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She’s Just Not That Into You » Part IV (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

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As always, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained. Please don’t push me into a wall or into traffic, B! Remember that I love you! Another big thank you to my expert on all-things London (and ladders), @cuddlemusclestyles.  

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 “A pink room, huh?” Nick swirls the ice in his glass, smiling with his eyebrows raised.

“She had the same reaction,” Harry smirks, taking the last sip of his tequila. “But after she thought about it, she liked the idea. Eyes got all bright ‘n shit,” he laughs. “A pink guest room.“

“Well, if it’s what ye’ want,” the radio host clinks the rim of his glass against Harry’s. “Then ‘m ‘appy for ye’. Might ‘ave to claim it as me own when I sleep over.”

“Who says you’re invited?”

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How would UT, UF, and US Sans react to an S/O who had an unhealthy obsession with chocolate? Like they'd go through packs in a day.

what is a pack of chocolate & where can i get one - M.M.


Doesn’t bother him at all. What you eat is your business, he doesn’t even mind the wrappers. Papyrus might, though. 


He’s not one to talk, he eats unhealthy junk all the time. Still, he’ll playfully jab you as you tear into a pack or two with a little “whoa, slow down there, sweetheart. can’t have you going cuckoo for cocoa puffs just yet.”


Okay. Date-mate. You’ve got a problem, everyone can see it. So! He has decided the best course of action! Is to have an intervention! A formal one, with a banner & everything!! Because your addiction is out of control!!! The wrappers he doesn’t mind as much, but the smell of sugar is overwhelming & he needs a break!!!!

so i was in college today and since its valentines day there was this girl who was randomly giving chocolate to people so she gave one to me but when i got rid of the wrapper for what i expected to be a delicious crunch chocolate bar it turned out to be a small chocolate-shaped wood plank with the phrase “love is sweeter than candy” on it and that is the story on how i almost committed a murder

as wonderful as it is to imagine Sport with flower crowns and such you can’t deny that it’s much funnier to imagine that he just… consumes every plant ever given to him

flower crowns? I think you mean pLANT DONUTS!

bouquet? sorry, I thought you said HANDHELD SALAD BAR! *MUNCH CRUNCH*

Peculiars + present day Valentine's Day

Fiona: grows flowers that Hugh’s bees especially like. Of course, for Hugh she’d give him a painting of them together (I’d imagine her to be an amazing painter and artist)

Hugh: old but gold, he’d shower her in every single chocolate known to man; KitKats, kisses, crunch bars, Hershey’s, boxes of chocolates, those nice raspberry chocolate bars near the cash register at Nordstrom, absolutely everything! He read that chocolate improves moods and makes people happy and all he wants is for his gf to be happy

Enoch: I imagine him to write Horace a nice love letter. Enoch, not being able to fully grasp his emotions tries to write it out instead, but it comes out a bit awkward and confusing if not cute and dorky. Also a nice pillow for Horace to rest on :)

Horace: he’d definitely shower Enoch in pastries! Much like Hugh, but instead of chocolates, mini cakes and all of Enoch’s favorite sweets. Also, some nice clay sculptures that he made secretly. (It absolutely melts Enoch’s heart that Horace tried to make clay sculptures for him even if he can’t tell what they are!)

Millard: decides to make cards for miss peregrine, Bronwyn and Olive and Claire. With his neat, organized handwriting, his calligraphy skills are on point and he makes Miss Peregrine smile as well as make Olive, Bronwyn and Claire smile too

Olive: makes Bronwyn a cute drawing of the two!! Makes Bronwyn tear up as the messy mix of paint and the smiles of the drawings make her day

Bronwyn: Gives the girls boxes of chocolates and gives Millard a nice card. They both don’t have a valentine so they figure it’s best to celebrate their friendship over cards.

Claire: makes Millard a “painting” which is really just a mix of glitter, pink paint, and blue paint “what I think you look like!” Claire says as Millard tears up

Emma: gives Jacob warm kisses and prepares a nice picnic for the two. They’ve wanted some alone time to relax and what better idea than a picnic

Jacob: gets out his favorite camera and phone and takes pictures and selfies of him and Emma!! After the picnic they go to the pharmacy and dispense the film into pictures to make a “Valentine’s day 2017” album!!

FF15 | Halloween Headcanons

I know we have a bit (okay a lot) before Halloween and all but where I work all that stuff is out already and I’m totally ready for it!. I love Halloween. So I am doing headcanons for costumes and their favorite candies!

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Noctis: Noctis wants to dress up as a vampire lord but he’s quite too tired to put all the effort into it. (Ignis told him he’s on his own for this.) So he opts for something Prompto had joked about. Noctis goes as The Dude from Big Lebowski, he forgoes the wig and just ruffles up his hair and wears a pair of Gladiolus’ sunglasses. He’s comfy, in costume and he can go to bed in it a win-win for the sleepy prince. Noctis favorite candies Reese Peanut Butter Cup and Hersey Kisses.

Prompto: Classic Nerd costume would be something Prompto would choose because sure he’s nerdy but he’s more punk than nerd. He would make sure it is all kitsch nerd things like pocket protector, broken glasses (he has a pair of real ones that way) pants that are too short and slick his hair back and make it look a bit greasy. He would be even tempted to do fake braces for the day. Prompto’s favorite candies are Twix Bars and Dots.

Gladiolus: He would dress up as Super Saiyan Goku. (He would definitely have Noctis style his hair for him.) Of course Gladiolus would be shouting out “Kamehameha!!! Kamehameha!!!” a lot of the time because he can. Payday and Snickers are his favorite candies to get, he’ll trade all of his candies for them. 

Ignis: He would dress up as Alton Brown, Ignis likes to be a bit unique for his costumes having people often asking him who he’s suppose to be. “Why I’m a famous chef on t.v who does crazy experiments as well.” It’s also something that can be re-used for normal everyday wear. (I’m just like Ignis for this…)  His favorite candies would be Twizzlers and M&Ms.

Ravus: His is paired with Lunafreya as sibling costume. Ravus would dress up as a Devil (think of Azazel from Rage of Bahamut style) to pair with his younger sister.  He will carry a Trident though the thing is it’s a real one he took it from Lunafreya. Ravus’ favorite candies are Smarties and Skittles.

Nyx: Jack Skellington instead of a mask he wears face paint to seal the outfit. Nyx can sing all the songs that Jack is in and in perfect pitch. He’s even known to pretend to be just a skeleton to startle people in haunted houses. Nyx is a big fan of Three Musketeers and Sour Patch Kids for candies.

Lunafreya: To pair with Ravus Lunafreya dress up as a Angel. It would be long and flowy looking with wings and a halo. (Aranea picks on her saying she should have gone with a sexy angel outfit instead) Her favorite candies is literally the ones that no one wants to eat, she’s not picky.

Aranea: Sexy witch including corset, pointy hat and the lance is decorated like a broom. (she’ll never part with her lance) Her outfit isn’t very functional but it does look good on her and she generally wins the contests. Her favorite candies are Toblerone and Crunch bars.

Iris: Iris dresses up as a zombie and her make up for it is on point every time. It looks like a professional did it with high grade make ups, she swears she just did it with cheap stuff in five minutes. Younger kids get scared of her costume and tend to cry so she does something to make them laugh to make it better. Iris prefer scaring the older kids not the little tykes. Iris loves the popcorn balls and candy corn. (but not the pumpkin shaped ones)

Ardyn: Ardyn would dress up like Oscar the Grouch in his trash can, he heard some random joke flying around the Empire about him being some sort of trashy man. He decided they were to call him trash he would become trash. He would put away the beloved hat to use the lid of the trash can for a hat. Ardyn’s favorite candies are lollipops and candied apples.

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43 or 46

(what the hell is your problem?)
it was a late afternoon, and ty and kit just returned from shopping- for candy mostly, because apparently kit is obsessed with chocolate. they sat on the table, arranging and sorting out their treats until ty stumbles upon a wide chocolate bar with a red wrapper that read “kit kat.” kit noticed and smiled, pushing the chocolate towards ty.
“try it!”
“does it taste good?”
“it tastes like, um… kind of like the feeling of when you successfully kill a demon, but in chocolate form.”
that made ty laugh, which made kit happy, knowing he could make ty genuinely joyous.
ty looked cute, in kit’s opinion. just a grey sweatshirt and black skinny jeans, his black hair unkempt and white headphones around his neck.
so ty opened up the chocolate bar, holding it up, examining the four bars connected together.
“it’s not poison or anything, ty,” said kit, opening up a crunch bar and taking a bite.
“i know,” said ty cautiously. “it’s good to be careful.”
kit smiled but it quickly faded as ty did something unspeakable. the impossible, it almost made kit vomit.
ty took a bite of the kit kat bar. but he didn’t piece off one of the four bars. he just bit the whole thing. kit blinked. ty blinked, surprised by the flavor of the chocolate.
“what the hell is your problem?!” exclaimed kit, outraged.
ty took another bite. “what?” he shrugged, curious.
“stop!!!” kit pulled the bar away from ty. “you animal. you never, ever eat a kit kat bar like this.”
“i’m a shadowhunter! we don’t eat kit kats!” argued ty.
“well, now i’m gonna have to teach you. there is no way i’m ever letting one near you until you’ve mastered the skill.”
and through the afternoon into the night, the blackthorns and emma listened in on kit’s very specific lesson on how to eat kit kats.
(hello special thanks to @hxcate for helpin me think of an idea for this hc!! follow them theyre gr8)

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Ice Cream Shop AU with Seungkwan please!!

- okay so you’re a regular customer at an ice cream shop
- three boys named seokmin, soonyoung and seungkwan work there and they seem to be the only employees since you’ve never seen anyone else
- you discovered this place during a really hot summer day and you needed something cold asap so you decided to enter the first shop you saw which just so happened to be this ice cream shop
- seungkwan was the one at the counter while soonyoung and seokmin were in the back probably doing something stupid AS USUAL
- so you order an ice cream cone and after getting it, you leave the shop because no one else was in there and you felt awkward being the only customer
- you walk through the door and disaster strikes immediately
- it’s boiling hot outside if you haven’t noticed so your ice cream melted EVERYWHERE in the span of FIVE SECONDS
- seungkwan saw the whole thing from where he was and when you walked back inside and asked “yeah uh is it all right if i get a new one?”
- he just lost it
- you ended up laughing along with him and the sound of your laughter caused soonyoung and seokmin to rush to the front, and when they both saw you covered in melted ice cream they laughed too
- you started coming by more often and you eventually became a regular customer
- and not only that…. you also developed a crush on seungkwan
- so you enter the shop after a long day at your workplace, excited to eat some ice cream and see your friends
- seungkwan grins “ah (name)!! you’re here, we’ve been waiting” and soonyoung and seokmin both greet you too
- when you walk over to the counter, seungkwan asks “so, flavor of the day?” and you say “of course”
- you and seungkwan liked to play a little guessing game
- since you already tried every flavor of ice cream at the shop, he would make you guess what the flavor of the day is to see if you remember the ice cream’s taste and name
- so you close your eyes and he takes a sample spoon and scoops up some of the ice cream of that day’s flavor
- he feeds it to you and after licking the spoon clean, you say “is it….. vanilla toffee bar crunch??”
- and the three boys all cheer because you got it right!!
- soonyoung takes a cone and gives you a scoop of the day’s flavor and hands it to you once you paid for it
- “oh it’s been a while since i had this one!!” you exclaim as you take a lick of your ice cream
- soonyoung screams “IT’S THE BEST FLAVOR BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE ONE” and seokmin goes like “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? THE BEST ONE IS THE CLASSIC COOKIES AND CREAM” and they both begin arguing while you and seungkwan are just like omfg SHUT UP
- seungkwan’s like “you’re right in front of each other’s faces WHY DO YOU BOTH HAVE TO SCREAM”
- and you’re just laughing on the side as they all argue and jump on each other’s backs and yell in each other’s faces
- they’re just so much fun to have around. you’re so glad to have become such good friends with them
- when you finish up your ice cream, you leave the shop and unknown to you, seungkwan watches you go with a smile on his face
- soonyoung and seokmin notice this and just start nudging each other until seokmin says “oh seungkwan what are you looking at hmmm?” wiggles eyebrows
- “or should we say who??” soonyoung grins
- and seungkwan’s all embarrassed and says “am i not allowed to look outside??” and his co-workers just giggle between themselves and seungkwan runs to the back to hide his red face
- the next day you come by at your usual time and say “flavor of the day please!!” when you reach the counter
- and seokmin came prepared ok he saw you walking towards the shop and already scooped up a bit with a sample spoon
- he slides over to you behind the counter (think of his dance move in pretty u when he’s sliding from one side to the other behind the couch) and says “say ahhh!!”
- and seungkwan gets so jealous so he quickly picks up a sample spoon, scoops up some ice cream and pushes seokmin out of the way
- you laugh as you lick the ice cream off of seungkwan’s spoon and when you’re not looking seungkwan shoots seokmin the deadliest glare
- you say “oh i know this one!! is it strawberry shortcake supreme??”
- and soonyoung passes you an ice cream cone with the scoop of the day’s flavor on it already because he knew you were going to get it
- but when you receive the ice cream, you look down at it with a frown and the three boys all notice immediately
- “is there something wrong??” seungkwan asks
- and you say “no no it’s just that i’ve tried every flavor here already a bunch of times, do you know if you’ll be getting any new ones??”
- soonyoung throws a hand over his chest and says “(name) getting sick of our ice cream?! THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING”
- seokmin breaks out into a smirk when he says “oh…. actually we’re getting a new flavor tomorrow”
- soonyoung says “we are?” and seokmin steps on his foot and he immediately straightens up and says “oh yeah!! i remember now!!”
- your eyes light up and you exclaim “really?? i can’t wait to try it tomorrow!!”
- soonyoung says “oh you won’t be disappointed, it’s a really good flavor from what we’ve heard. i can already tell it’ll be your favorite”
- seungkwan’s just like “how come i didn’t know about this??”
- after talking with them all for a while, you finally finish eating your ice cream and exit the shop
- seungkwan turns to his two co-workers when you’re gone and says “oh yeah so what’s the name of the new flavor??”
- they both just look at each other and smirk at him and tell him “ok look seungkwan you better not mess this up….”
- you come back to the ice cream shop the next day and exclaim as you walk through the door “i’m ready for that new flavor!!”
- soonyoung says “coming right up!! seungkwan will get that for you, seokmin and i have to replace the empty tubs with full ones” and they both run to the back while giggling LIKE THE FIVE-YEAR-OLDS THEY ARE
- seungkwan looks pretty nervous you notice but you just shrug it off as you lean over the counter and you laugh “should i still close my eyes even if i’ve never tried this flavor??”
- and he quietly says “i think i’d be more comfortable if you closed your eyes”
- you don’t really know what he meant by that but you just shrug and proceed to close your eyes
- seungkwan says “no peeking!!” and you nod as you patiently wait for him to tell you to open your mouth so you can eat the ice cream
- but he never says it
- instead you feel something on your lips, and when you open up your eyes, you see seungkwan kissing you!!
- and then he pulls away after a while and says “i….. kind of liked you for a while now….. do you maybe want to go out on a date with me this weekend?”
- your shocked expression fades upon hearing his confession and you lean over the counter to kiss him again
- seokmin and soonyoung (who were eavesdropping) peek into the shop from the back and when they see you and seungkwan kissing, they had to cover each other’s mouths to stop the other from screaming
- when you pull away, seungkwan asks “so is that a yes…..?” and you’re like “YES SEUNGKWAN” LOL
- flavor of the day: boo seungkwan

thank you for your request!! ^^

Took this with burst and it saved as a little gif haha 😛

Hit a pre-work AM full body workout today and here’s what I did:

Warm up: elliptical, 10 min: resistance: 9 incline: 10

Circuit 1: walking lunges 4x6 (each leg) SS overhead triceps extensions: 4x8 SS hammer curls: 4x8 (each arm)

Circuit 2: weighted step ups: 4x5 (each leg) SS lateral raises: 4x10 SS weighted calve raises 4x12

Circuit 3: stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts: 4x12 SS bicep curls: 4x8 (each arm) SS weighted Russian twists: 4x30

Circuit 4: glute push down on assisted pull up machine: 4x8 (each leg) SS assisted pull up: 4x8 SS bicycle crunches: 4x50

Circuit 5: kettle bell swings: 4x8 SS bent over row: 4x8 SS v-ups: 4x25

Finish with sprints on treadmill: 5 reps, 9.7 mph, 25 sec on, 45 sec off

This workout felt amazing! Currently at the office sipping on some coffee and snacking on a Power Crunch bar 😍 I don’t work Fridays so going out tonight and for the anon who asked I will try to get an outfit pic uploaded!

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i think i'm gonna lowkey start shipping parkolin jeje but, what are everyones favorite tv shows? and favorite movies? and everything favorite i just love them all so much

Someone: Parkolin
Malek: I was threatened. I have never seen anything so false. Ever since that encounter my life has never known peace. Snakes began manifesting in my house physically.

Favorite shows as a kid:
Dallas: Pb&J Otter! Mr Rogers.

Dallas: I can’t sleep.
Malek: *turns to him*
Malek: it’s you I like. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair. But it’s you, I like.
Dallas: what are you, my mom? Singing Mr. Rogers isn’t gonna make me sleep, dude.
Malek: The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you–
Not the things that hide you,
Dallas: *literally knocked out*

Malek: some shows on Nat Geo and Discovery chanel because he’s a NERD. Bill Nye too ofc
Malek: this is obviously fake
Ancient aliens: could this be the work of ancient aliens?
Malek: that reaction image of DW

Poppy: THE RUGRATS! It broadcasted way late when she was a kid so she’d sneak out her bed and crawl downstairs to watch it. Dev would catch her and it’d always scare her but he’ll laugh and give her a noogie before he splits a crunch bar with her.

the rom coms got it wrong

today’s fic: jily fake dating au

wc: 2 651

ao3 | see more ficmas here

Lily Evans needed a stiff drink. Or twenty.

“Stop that,” she hisses for the umpteenth time this evening, slapping his hand from where it was slowly inching up to fidget with his tie.

James makes a face at her, but drops his hand nonetheless. “I can’t believe you made me wear a tie,” he complains, saying the word tie as someone might say laryngitis or brussel sprouts.

She barely refrains from rolling her eyes, choosing instead to dig her nails into his forearm. “No, I was making Sirius wear a tie, but then he got sick so I ended up with you at the last moment. It’s like paying for Prada and then getting some cheap knockoff instead.”

He snorts, steering them to an empty table nearby. “You wound me, Evans.”

Lily crosses her legs as she sits, pasting on a large, sunny smile. “Shut up and put you arm around me. And pretend to be hopelessly in love with me.”

James does as she instructs, draping his arm across her shoulders and bringing her flush against his side, though not before dipping his head and whispering, “Oh come off it, Evans. If anyone is looking hopelessly in love with anyone here, it’s you.”

He receives an elbow to the gut for that, but it does nothing to wipe the grin from his face.

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