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JUNE is THE MONTH FOR FUN IN THE SUN!!! ☀️ Hime-chan looks great getting some sun at the beach!!! It’s the work of our May artist: Akairiot! 

Each month, we’re teaming up with a unique artist to produce a special commemorative piece featuring our one and only Crunchyroll-Hime!

Akairiot says:

“Summer!  The beach!  Cute gals in swimsuits!  That’s June for ya.  Or it would be, if you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near the ocean…the best I can hope for is a dip in the Mississippi River.  At least I can let Hime enjoy the sand and sun in my stead~  Now I’m off to hug my air conditioner and wait for fall…stay cool, everybody. ;) ”

⭐️ Find more of their art here:


CardCaptor Sakura sub & dub coming to Crunchyroll!

News! - At the Crunchyroll panel at Otakon today, it was announced that Crunchyroll will be uploading all 70 episodes of CardCaptor Sakura to their site, both subtitled and English dubbed! According to this feed, they should be available to watch on the site Tuesday at 6pm PST. I’ll post links in my Official Streams Master Post once they’re up!