Cry of Achilles

Modern Patrochilles high school AUs tho

  • Achilles being that handsome, popular guy who’s on every sports team and can kind of be a moron sometimes
  • then he meets Patroclus, who is new to the school and there’s rumors about something bad that he did in his past 

  • but Achilles doesn’t care because omfg this guy is so cute??? like he wears adorable beanies and has these gorgeous big brown eyes and shaggy hair and Achilles is just like ?????? you’re so hot I want to cry????

  • so basically Achilles is completely smitten and makes it his mission to befriend Patroclus, even when nobody else does.

  • and then them becoming boy FRIEND S?/?? 

  • like Achilles would definitely serenade Patroclus at least once in front of everybody and Patroclus would be blushing so hard because oh my god you’re such a dork Achilles

  • Achilles would be so chill about giving patroclus kisses in the hallway, because he knows that nobody would dare be homophobic to their faces because Achilles would kill them if they laid a hand on him or his Patroclus 

  • Briseis moves to their school and Pat becomes her best friend because he knows how hard it is to come to a new place where you don’t know anybody

  • the three of them doing their homework together at Achilles’ dad’s house and pat and achilles making out instead and Briseis just rolls her eyes and tells them to get a room.

“Cry of Achilles” - Alter Bridge


Alter Bridge - Cry of Achilles

I was reading an article on Loudwire that had a list of the Best Rock Songs of 2014 (you can read it here: And one song in particular caught my eye. It was, “Cry of Achilles” by Alter Bridge. I thought the song title and the band had awesome names, so I clicked play and listened to the song, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. That was a few days ago, and I think I might have listened to this song about 20 times now. It’s awesome!!!!!  


Band: Alter Bridge

Song: Cry Of Achilles

Album: Fortress (2013)

Genre: Heavy Rock