Crown tail betta

Unpopular opinion :crown tail bettas have gone to shit.

Hi bettablur /fishblr

Before you flame me , yes I’m sure you love your pet co betta to bits but most pet shop stock are soft culls. They are the bottom of the barrle quality wise.

BUT thats not even what im talking about here. Even SHOW quality fish have degraded considerably in the 10 to 13 years I’ve been out of the hobby.

Would you pay between $30 and $50 for any of these fish? Without knowing background on them? ?

Do you have any examples of crowns, good or bad ? Share them!

::UPDATE:: 5-24-17

Hey there! Thank you everyone who has commissioned me so far! My fiance finally got a job, and he will be starting next month. However, we need to move for his job, so we need to save up money to move within the next month. So I will be doing another sale on my charms. Please reblog if you can, we need all the help we can get to afford to move until he actually starts working said job. 

This update does NOT include people who’ve already paid and I’m working on their item. While I do offer more than fish, I have to change my sale. This sale is for fish, and other more simpler animals. I’ve been getting more detailed animals (cats, dogs, lizards/geckos) and they’re just too much time and work to have for only $25.  I’ll still offer my charms at a discounted price, but unless it’s a fish or something simple (frogs, bugs) it won’t be $25. I also will not be doing crown-tail betta for $25. They are too difficult and time consuming, but I will do them at a discount still. They are $35 as opposed to $50. 

Please send an email to with a reference photos. Payment secures a spot. 

Thank you everyone who has purchased from me in the past. Thank you everyone who reblogs.