Cruise 2015

Winged eye makeup by Peter Phillips at Christian Dior Resort 2015

To create this graphic look, makeup artist Peter Phillips used Dior Addict It-Liner to trace the top and bottom lashes, extending the lines out but keeping them very straight. “It’s not too curved. We wanted to focus on the eye but not make a big makeup statement,” Phillips said, noting that he and designer Raf Simons had chosen black liner so that the makeup wouldn’t clash with the bright colors and busy patterns in the collection.

Next, Philips added a shimmery pink shadow on the lid and an iridescent white shadow between the two black lines at the outer corner. “I used pink on the lid because white would look too pearly. The pink blends in better and creates a subtler highlight.”

He then used a flat brush to trace black shadow over the liquid liner. “It helps soften the line and creates this beautiful velvet finish,” he said. “But it also helps set the liner and keeps the shadows on the eye from making the black liner look gray.”

Finally, on girls that needed it, he beefed up the lash line with Dior Catwalk Look False Lashes; the other girls just got a few coats of Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara on their top lashes.