Okay I have finally figured out why Nancy Wheeler looks so damn familiar even though Stranger Things is the first thing I’ve seen her in.

It’s cuz if Crystal Reed

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and Emmy Rossum

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had daughter.

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She would look like Natalia Dyer.

So to help with the hiatus Creations of Teen Wolf is doing a “hiatus help” where we post our content under banners with fics, edits, fan videos, interviews we like, scenes we like, and our own work, alongside anything else other members want to add! This is my banner! I am Amirah, the mun of the blog and also @allineedcd


Good Together -  Stiles and Theo hold their first pack meeting at their house and their new born is acting up but they don’t know what’s wrong

All the Secrets of October - Stydia (one shot) Essentially, Stiles and Lydia are in love in October but they’re relationship is a secret. 

Worthy - Theo Raeken & his birth mom (one shot) Theo runs into his birth mother after being saved from “hell” and a lot angst and sadness ensues- a lot of character analysis regarding Theo’s character 

Wait Again - Stiles + Male OC (one shot) Stiles is very Bisexual and all the wolves + Kira know, but Stiles practically confirms it while they’re all out to dinner and a cute waiter decides Stiles is the highlight of his night (and Stiles isn’t disappointing) 

When the South Met the North - Mainly Stydia but has multi character side plots going on (multi chapter, status incomplete) This is my pride and joy- Period drama, lots of drama, like you can sip tea to this story but also get your fill of fluff. This is the best thing I’ve ever written/am writing, invest some time into it!! 

Not Without Lydia - Stydia (drabble) (Warning: Major Character death) Lydia Dies and Stiles goes out of his freaking mind

Crazy Bastard - Steo (drabble-ish) This is just a hilarious attempt at a steo mob boss au based in the 1920′s 

Residents of the Sea - Stydia (multi chapter, status incomplete) Stiles needs a friend when he has none and the only person he has is the new girl that lives next door from france 

Not Just a Girl - Stydia (one shot) Stiles is a popular guy and Lydia is the not so popular girl and they’re dating (secretely) then she gets bullied for it

Over a cup of Coffee - Stydia (series: how I imagined it) Lydia thinks she’s beingn ignored when she catches Stiles alone in the back of a cafe 

What about us? - Stydia (series: How I imagined it) Lydia only wants to make Stiles a little jealous but ends up causing a bit of heat between them but ends in fight that ends in resolve

Pomp and Circumstance - Stiles / Brett and later Stydia (multichapter, status: hiatus) Teachers!AU, lydia hates the new teacher Mr. Stilinski, he thinks he’s all that but Stiles is just trying to get by in life with his roommate Chase and his new boyfriend Brett, he doesn’t mean any harm. That is until they both end up falling

You don’t want that - Stydia tuck everlasting au (multichapter, status: Hiatus) Stiles, Scott and the rest of their family have been alive for 144 years after an incident regarding a “live forever” water spring in the woods. On a trip back home, the boys and Melissa bump into a sweet thing of 16 and Stiles just wants somebody to love- except he can’t have something that he knows will wither away. 

Tell me about your drawings - Stydia (series: Discovering M. Stilinski) Lydia wants to know more about Stiles, and ends up learning a little something

M. Autenberg - Teen Wolf RPF about Stiles’ Grandfather and the Magic World (one shot) (warning: takes place in Nazi Germany) I’ve got the magic in me.mp3 

Scent of Tea on the Train - Stiles & Claudia Stilinski (one shot) Stiles has a dream with the recollection of a memory of the time him and his mother took one of the older trains up to see his grandmother, she was drinking tea and sitting in a sun dress. Stiles and Claudia have a talk. 

I was Always a fighter - Stydia (ish?) , Stiles + Male OC, Lydia + Female OC, a lot of OC’s tbh (status: hiatus) Stiles and Lydia are both going to school in New York City, trying to move on with life, make new friends, heal from the wounds they have earned. 


Everything has changed - Stallison siblings fic! Takes place in season 2 

Kitchen Kisses - Steo kisses in the kitchen 

Stydia too good edit pt 1

Stydia too good edit pt 2

Stydia too good edit pt 3

Steo harley quinn / joker edit 

Core Four Which Witch gif set

Raeken Theory 2.0 - a fic preview of a future theo based fic!

Raeken Theory 2.0 - another preview of the future theo fic


Under the Same Sun - Stydia Mermaid AU by quandtuesla (really long but SO WORTH IT! This is beautifully written, perfectly put together, I love it love it love it) 

Serial Thief - a hilarious Stydia One shot, literally this thing is hilarious by Martinskki

Thieves who Rob us Blind - Kid!Sciles fic by SunSpell80 , this is the cutest thing ever! Scott is afraid that Stiles who prefer Lydia as his best friend

Kiss My Red - Steo drabble by Raelinski (my favorite steo writer!) This is just really adorable?? Also Theo reciting Shakespeare (I think it’s Shakespeare) is my aesthetics 

It’s okay - Sciles by ficmewrong - really kind of sad Sciles fic that takes place in 401, Stiles is tortured and Scott is forced to watch

Friday I’m in Love - Stallison and Stydia double date by stydia_fanfics this is really sweet! I really liked this one for multiple reasons: well written, quirky, fun, lovable and sort of cliche. It was just something I enjoyed reading- Also Stallison! I love Stallison

Don’t forget me - Stydia by dreamworld097 their take on the “you’ll forget me” scene that will happen in 601

Know Better - multichapter fic for single parent!Stydia au by @you-make-me-wander really it is the sweetest thing! I really enjoy reading this and every update that it has is just a joy. You should invest some time into this one! 


Teen Wolf Gets Schooled

Memorable Cast moments (interview)

The 2016 SDCC panel! 

Cody Christian : x , x , x , x , x 

Tyler Posey : x , x , x , x

SPRAYBABY : x , x , x

Dylan O’Brien : x , x , x , x , x , x ,

Holland Roden : x , x , x , x , x 

Crystal Reed :  x , x . x , x , x


Stydia : x , x , x , x , x 

Stiles Stilinski : x , x , x

Sciles : x , x , x , x 

Scira : x 

Stiles Stilinski - Torture

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Request (Anon) : Can you do one with stiles and the reader where the two of them get kidnapped and stiles has to watch you get tortured but the ending is happy? Like he saves you or what ever you feel like, but make it fluffy, pleaseeeee, your imagines are the best!! ❤️❤️ 

Quick Author’s note before I start this imagine: I’M NOT DEAD!!! I just got back from Vacation actually. I know you guys probably hate me. And I hate writing this. But (i have amazing grammar, starting sentences with and and but..) I really want to keep writing and recently I have realllllyyyyyy wanted to get back on my laptop and finish your requests so I can get more, and maybe open up ships again. Again, please don’t hate me, and to the anon that requested this, I’m going to make it EXTRA FLUFFLE FLUFFY just to make it up to you. (And SUPEr dramatic…)

     The sound of the alarm on your phone was hazy at first, and then suddenly, your senses cleared up, and you took in your surroundings. Reaching out to the bedside table, you slapped your hand around until it found the snooze button. You flipped your position to the other side, and cuddled into your boyfriend, Stiles, who had stayed the night.

     10 minutes later, when your alarm went off again, you grabbed your phone and checked the time. Luckily, you wouldn’t be running late today. After texting your dad, who was off on a business trip, and scrolling through social media, you got out of bed and woke up Stiles. 

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      The school day was finally over. Happily, you ran over to Stiles and hugged him. 

     “Hey Y/N,” He said through your hair.

     “I have to pick up (sister/brother’s name) from (sport or hobby they do), but we can study for the health test after that,” You said.

     “Sure,” he replied. “Just call me when you’re done,” He said, smiling.

     “Okay,” you said, walking out the doors of the school.       

      Getting into your car, you put the address that (sister/brother’s name) had texted you into your maps app. 

     After a while the streets began getting a little less familiar, and a little more lonely. It had just began to get dark, and the sun was creeping down from the sky. You pulled into a warehouse - ish area, which you knew was not where (brothers/sister’s name’s) practice was, but you were curious, as your sibling had insisted that it was the right address. It was probably some kind of joke, but you were curious.

     (She/He) had said that it was in the big building, and you began walking up to it. You entered the dark room, and suddenly, a pair of hands blindfolded your view, and another pair stuffed a cloth in your mouth. Between the fingers, there were spaces that you could see, and suddenly light streamed through the spaces. The hands came off your eyes, and you blinked to adjust to the light. 

     You could see Stiles sitting in the corner of the warehouse, pulling against his restraints, and you one of the men told you to stand up. You did as you were told, afraid of what would happen next. They pushed you to the center of the room, and pulled out something that crackled with electricity - tasers. You tried to tell them to stop, but the sound came out muffled because of the cloth in your mouth. Tears ran down your face, and you could see that Stiles was trying even harder to get out of his restraints, screaming against the cloth in his mouth.

     You realized what was going on - this person was out to get Stiles, and was torturing him by forcing him to watch you being tortured. 

     The men pressed the tasers into your side, causing you to scream in pain. Your eyes were closed, with tears rapidly falling down your cheeks, and you felt another jolt of electricity pass through you as the men zapped you. Your senses began to fade out, and you didn’t hear anything as, breathing heavy, you waited for the next blow. It never came. Instead, you felt somebody take the cloth out of your mouth and carry you somewhere.

     You woke up in Stiles’ bed. Opening your eyes, you squinted at the light. 

     “You’re awake,” He said.

     You didn’t say anything. You began to cry and he quickly pulled you in for a hug. You didn’t ask him about what happened after you blacked out, just hugged him tighter, and suddenly, your lips were on his. You finally stopped, only to hug him again.

       “I love you,” you said simultaneously with him. He laughed, and the two of you drifted to sleep.

Author’s Note: Okay, I admit that was SeRiOUSly over-dramatic, but I mean- I think this is what would happen. To the anon, I hope I made it fluffy  enough; I didn’t want to make it too happy (but I did at the very end) but yeah. I hope you guys like it! I will be sure to be writing more requests, and thank you to everyone who sends them in. Love youuuuuu <3 :)

Teen Wolf

Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
Season 5: Who’s still alive?
Season 6: Who’s stiles?