I didn’t want to re-type all that. So any way not only did he do those things but he also went into Lars body and a Watermelon Persons body. Stevens powers obviously have to do with the Mind and Emotions. If he’s not feeling/thinking right, his powers don’t always work right. So if he could go into a Gems mind could he do all the same things? Control and heal? Fix Centi and other Diamond Damaged Gems completely!? Theories people!!!

gem colors and meanings

it seems like the gemstone color influences the gems personality. thats why i made a chart about what the gem color stands for based on rebecca sugars response to a question about what gem connie would be; she said connie would be a teal gem because shed be diplomatic like a blue gem but also take action but i cant find the interview anywhere.

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of course this is just a collection of assumptions based on the meanings of certain colors and gems weve seen so far (fusions not included).

EDIT: found the question!

Once i had a dream where yellow diamond had pearl as a hostage and was questioning her about crystal gems and the rebellion. But pearl just answered with a careless, cheerful tone:

“How could i know any of these important details? I’m just a pearl.”

And yellow diamond was just

“Fair enough.”

And that’s how pearl got away with it. By playing the role she was used to in homeworld.

On Fusion

I think the hardest thing to grasp about fusion is that the fusions themselves are their own people. Garnet isn’t just Ruby+Sapphire. She’s just Garnet. And the way that makes the most sense when I think about it is if you think about it in a numeric way.

Say Ruby is the number 5, and Sapphire is 3. Putting them together you get 8! 8 is a whole new number. You don’t refer to it as “5+3″, you refer to it as 8. It has it’s own properties and it’s own rules associated.

Course this metaphor isn’t perfect, cause numbers are more complicated than that, but I thought it was a good way to think of it.