Cry Baby (pt 5)

Hey guys! Sorry this took so long. But it’s kinda a long chapter. After this, we’ve only got two parts left! I really like the way this story is shaping out and I love you all for reading it and sending me nice messages about it! Thanks for being so inspiring guys. 

Here are parts one, two, three and four

Today’s chapter includes Loki and Valkyrie bonding. And Thor being more observant than people give him credit for. 

Part Five

It occurs to Loki, over the next week or so, that he and Valkyrie actually do have a lot more in common than he’d originally thought. She is sharp-witted, funny and challenges everything he says. She makes Loki think about what he wants to say and how he’s going to say it. She’s someone that he can talk openly to and not worry about being judged.

After he’d healed his nose and his head no longer hurt (it took three more days), Loki had awkwardly asked Val if she’d like to spend some time with him in his room. He’s leaning against his doorframe, close to her, almost hovering. His hands are shoved into his pocket and he watches Valkyrie’s face carefully, ready for her to tell him no.

“I can’t imagine that chairs very comfortable.” He offers after her initial silence.

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