Fantasy Guide to Crowns

Crown is a general term and can be used to describe whatever headgear you royals sport. But if you want to a certain kind of crown, here are some terms you should know.


This is a headband. It can be simple or ornate depending on your character’s status in life. Male and female characters can wear these but it is more often worn by women. Ladies from noble families up to princesses can wear these.


This term is forever used incorrectly. A coronet is the crown of a peer of the realm (lords, dukes, earls). They are only used in ceremonies such as a coronation.


This is a common one. Tiaras are worn by princesses or queens regnant or consorts. Tiaras are not strictly for women, however. George the Fourth of England wore a tiara at his coronation, the same one Queen Elizabeth II wears today.


Hollywood Royalty at the 2018 Met Gala

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination


Hey Guys!

My first post in who knows how long. 
I was working on this small personal project with simple ‘concept.’ I love birds, and I love looking at royalty and the romantic depiction of them so I put them together. (technically just slapping on crowns on all these birds)
Just  tried to design and depict everything as something lovely.

These were all digitally done. 
I’ll have a couple more pieces I’ve done for this project so I’ll post after I’ve taken nice pictures of them.