Hey everybody ~ !

I’m happy to announce that we have partnered yet again with NIS America to bring you a very special reblog contest!

NISA will be bringing Nagi no Asukara to us as A Lull in the Sea! This is their second english dub and we are really excited to have the opportunity to give away two A LULL IN THE SEA COMPLETE PREMIUM BONUS SETS!!!

To win: Reblog this post and let us know why you loved Nagi no Asukara or WHY you’re excited about the dub! Include your Crunchyroll username as we will be contacting winners via Crunchyroll! 

This contest will run until April 10th~!

Good luck my little water babies!! 


Our episode of Call to Cosplay aired!! 

And man are we super dorky in it. OTL.

Our challenge was Crossplay! And Sheila took the chance to be Cole! Feel free to check in and watch Sheila make Cole in 3 hours. It wasn’t a costume up to our normal standards with the limited materials we had, but mostly we are glad it even got done! Especially that bad Armin-like wig. (We didn’t get to choose our wigs.) 

You can also read up on our thoughts on the show, and the issues and problems we came across here. 


Hey guys!!! 

So as it was just released, we can finally say that we had the opportunity to be on Call To Cosplay, a Crunchyroll web series where competitors have to make a cosplay in only a few hours! 

You can watch the trailer here. 

I’m not sure which episode we are (maybe 2?) But be sure we will post it when its released. Until then we are gonna stay mum on the outcome/what happens.

Just to note a few things. We aren’t sure how this show is going to come out (we have seen nothing since filming), it’s a lot different than the first season and Sylar and I (along with our lovely competitor Moon Farron) dealt with a lot of issues on the set. Namely the want for drama. (Ohhhh reality tv shows.) Anyway once it comes out we can answer more questions! 

April’s Monthly Featured Artist is the amazing PUNIMELT! ✨ 

Each month, we’re teaming up with a unique artist to produce a special commemorative piece featuring our one and only Crunchyroll-Hime!

Punimelt says,

”April is the time when cherry blossoms come to full bloom! I’ve illustrated Hime-chanready for a day of flower viewing with her picnic supplies. I wanted to use gentle, bright colours to convey the feelings of spring. I drew this piece eagerly and I hope you can feel how happy I felt at that moment.”

✨Find more art work here: punimelt.com, punimelt.tumblr.com
✨Talk to them here: twitter.com/punimelt
✨Buy things here: punimelt-shop.com


Hello there, my lovely followers~ ♥︎

Kitty & I got together to record some gameplay vids, and in the midst of that we recorded a video talking about our TOP VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES, BOOKS, TV SHOWS, & ANIME. If you’re looking for things to watch/read/play then we have the TOP 10 just for you!

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