Hello friends. It’s ya boi Shae and I wanted to talk about something serious. This goes for people in monogamous or polyamorous relationships.

I love my partner alot. They are my best friends and I love them so much. If they told me tomorrow that what We have isn’t enough and the they were unhappy; I would hands down let them go. HANDS DOWN PEOPLE.

I love them and that thought pains me so much to think of them saying that but, I truly love them and want them to be happy.

True love is letting them free if you know they are better off. If ya’ll are not working and they want something else, set them free.

Love is knowing that they might not find anyone better and if they do it is for the best. I want my partner to be happy and if that means we break up or break off the engagement that’s fine. Even if we have been married for fifty years! And they tell me I want to travel the world or I want to live somewhere else and I don’t want to I WILL LET THEM LIVE THEIR DREAM BECAUSE I LOVE THEM AND THEY ARE NOT MY PRISONER

I feel like all I talk about is you to my friends. But I can’t help it, people just like to talk about the things that make them happy. And you just so happen to make me extremely happy. So, of course, I love talking about you but I would love it more if you and I talked.
Why am I in love with you?

Why am I in love with you? This question seems so simple, yet it is one of the most complex questions I have ever gotten. So where do I begin? I’m in love with the way your eyes sparkle when a super hero movie comes on the T.V. I’m in love with the way you’d scrunch your nose as you laugh at your friends’ hysterical yet cringy comment. I’m in love with the way you’d crack stupid jokes in class that only I would find absolutely hilarious and adorable. I’m in love with the way your eyes focus intensely at the board when you’re intrigued in a lesson taught by the teacher. I love how you seem like the most popular guy at school but deep down inside you’re a dork. You’re in love with the complicated tales of the ancient Greeks. And with your love of history, I find myself falling deeper in love with you and your quirks. I love the sound of your charming voice when it calls out for my name. I love the way your lips curve themselves when you see me. I love the way you’d immediately pay extra attention to the conversation when my name is mentioned. I love the way you fidget when I’m near you because I make you nervous. I love the way you’d constantly lock your eyes with mine. I love how your eyes search for mine even when there are hundreds of other eyes around you. I love how oblivious you can be at times, especially when we’re merely a few desks apart and I catch you staring at me from the corners of my eyes. There are endless reasons why I am in love with you but that would take me forever to tell you. So for now, I’ll just keep it short and simple and say, the reason why I am in love with you is that you, are you. And that’s why I am in love with you. 

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The dons Giogio, and Diavolo hcs on how they treat their crush? How do they impress the crush? Are they mentally obsessive and keep tabs on them? Do they daydream about the future relationship? Do they give up trying to woo them easily or persist?

Ohhh, of course!!

This turned out pretty long. I got carried away xD

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  • Before Diavolo even thinks about doing anything, he will send some subordinates of him to investigate them. He will never approach them should they have any ties to anyone or anything that might be a threat to uncover his identity to the world, nor someone that might be interested in his position. Even if they are not a threat, nor do they have ties to anything or anyone, it will take a long time until Diavolo decides to approach them. He is too paranoid and mistrusting in people to willingly to get in contact with someone without really thinking about the consequences.
  • Diavolo definitely keeps tabs on them, in the sense that there will always be one member or a team of Passione to watch over them. First of all to make sure that nothing happens to them, but also to watch out that they don’t get into contact with another gang or.. well, other men. They’re his crush, and if anyone woos them it will be him.
  • He doesn’t daydream. Something that comes close to daydreaming is the thought of him being totally free of any ties to his past, his face totally hidden from anyone or anything, but he doesn’t daydream about having a bright and happy future with a partner. Nonetheless, the thought of having someone at his side like this, blindingly trusting him, understanding of his wish to erase his past, and someone that stays so loyal to him not because they swore it to him but for entirely different reasons… there’s something really appealing about this though.
  • Even though Diavolo thinks the result is what counts, and normally he would take the shortest path to get what he wants, this is the one situation where it doesn’t apply. The possible outcome of approaching this crush would mean that a person gets involved with him. They will know him, be with him, eventually figure out some things about his past, and these things are pretty much everything Diavolo wants to avoid. On the other hand he wants this person. Diavolo is extremely conflicted, and needs a long time to decide, whether to actually approach them or not. For him it is basically a cost-benefit analysis, just on more personal rather than economic terms.
  • He eventually will approach them, because he is too proud to admit that he fears the consequences wooing someone may have for him (and maybe the thought of someone caring for him and vice versa is kind of appealing. After all it worked once before…). He approaches them when he sees them in a random store, simply engages in more or less good small talk, which actually works out. However, his crush is rather confused and kind of scared because Diavolo can’t help but look around, observing everything, and his paranoia pretty much ruins his first attempt, because his crush thinks he might actually be a criminal (they’re not wrong), who wants to rob them or something. It takes a lot more coincidental meetings like this to get his crush to talk to him a bit more. Although these first conversations are ridden by his crush thinking it’s rather creepy that Diavolo appears everywhere recently where they appear too. Diavolo is just convinced to woo them even more, because not only are they really smart, but incredibly cautious too, and especially Diavolo appreciates that. It takes some convincing and some charming words to get his crush to agree to a real meeting instead of these “random” meetings (and he can be charming if he wants to be as the Don of Passione).
  • Diavolo is pretty persistent in wooing his crush. When he wants something he gets it, and he is too proud to retreat or accept a rejection. That doesn’t mean, though, that his crush has to fear for their life should they reject him. He is calm enough not do that.


  • Giorno will, like Diavolo, investigate them, but only to know, whether they’re affiliated with another gang (he knew if they were with Passione). Should his crush be a complete civilian with no ties to the mafia world he’d be very reluctant for a while to approach them. Because they’re his crush and not some random person Giorno also wants to introduce himself to them as himself. He could use a fake identity, a fake life story, but given the purpose of him approaching this person he’d rather not. It would be counterproductive, if he started a conversation – or even a relationship – that is built upon one big lie.
  • He is overly protective of his s/o, so occasionally he orders someone to keep an eye out for them to protect them from any potential danger. Since they’re a normal civilian though there is no imminent threat, and he usually lets them be. When he actually decides to approach them in person he is confident he will probably find them again, even though around a million people live in Naples.
  • Giorno does daydream sometimes. Having a partner at his side that loves him, and whom he loves, is such a delightful idea that his mind sometimes wanders. He is realistic though. Even if he gets to know his crush, it might never turn into something real, yet alone love. This crush is based on looks and a little bit of how they act and behave when Giorno saw them the first time. So, he usually stops himself before the daydreaming gets too far. The older he gets, the less he also tends to give in to the nice pictures and ideas his mind produces.
  • He does not approach them before thinking this through. Yes, he will introduce himself as Giorno Giovanna, and he will not lie about his life and occupation, but actually telling them about Passione and his position is a matter that should be discussed at an actual later date, should it ever come to that. Nonetheless, even if this topic comes up and they react positively to it he will not let them join Passione. He’d want to keep them safe and away from this criminal life for as long as he can, if possible forever.
  • While Giorno always had a way with words, and this just gets better the older he gets, he is nervous about approaching his crush in person. He has no issues with approaching other dons, business people, politicians; none of them would ever assume that Giorno might actually be nervous about anything. If he can’t keep his composure like this he will not hold this position for long after all. However, what he wants to gain from approaching his crush is something entirely personal, and eventually really life changing.
  • Nonetheless, he does approach them when he sees them the next time. He uses Gold Experience to create a flower, and simply gives it to them. A soft smile on his face, the flower in hand, his head and upper body slightly bowed, and a compliment on his lips that just makes his crush blush and accept the flower (or makes them run away because Giorno’s too cheesy?).Giorno politely asks them, whether they would let him treat them for some coffee or just have a talk with him walking through a park or the streets of Naples; basically somewhere public, because he knows it may have a comforting effect on his crush to be around people when they agree to talk (or go out) with a stranger.
  • Giorno is persistent to the extent that he would try to approach his crush multiple times as long as they don’t reject him openly, but rather have a “try a bit harder” attitude. Should they reject him right away (or at a later point) for whatever reason, he will step down. He might be hurt, especially when he thinks about what might have been, but he accepts it without trying to push his crush (what else is there to do for him anyway?). In this case he’d probably also tell himself that it’s better this way, so they won’t get involved with his dangerous life.
with me

come hang with me
come sit with me
talk to me about your problems
talk to me about your dreams

give me a sign
tell me you love me
kiss me here and now
tell me that you want me

hold my hand and hold me tight
bring me with you when you leave
return back home
come back soon

i want to kiss and hold you
i want to tell you how much i love you
i want to tell you my problems and dreams
come rule the world with me