Cry of Achilles


“I will go,” he said. “I will go to Troy.”
The rosy gleam of his lip, the fevered green of his eyes. There was not a line anywhere on his face, nothing creased or graying; all crisp. He was spring, golden and bright. Envious death would drink his blood, and grow young again.
He was watching me, his eyes as deep as earth.
“Will you come with me?” he asked.
The never-ending ache of love and sorrow. Perhaps in some other life I could have refused, could have torn my hair and screamed, and made him face his choice alone. But not in this one. He would sail to Troy and I would follow, even into death. “Yes,” I whispered. “Yes.”

Some time ago I made a post about how Aristotle and Dante has ruined me. But you know what? I lied. I fucking lied. You haven’t experienced true pain if you haven’t read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I am fucking serious this time. This book is fucking torture worse than a century in the fucking underworld. I am choking and drowning in a sea of my own fucking tears. I never even knew I could get so emotional over fucking Greek mythology. When I die, bury my ashes with this fucking book.
If you haven’t read it yet, please, do yourself a favour and go do it.

achilles x patroclus fic rec list

so ive recently finished the song of achilles and then immediately spent the following days reading every single fic in the ao3 archive (there are only 53… pls write more fic writers!!!!!). here are the best ones that i found because if ur anything like me the end of the book left you wanting more 

this is one of my favorite fics. its patroclus/achilles reincarnated in modern times, searching for each other. 

  • sing, o muse – In which Steve and Bucky are the reincarnations of Achilles and Patroclus, and the only thing worse than history repeating itself is when it doesn’t.

i havE to put this one on here bc even tho its only one chapter and incomplete steve and bucky !!!!! achilles !!! patroclus !!!! pls 

  • artemisia – The tide pulls Achilles, and it’s all Patroclus can do to hold on.

this is a little series of prettily written snapshots into some achilles x patrolcus moments 

  • the hunter’s season Achilles is a nereid, a mythical sea creature, and Patroclus is the prince of a country that is famous for hunting them. They meet and fall in love.

what/?? a coMPLETED well written 28k AU fic??? is this real??? yes!!! and its beautiful and great so read it 

  • ruins of troy Achilles waits for Patroclus in the underworld, but Apollo has other plans.

this is a different take on what happens after death when apollo stops them from reuniting in the underworld. well written, angsty, loves it. 

  • the cot In which Thetis comes up with a full-proof plan to keep Patroclus and Achilles at odds by way of the worst cot in all of Greece.

this is a cute lil one shot that takes place right when achilles and patroclus first become friends. sooooo sweet. 

  • reunionIf you were disappointed on page 129 when Miller describes Achilles and Patroclus’s reunion night together as a "bounty of hours that never ran dry” but didn’t elaborate, maybe this fic is for you. Boy-on-boy sex, intense teenage heroic Greek feels.

the author describes this as just sex but i was surprised when i read this because its actually a great fic that shows achilles’ point of view on the happenings of their reunion and achilles’ view of their relationship and it was really good!!! also the smut was nice too 

  • he looks right through me – Achilles has been waiting a short eternity when Patroclus finally arrives. After Patroclus’ arrival, he spends all eternity watching and wishing but never getting, and he knows this is his punishment. This cannot be anything but a punishment.

this is so angsty and !!!!!!! very short what if au of their underworld reunion. warning: not a very happy ending. 

  • our joy was so bright – We were like gods at the dawning of the world, and our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.

fluffy underworld happenings!!!!!!!!!!! i cried a little it was so happy

  • i shall but love thee better In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.

fiNALLY THE FIC UVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! more detail of the underworld reunion aND how they spent their days after that (warning: lots of smUT in the 2nd one !!!!!!!!!!!) this is so beautiful

  • breathless – Separated from Patroclus after death, thanks to Neoptolemus and his bratty tantrums, Achilles is left alone in Hades, waiting to be reunited with his beloved.

exactly what it says on the tin. achilles’ pov of waiting for patroclus in the underworld 

basically missing scenes after patroclus’ death. this is probably one of my favorite fics on here because the characterization of achilles is SO on point. it also features briseis and achilles mourning patroclus together and gOD it is v angsty but sooooo good 

if u think ive missed any or want to talk about ur fave fic u can send me an ask bc this is basically what i live for. ((also please write more fic. the world needs it))

Friendly Reminder

That in his last moments Patroclus wanted to stop Hector from killing him not because he was afraid for his life but he knew that if Hector took his life then Achilles will kill Hector and end up dying himself as the prophecy came true.

His last thoughts were for Achilles’ to live and of Achilles in general (and don’t fight me on this when I say Achilles’ last thoughts were that he could finally be together with Patroclus so he welcomed death)

okay but imagine patroclus and achilles in the underworld and of course theyre on Elysium because they were heroes but for achilles thats not good enough, and he decides he has to get to the Isles of the Blessed (because honestly, Patroclus, what is the point of being the aristos achaion in life if he’s not the best in death?) so he begs Partroclus to come with him and Patroclus is like, ugh, fine, so then they go but theyre never worried that they won’t find each other because they are part of each others’ souls 

it is the Middle Ages. Merlin holds Arthur as the light leaves his eyes. was it to always be thier plight, to die young? some legends speak of Merlin’s immortality, but it is not so. whether close behind or in the distant future, Merlin follows Arthur to the grave. they are heroes. 

it is 1832. Enjolras and Grantaire stand together for the last time in defiance, shot simultaneously as they fight for a free France. they become martyrs, their names etched in time as the young leaders of the rebellion that helped to pave the way for freedom. they are heroes.

it is World War II. Steve watches in horror as Bucky plummets from the train and to his death. dread courses through him and all he can think is ‘no, please god, not again’. when he pilots his plane into the ocean, memories of distant fields and forgotten touches return to him, along with the phrase what has hector ever done to me