying figure in bed, the covers over my face, just a crack of my eyes showing above it. 

He sheepishly made his way to the bed and as he got closer, I noticed the bags under his eyes. “Hey baby.” He greeted me, his voice sounding unsure.

Rolling my eyes, I lifted the covers completely over my head, choosing not to respond to him. 

I heard him sigh and the bed shifted as he clambered over to his side of the bed and got under the covers with me.

Wrapping his arms around my waist, he nuzzled his nose into my neck. “I’m sorry, baby, I really am.”

I continued to give him the silent treatment.

“Can you just talk to me? Let me explain.” He waited for my response but I didn’t give him one.

He sighed again, but decided to explain anyway. “The boys and I wanted to go out and celebrate the last day of tour and we ended up staying out later than I’d planned and I slept through my alarm this morning and missed my flight but I promise you I got the next one out and it was supposed to land 30 minutes before your gallery thing but then it got delayed and I swear to you I tried to change flights so I could be here on time but there weren’t any other options.”

When he finished his explanation, he waited for me to turn around but I didn’t.

“Did you hear me? I really tried.” 

I scoffed at his pathetic attempt at justifying his actions.

“I did!” I could sense a hint of annoyance in his voice at my reaction.

“I already apologised, what more do you want me to do?” I didn’t respond.

“(Y/N), I’m serious.” I still kept my mouth shut.

I felt him turn onto his back and sigh. “What’s the big fucking deal? It’s not like you come to all my shows.”

At that, I turned around, looking at him in disbelief. “Excuse me? I go to plenty. All I wanted was for you to come to this one, just one gallery exhibition and you couldn’t even give me that and your excuse is that you were too hungover and slept in and missed your flight.”

“I’m here now, aren’t I?” He was definitely truly annoyed at that point.

That was the issue with Calum and I. We both carried too much pride to ever back down on the other. Apologies were a rarity when it came to the two of us - we’d rather continue fighting than admit defeat.

But Calum’s apology was hardly an apology. Admittedly, he did say he’d tried to get flights out so he would be on time but he wouldn’t have had to do any of that if he’d just woken up and not missed his flight in the first place.

“That’s not the fucking point. You were supposed to be at the gallery with me.” I cried out. “But nooo, you just had to go out and party, didn’t you?”

“It was the last day of an eight-month tour, I think I deserve a night out. This isn’t all about you, (Y/N), let me live, will you? I can’t just up and leave whenever you want me to.” 

I was boiling mad at this point. Every sentence that came out of his mouth was utter bullshit. His excuses drove me insanely mad, especially the fact that he didn’t think he was in the wrong.

I sat up, not able to taking his bullshit lying down - aha i made a funny. “We planned this weeks ago! All you had to do was get up and get on the plane as planned. I wasn’t asking you to leave in the middle of a show to get here!I was raising my voice at that point.

Calum rolled his eyes, something I was starting to find really annoying. “Give me a break, I didn’t come home to be yelled at.”

I opened my mouth to clap back but decided it wasn’t worth it. Swinging my legs off the bed, I pulled a duffle bag from our closet and stuffed as many essentials as I could into it while Calum watched silently.

When I was done, I turned to storm out of the room. Before i did, I turned to him. “Call me when you’re done being an asshole. Then we’ll talk.”

I slammed the door behind me, and left.


a/n: ahhh!!! i finally got around to writing!!! i’m so sorry it’s been almost a month since i last posted any writing guys but i hope the wait was worth it - probably not. 
let me know if you want part two!
and if you want to be notified when part two is up, drop me an ask asking for part two and i’ll answer it when part two comes up!

You’ll Be Safe


hi would you write an imagine where y/n gets an anxiety attack while michael is on stage but the backstage people don’t tell him because he’s in the middle of a show but when he sees her after and she tells him why her makeup is smeared and she’s sad he gets pissed and it’s all fluff??? sorry this is so so long! ily

Michael x Reader

Triggers; anxiety, heartbreak

Please read at your own risk about things as serious as anxiety attacks and feelings of depression. I frequently have panic attacks and so this writing about them is coming personally from me. If you have triggers, then I have other stories if you’d like to read them. Remember, you all are shining lights in this world, and if you’re in pain, I’m always here to talk. Ok, on to the story.

Watching Michael on stage was always the highlight of me visiting him on tour. The way his hands moved flawlessly on his guitar, the way the veins in his neck protruded when he sang higher and more powerful notes, and the way he always put his sweat, blood, and tears into every show. Lately the fans have been cheering on the guys to the point where they all cry, and I’ve seen a few tears slip Mikey’s eyes since. It’s an honor to stand here while a legend is going out on stage every night doing what he loves and making people happy about it. And I’m proud to say that legend is now mine.

However, I’m not the only one here for Michael. His ex fling Crystal is still here on tour with them. For a reason that I don’t know, but she sticks around the guys all the time and won’t go back home, but will stay here and follow them around. Even when I go back home, she stays, making sure to try and move in on Michael. I trust him though, and I know that what they had is done, because well, he met me. She often sends me death stares from the backstage couch while the show is going on, and will whisper something in Arzaylea’s ear, both of them looking at me, and proceed to laugh very obnoxiously. It makes me nervous, and it makes my heart beat faster and my skin start to burn up. I could feel my face heating and the feeling of vomit building up in my throat. Quite often I get anxiety attacks. Not just because of her and Arzaylea, but because she triggers feelings inside of me that I tried to suppress when I was in high school. I was bullied everyday, from the timeI walked into the school by the time my car was out of the perimeter. Girls would spit in my face and laugh at me down the hall, one girl even beat me up in the bathroom and it ended with me lying on the tile floor with a bloody nose and busted lip. Boys would often call me ugly, weird, and fat. And sometimes even push up against the lockers or dump their food and drink on me. They hurt me so bad that I ended up dropping out of high school my senior year and did it online, which in my opinion was the best decision I had ever made for myself.

When I met Michael, all those feelings of isolation and being unloved went away. He made me feel like I was a part of something, that I was needed, and that someone finally cared about me and stuck with me despite what others said about me, and the mistakes I’ve made. He accepted me, and then, fell in love with me. As I smiled at him on stage singing his heart and lungs out as ‘Jet Black Heart’ started, I felt another presence behind me. A tap on my shoulder, and I turned around to be faced with my worst enemy.

“You know he still loves me right?” She tried caressing my hair but I smacked her hand away, with a disgusted face and turned back to watching Michael. I heard her chuckle, but my actions didn’t stop her, and she proceeded to talk in my ear.

“He only got with you because he felt sorry for you, because he knew about your whole high school drama that went down, and the reason why all the kids hated you.” I felt the fimilar feeling of burning in my skin start again, and my vision and hearing began to fade slowly, remembering the terrible memories.

“I know all about it too you know. How you slept with some guy you barely even knew at a party, and he ended up getting you pregnant. So you decided to abort it, and that’s why everybody bullied you so bad. Because you’re a slut, because you’re a sleep around, and you’re unsafe and gross. Michael knows it too, he’s just waiting until you’re better again. So why don’t you get out of here while you still can, and stop embarassing yourself. Your baby is probably up there right now seeing how big of a whore her mother is-“ and with that I shoved her, so hard she hit the ground and bashing her head into the floor. I felt my food I had eaten earlier start to come back up again, and I ran straight for the bathroom. In Michael’s dressing room bathroom, I began puking profusely, missing the toilet a couple times because it kept coming out. It was almsot as if the emotions I had hidden deep within myself was now coming back out all at once and it was a lot. My face was burning red, while my eyes cried out enough water to fill a swimming pool. My forehead pounded on all sides, making me begin to vomit more. As I held onto the toilet, I thought about the moment I found out that fuckboy of a jock roofied me, had sex with me, and didn’t even have the decency to wrap himself up. Nobody believed me when I told them that, and the next day when I threw up in the middle of class, everybody knew that I was pregnant. I was called every bad name in the book, and that’s when it all started.

This was how my body reacted to that, it put itself in anxious mode, and tried to physically let it all out, ergo the vomitting, crying, etc. Everyone, including Arz and Crystal, know of my anxiety attacks, and so I’m guessing this is Crystal’s way of making me leave the tour. She might just get her wish.

For what seemed like hours I sat with my back against the bathroom door, huffing and puffing trying to control my breathe, while my hands and legs shook making it hard to sit still. I kept crying, even when I told myself to stop I just couldn’t. I kept checking the time making sure I would look okay when Michael came off stage so he wouldn’t worry about me. He tends to get a little upset when I get like this, definitely not because of my anxiety attacks alone, but because he’s upset with himelf for not being there enough to stop them. I could never blame him for not being able to calm me down fast enough, anxiety is not easy to kill.

I heard harsh banging coming from the door about a half hour later, my breathing and crying still going on. I quickly got up on my shaking legs to open the door, and saw my beautiful man with fear in his eyes ready to pull me into him. My legs immediately gave out, and he caught me into his chest, rubbing my back. I continued to cry into his sweat stained muscle tank.

“Baby, baby what’s going on. Is this another anxiety attack?” He asked frantically, but my only response was a nod, too choked up to say anything.

“Hey, hey hey it’s going to be okay, you just need to tell me what happened ok.” He sat me back down on the floor, and pulled me into his lap. He brought his shirt up my face to wipe the flowing tears, and I swallowed down the vomit still wanting to come back up.

“C-Crystal…mentioned m-my preg…pregnancy…my abor-abortion…I couldn’t, I couldn’t take it Michael!” It was so hard for me to speak, my breathe not even coming out anymore, but only sharp short breathes. Michael punched the wall behind us, leaving me on the ground huddled into myself.

“That’s it, I’m kicking her off the tour. She has no right you were drugged! And that guy didn’t even have the mentality to put a condom on knowing damn well he’d get you pregnant!” He began walking out of the room, before I grabbed his arm to stop him. Still on shakey knees, I stood up.

“Just, take me to the bus first. I need to get out of here.”

Michael laid me down in his bunk, with more blankets and pillows to keep me comfortable. He also brought me a pad and pencil, knowing I like to draw to keep my mind occupied after an attack. He was currently making tea for me as well.

“I’m going to kick her off. She isn’t even a friend to me or the guys anymore, only to Arzaylea, but that’s not enough for me to want her here. You’ll be safe ok. Just draw and wait for me here to get back. Text me if you need anything.” And he kissed my forehead before disappearing off the bus. Hearing the sound of the bus being packed, and feeling the smoke rise out of the tea, I began drawing mindlessly. I was still feeling insanely sick, but for now, everything was dying down and I was starting to feel something I haven’t in a long time. Good.


just wanted to write this post because there’s been a few rumours about michael dating crystal leigh, and obviously we are all well aware of luke and arzaylea. but please don’t worry your little heads about 5sos dating people please- sure it’s okay to not like the people they date, sometimes you just get a bad vibe about someone or whatever. but luke is the same old luke, he’s just grown up a little cause he is no longer 17 years old and a lover of penguins. michael will always be the same old michael, aight?? he will never change no matter who he dates, and 5sos will never stop appreciating and loving as fans no matter who they date! y'all just gotta let 5sos be happy, okay? and stop trying to get so invested in their personal lives!! the music is the reason why we should /all/ be here in this fandom right now, and if you’re not then take a moment to re-evaluate yourself. worry about yourself more! stop putting all of your time in worrying about 5sos, they’re grown men, they don’t need a bunch of teenage fans coming at them for who they date, honestly. eventually, they’re all going to fall in love, maybe get married to somebody special, and we’re all gunna be there for them enjoying their happiness! plus don’t forget- just because 5sos are seen with a girl, does NOT mean they are dating!! you don’t know 5sos personally, you can’t just assume who they’re romantically inclined with ok?? men and women can be JUSt friends please try to stop being extra ok thnx for reading

Michael & Crystal Leigh


This is a very long post, but covers a lot of questions (with pictures). Best suited for those that don’t know what the hell is happening. I don’t want anyone to spend 30 years scrolling past it, so i’m inserting a keeping reading. If you have quesions, comments, etc. feel free to message me. 

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The Truth

There has been alot of debate and speculation into who this Crystal Leigh person is that has been seen recently with 5sos so let me tell you the truth about who she really is from someone she has previously hurt. 

First let me tell you a little bit about her that is purely factual. She has worked in the industry for many years. She previously worked at Interscope as well as a PR firm. She did All Time Low’s PR. Her best friend is Meagan Camper whom is dating Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and has a child with him. Her boyfriend is Spencer Peterson, he was originally the drum tech for Cobra Starship and then also played percussion for them. While Fall Out Boy was on hiatus Spencer was the drum in Pete’s band Black Cards.

Now onto the things that everyone is missing that she has done and why she is a terrible person. Her career is PR and what she has done to help further her friend’s modeling careers is basically prostitution. Crystal basically pimps her friends out to celebrities to boost their profile. She’s gotten very good at this. Let’s start with her best friend Meagan. Prior to being with Pete Wentz she dated Dane Cook, whom is 17 years older than her. Excellent PR strategy by Crystal because it got Meagan’s name out there a little but not quite to the level she wanted. Hmmm what is Crystal going to do about that? The answer is this is when Crystal started dating Spencer, see not as obvious shes trying to be a fame whore when she dated someone that’s not famous but has a ton of famous friends. Which of Spencer’s friends just went through a very high-profile divorce and the first person he dates after his marriage will end up being seen and photographed by paparazzi? That’s right Pete Wentz. Crystal orchestrated the whole relationship between Pete and Meagan so that her friends modeling career would take off. The way she does it these men don’t even get that they are being fooled. I would like to note that though I can say with complete certainty that this is exactly how that relationship started I do believe that they have real feelings for each other now but thats neither here nor there.

Now let’s move on to someone else Crystal has pimped out. Can you guess who? That’s right Bryana Holly. Bryana is a model that worked for playboy. (Yes she worked for playboy no matter how much she tries to say she didn’t the pictures are out there.) So we have a young model that needs to get her name out there so who better to pimp her out to than someone associated with the Kardashians. That’s right Crystal sets Bryana up with Brody Jenner to get her name out there and it worked. Who else should Crystal try to hook up Bryana with? How about a super famous actor known for sleeping with models and only models much much younger than him? Yes that’s right Leonardo DiCaprio. This was all fine when Bryana was a nude model working for Playboy but now she wants to try to be more mainstream so what happens next. Crystal sets up Bryana with Ashton Irwin whom they met because of Crystal working for All Time Low. Crystal completely brainwashed Ashton into thinking that Bryana was one of the only people in his life that liked him for him. I also am not faulting Bryana at all because its pretty obvious Crystal had brainwashed her and was using her as well.

One of the other major things Crystal does is uses her clients or “friends” names to get all expenses paid vacations for herself. You think Bali was the first time she did that? Think again. I’m not sure of all of the examples of her doing this so I’ll tell you the two times I know of that she did this. Once was a trip to Mexico. She went to Mexico with Jack Barakat from All Time Low and a few other people that I don’t remember. Everything was paid for as long as Crystal got all the famous people to post constantly about the trip with the full name of the resort. Now on to the best explain of her using people for a free vacation, the one that made most people reading this realize who she is, the Bali trip.

Crystal did in fact organize the whole Bali trip but why when 5SOS are not her clients? Because she wanted a super expensive trip for her and her friends and in order to get that she needed people to go that had name recognition and a ton of followers. I will state right now I do not believe any member of 5SOS understands how shady this whole thing was. Crystal got everything paid for mostly by the creators of the Ponder app. Is that fact really that shocking? Why when there are so many other picture sharing platforms that everyone on the trip was already using would they decide to post most of the pictures from this trip on a brand new app called Ponder? That’s right because they had to since that is who paid for the trip. The trip to Bali wasn’t even really a vacation for anyone except Crystal and her friends everyone else was required to update the app and tell people on other social media to go check out their pictures there. Notice how each time they changed where they were staying the ENTIRE name of the resorts were mentioned? That would be because they were advertising for the resorts. How often when you are on vacation do you say a whole name of a resort? You probably just abbreviate it but nope not when you are being giving free rooms for talking about how awesome it is.

Some of you at this point maybe thinking I’m insane but I ensure you I am not. I also work in the industry and have seen these things first hand. There are many other things I believe she has done but because I personally don’t have first-hand experience I am not going to spread things that could be false. 

At this point you are probably asking yourself why I hate Crystal so much so I will tell you one of the things she did to me. I also work in the industry and several years ago she stole my work and passed it off as her own. We were working at the same place at the time. Since then we have never worked at the same place but our paths have crossed and we have worked for people that are associated. 

I have my ask box open so feel free to ask me about these things. 

PSA for 5SOS Fans

Stop telling fans they have to like their girlfriends

That has nothing to do with how their music makes them feel.

Stop telling fans they have to support who they date. 

That has nothing to do with supporting the music they create for us.

Stop telling fans that they should be happy that the boys are happy.

That is not how happiness works for everyone.  

Stop focusing so much on why people do or don’t like their girlfriends.

That has nothing to do with being a fan of their musical talent. 

No one gets to dictate whether someone is a good fan based off of these factors. So quick trying to negatively label them as such and let fans have their opinions. They don’t have to be replicas of yours.