Calums Birthday Party Tea

Arzaylea was very quiet when at the party and  stuck to Luke as ppl she did not like were there and apparently this resulted in her leaving early.

Ashton basically tried to square away from Ivy because once again she was asked to tone it down by him

Michael & Crystal were holding hands cause whatever was supposed to happen with Calum & Nia didn’t

Michael originally wanted to attend the party alone and not with Crystal

Calum apparently did his best last night to avoid Nia and the PR didn’t happen as planned (Which sometimes happens)

Two arguments and a pyshcial fight almost went down at the party

The one argument was between Ashton and a guy there (not a member of 5SOS, I’ll keep the guys name to myself to avoid you guys attacking him)

The other argument was between Arzaylea and Luke over them leaving and they settled on just her Leaving before Luke

Michael got into a bit of a confrontation as well with Crystal as he didn’t want to do PR last night because of it being  Calums birthday he just wanted to enjoy it

Yes, Apparently at the party ppl were using drugs (I’m not listing names..Mitchy as well as others)

A few people ended up staying the night Ashtons because ppl got so wasted

Ashton was the one who helped throw the party and everything

All of Calums friends got him beer as a part of his presents (So he is basically set for a while on beer)

Crystal apparently told Michael she felt uncomfortable being at the party because Mikey kept trying to go away from her

I could go on but this is all I am sharing for now..Hope this is enough :)

Mikey & Crystal tea 🐸🍵

👵 The pr originally started in Bali

👵 Mikey did not post the video of him and Crystal on new years pr or management did

👵 The pr stresses Mikey out

👵 Mikey and Crystal dont like going places alone that is why they always have friends with them whenever They go on “vacation”

👵 Originally the pr was only scheduled to the end of the tour and got extended

👵 Crystal likes another guy not mikey

👵 Crystal doesnt mind the pr but mikey is tired of it

👵 When Mikey went to Crystal family for thanksgiving he did not stay with them he stayed In a hotel

👵 Crystal and Mikey do not live together it is just made to seem that way (Mikey lives alone and Crystal has roomates)

👵 Crystal and Mikey do have disagreements over the pr and once Crystal said in a argument she wishes they had given her pr with one of the other guys instead of mikey

👵 Mikey hates that fans get so upset over the pr and says he wishes he could hug everyone upset over it and tell them its Ok and not real

👵 Mikey and Crystal are friends in reaI life but nothing more

👵 Crystal can be very controlling over the pr situation

👵 Any outings of m and c where fans spot them or pics happen are staged and done on purpose and planned out by pr

👵 Mikey requested to pr to let him spend Xmas alone and with his family

👵 In the next few months the m and c pr Will be pushed more so as it will be ending in a few months

*Luke and Arzaylea* *Ashton and Bryana* *Possibly Michael and Crystal* Ashton, Luke, and Michael girls: *all look at Calum’s lane* Calum girls:

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PSA for 5SOS Fans

Stop telling fans they have to like their girlfriends

That has nothing to do with how their music makes them feel.

Stop telling fans they have to support who they date. 

That has nothing to do with supporting the music they create for us.

Stop telling fans that they should be happy that the boys are happy.

That is not how happiness works for everyone.  

Stop focusing so much on why people do or don’t like their girlfriends.

That has nothing to do with being a fan of their musical talent. 

No one gets to dictate whether someone is a good fan based off of these factors. So quick trying to negatively label them as such and let fans have their opinions. They don’t have to be replicas of yours.  

Mikey Tea 🍵🐸🍵🐸

➖ Michael is currently single

➖ Michael and Crystal are Pr

➖ Michael does not like Arzaylea

➖ Michael and Luke do NOT currently live together (Arzaylea kept coming over too much and slowly moving her shit in resulting in a falling out between Mikey and Luke and Mikey eventually did move out and now lives alone)

➖ Michael and Crystals pr does have an end date (i will not say the date just in case it gets extended but right now there is no talk of extending the Pr contracts)

➖ Mikeys not a huge fan of hey violet and doesn’t like the members of the band

➖ Mikey does not see Crystal as anything but a friend

➖ Mikey has had the most groupies in the band aside from Calum and Luke

➖ Mikey has cheated in the past and has been cheated on

➖ Mikeys last girlfriend (not really serious) was over a year ago (she wasn’t famous or well known)

➖ Mikey does have a personal Twitter and instagram that do not include his actual name and do not include anything band related in the usernames

➖ Mikey deleted his personal snapchat

➖ Mikey at times does wish he had more privacy because of his anxiety

im happy as hell doode

GUYS MICHAEL FINALLY LIKE CAME OUT PUBLICLY ABT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH CRYSTAL AND IM CRYING BECAUSE ITS SO BEAUTIFUL, and i know we all have different opinions on this relationship but we all need to be supportive of him and his decisions aND PLUS THIS ADORABLE LIL KITTEN LOOKS HAPPY AS HECK