Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Fan Arts

#1 Hunter or hunted by ker93

#2 Diablo III - Reaper of Souls by Kaiz0

#3 Crusader and #4  Barbarian by shenfeic

#5 Diablo3 Last Battle by dlrpaqud

#6 Diablo3 - Reaper of Souls Fan Art by Geunjoo

#7 DiabloIII Reaper of Souls Hero nightclub by ro733

#8 Diablo lll (By SearchFinder)

#9 Demon Hunter and #10 Barbarians by p0p5

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Gerry Judah

3D Paintings and Sculptures

Gerry Judah (born 30 July 1951) is a British artist and designer who has created settings for theatre, film, television, museums and public spaces. He has recently returned to his fine art roots with highly acclaimed contemporary paintings exploring the effects of war and environmental catastrophes on the urban landscape which have entered a number of international private and public collections.

Gerry Judah’s paintings are a direct response to conflict across the globe, and the impact of that violence, whether it is the consequence of war or natural disaster. At the same time, he is fascinated by changing urban landscape, and his paintings explore the dynamic of construction and destruction. It is hard to look at his work without reflecting on conflict in the Middle East whether that be Afghanistan, Iraq or recent months in Gaza. There are also echoes of the devastation ensuing from climate change wrought by hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and bushfires that remind us of New Orleans underwater, or the aftermath of the tsunami in the Asian Basin. Although on first inspection, Judah’s epic landscapes articulate global concerns for peace, he acknowledges the dangers of man’s impact on a finely balanced global ecology, and the decimation that unravels as we exploit the planet with an ever growing appetite.

Crusader Exhibition Sat 6 November 2010 – Tue 31 March 2015

Imperial War Museum London

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