I think I got a LITTLE bit too excited to learn DGM has an update on the 14th of July in Summer issue of Jump Sq Crown uwu;
So I did a thing.
Mosaic church window effect on watercolor paper for Allen Walker-Neah Walker! The mosaic parts are semi transparent, so the light can come thru. I always liked the suit that Hoshino sensei designed for Allen, even if he hasn’t actually worn it…yet (apart from on poster XD), so I thought I did do a crown clown version of it.

To see how I did it, you can go dig up said album in my FB page: Bluepeppermints

Okay, so I kinda imagine Crown Clown as Allen’s exasperated parent who just wants their kid to stop doing risky stuff. And when Neah finally enters the picture, I imagine him being calm and collected whenever Allen sees him, but usually he’s screaming because HOLY SHIT this kid has a fucking death wish! After dealing with this shit for so long, Crown’s just like, welcome to parenthood, jackass.

What if it’s not Neah trying to activate Crowned Clown, but Crowned Clown trying to activate itself?

Crowned Clown have already shown way back that it could activate without Allen’s call:
- Krory’s castle as Eliade was about to behead him
-Crowned Clown’s rebirth
-Goshi throwing Allen in a column
-Crowned Clown suddenly activating and attacking Tokusa)

On top of those, it’s likely he was moved by his Innocence during the Level 4 attack for a brief period of time (when the mask covered his face. Similar happened on the Ark when Crowned Clown protected Allen from a swarm of Teases).

Also in 219 right before getting captured, Allen’s Innocence was shown to twitch and throb violently as Neah was talking to the Earl and only stopped when he was captured by the Order, then Link.

Perhaps Crowned Clown felt that the one in control wasn’t Allen and intended to call him forth with a forced activation. That or make them Fall, because Allen would rather die than have Neah hurt someone. (Though that seems less likely as Apocryphos appeared to have really want Allen).

It’s also quite suspicious that Allen could break out. He wished for a way out and it was reached out on a silver platter, just like that? Neither he nor Neah should have memory of Johnny and Kanda sitting by his bed, calling his name as bith were asleep. Consequently, the only one who should be able to witness that scene was Crowned Clown, who then channeled it to Allen to serve as the link for him to sieze power.