young cruella makes me so happy idk

in response to “mictoria” + those magic mike photos

can you NOT see cruella and ursula going to see magic mike xxl in theaters (does storybrooke even have a movie theater? they damn well should)

they sit…watching…judging…

“look at all these heteros, darling, the atmosphere in here is positively miserable!”

“i know, it’s disgusting, right?”

“although Channing Tatum does have a nice package”

“Cru, STOP”

Just hold me. (SeaDevil Fluff)

AN: so this is my first SeaDevil fic. Now I’m doing this on my phone because my computer hates me so much, but I am getting a keyboard for my phone soon, till then these little fics will be short. This story takes place when Mal and Gina are taking Pinocchio and I’m having Rumple spy on Belle ( Sorry not sorry) and its just our Sea Witch and Puppy Queen at the cabin…


They were villains, they weren’t suppose to be like this. Cruella couldn’t stop thinking about how her and Ursula ended up like this, it had be a week since they came to Storybrooke and since then she wanted to tell Ursula how she felt towards her. Sighing to herself she looked over to see her sea witch soundly sleeping, she couldn’t sleep and it drove her crazier than she already is. Turning to her side to face Urs she wrapped her arm around her waist pulling the sea goddess closer to her.
“Cru, what’s wrong?” She heard the witch mumble.
“I honestly don’t know darling…” Ursula could hear the sadness in her voice, she turned around to face Cruella, searching in her eyes for the truth. She knew Cruella well enough to know when she was lying, or hurting. She cupped Cru’s face and pressed her forehead to hers.
“Tell me.” She saw Cru close her eyes and pull away making a short distant from the two Queens.
“I- I honestly don’t know how to say this. Ursula, I… I love you. And you make me feel happy, I don’t want to lose you, not again, not ever. I thought my happy ending was something else but I truly believe its you. When I’m around you I don’t see black and white, I see colors, very bright colors darling, and I just want there to be us forever.” She felt her breath quicken from what she just said. She was looking for something in Ursula’s eyes and she found it. She found tears slipping from her beautiful eyes. Hearing her chuckle a little she smiled.
“Cru, your not gonna lose me. I promise, and I’m not leaving your side. Ever again. I love you too.” Cruella bit her lip,
“Hold me?” She felt Ursula wrap her arms around her small waist, she for once in her life felt content and of course happy.

Welp i feel that I did some justice with this but I’m sorry its short ;-; . I’ve written better fics but I haven’t wrote them in a very looong time so just give me some time guys and I’ll be back in business. *bows* thank you for reading my darlings, enjoy your evening.


During early production on The Rescuers (1977), Cruella De Vil was considered for the role of the villain. This idea was quickly abandoned, as Disney was not interested in producing sequels at the time, and Madame Medusa was created.

Shown above are some of Ken Anderson’s original Cruella De Vil concept drawings for The Rescuers. Note that Cruella has traded in her furs for alligator skins! (Via.)

OUAT villains according to tumblr

Regina: the Queen. Essentially Beyoncé.

Rumplestiltskin: FUCK YOU–aww poor Rumple babYNEVERMIND JUST FUCK YOUawww but RumBelle is so cutNEVERMIND FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK


Peter Pan: the shittiest of little shits

Killian Jones (according to SQ): when did this show become about Captain Hook

Killian Jones (according to CS): WHY ISN’T THIS SHOW ABOUT CAPTAIN HOOK???


Ingrid: dONT FUCKIGN TALK TO ME *sobs*

Ursula: bby come back

Cruella DeVil: 


Bo Peep: the fuck?