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Supernatural Preferences: When You're Pregnant

Sam: As soon as you found out, you began plotting how you were going to tell him. Of course he noticed the slightly different things you did, resulting in him pestering you to see what’s wrong. After you told him the news he began prepping for the baby immediately. Regardless of the fact you two had nine months to get everything ready. Guess excitement overtakes people’s senses.

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Dean: The minute-no the second you told Dean, he began to treat you as though you were going to explode. Taking junk food from you because “it could hurt the baby”. Not letting you lift anything. Barley even a book or glass of water. Once you started to show more and more he refused to hug you…or even sleep in the same bed with you once you further progressed because “what if I roll over onto you?”, even though he never had before. Luckily for you, once the baby was born he directed all that paranoid attention to the munchkin.

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Castiel: It’s no surprise that he found out before you did. He was in a state of complete shock and awe from the second he heard a second heartbeat lingering inside of you. At first you thought it was cool or adorable how he could check in on you. That was until he was doing it every other hour to make sure nothing was wrong. It only got worse when the little being inside of you grew to be bigger. Any movement you made, or small noise at the feeling of a kick in your ribs, Cas had to give you the full examination. Sooner or later he realized that everything was going to be fine and he could stop worrying so much. That didn’t happen until a week before your due date.

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Crowley: From the moment you told The Boy King about your little gift, he had a certain change in him. Whether he saw this as father redemption or was just filled with happiness, you couldn’t tell. The most overprotective he got during your pregnancy was not letting you leave Hell without him. Which was understandable, so you didn’t really put up a fight. Carrying the King of Hell’s child had its perks. Like food whenever you wanted it, and whatever you wanted. Anything you asked for, demons would scramble about trying to get it as quickly as possible. It was really something funny, watching them trip over their fear of not being fast enough. Of course your new little munchkins first outfit had “The prince/princess of Hell” labeled on it. That one you didn’t really have a say on.

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Lucifer: It all started when he sat straight up in bed and just looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Just when you thought your life couldn’t change anymore, it did. On so many levels. Honestly it was really weird knowing that all of Heaven and Hell knew you were with child before you even had a clue. The fact that you had Angels hell bent on killing you, but mainly the baby, didn’t really help with the whole pregnancy stress level chart. As if it wasn’t stressful enough having a human growing inside of you. But Luce was by your side 24/7. Always keeping the Angels or anything that meant to harm you far away. Somewhere between all the baby assassins and pregnancy hormones, the two of you still had time to have a somewhat normal upcoming. Anytime a kick or a movement was going to happen he knew. And he’d be right there to witness it.

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Gabriel: Never had you thought that Gabe and his trickster tendencies would be something you would appreciate. That was until it came handy to have to help hide you from those who meant to cause your unborn child harm. Most of your pregnancy wasn’t spent fighting some war against those who intended to harm you. It was spent fighting another war over what the babies name would be. First idea Gabriel had was “Little Ass Kicker” because for some god awful reason that made sense. Obviously you weren’t about to call any child of yours that, but he was persistent. “What about Lak?” He would ask while you were just about to drift off to sleep. “Lak? The hell kind of name is-…it stands for Little Ass Kicker doesn’t it?” There was no way around it. He’d go to pretty lengthy extents trying to get you to say yes just once so it’d be official. Like rubbing your back for an hour. Or getting you a shit ton of the food you were craving. Long story short…you gave birth to a Little Ass Kicker…

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oh how much i love this.

Supernatural Insults

Dean: Bitch

Sam: Jerk

Cas: Assbutt

Bobby: Idjits

Crowley: Moose, Squirrel, Giraffe, Mop-headed lumberjack, Samantha, Wincheter Jumbosize, Little Sammy, Jolly Green, Feathers


(The only time I shall ever quote taylor swift… well some what)

Supernatural Preferences: Finding out you've got severe depression

Trigger warning!: If you have problems with mentions of self harm and suicidal thoughts, don’t read or read with caution.

Sam: When depression came a’ knockin and literally all hope seemed to be flushed down the drain, you finally turned to Sam seeking help. His initial instinct was complete and utter fear. For both himself and for your life. You meant so much to him, and the thought that you were on the verge/trying to take your life broke him down. How was he supposed to live on without being a constant in his not so normal life? For his sake and most importantly yours, he kept you at his side like a shadow. Making sure every second of every day was spent showing you how important your life was and that you were here on this dammed earth for a reason.

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Dean: You always acted so tough and brick walled around Dean. Trying to match his badass outer appearance (honestly he was like that inside too. Except the soft and squish center). So when you approached him and explained how you were weak and couldn’t bare anything anymore, he was at shock that he was hearing it from you. Never expecting you to be in such a horrible position. “That’s a load of shit. You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known, and I’m damn proud to have you in my life. That’s the hard truth.” He gave you a big hearted speech while trying is best not to cry.

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Cas: From the start of your downfall into the darkness of depression, Cas knew something was wrong with you. At first he thought you might have been sick because of your ill acting. But after time he realized it was much more and a much deeper sickness than that. When it came down to it, he was the one that confronted you about it all. “Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?” He asked looking so hurt and sad that you were so mentally distraught. “You’re perfect in almost every sense to me, Cas. I felt ashamed to tell you how tainted I was.” He wouldn’t even let you finish replying to him before he pulled you in for a tight hug. “Y/n, I am far from perfect. But you- I could never see you as anything but just that…perfect.”

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Crowley: Maybe it started around the same time Crowley began to withdraw a bit from your presence. Maybe it all came to view when ‘work’ became even the slightest bit more important. Either way you felt like a hopeless piece of shit and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. The day came when you broke down to him, yelling at how you couldn’t take it anymore. How you couldn’t take another day being in this god awful body and life. He immediately dropped everything. The Winchesters. Deals. Everything. Whether he blamed himself for partially pushing you think far into this mind set or not, he was there for you unconditionally.

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Chuck: He caught you bawling your eyes out at three am. Debating on whether or not to take this life you called pathetic. A blade was in your right hand, and a shaky fist in another. He instantly took the blade from you before you even knew of his presence. “You can’t just force me to live! I can’t do this anymore and you don’t know what it’s like living with my mind. Your God-fucking God. Take it away, make the pain stop so I can be free and happy again to live…” each word you spoke drove into his heart like a blade. Sure he was God, but he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, just take away apart of you. Sure the part sucked, and it was a real life threatening pain in the ass. But he had his own cure for it. “Where are we going?” You asked as he took your hand and led you out off the floor. “To take a look at everything beautiful in the world. It always helps me. But this right here, this is the most beautiful thing that was ever created.” The two of you stood before a mirror, looking at your teary eyed reflection.

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Gabriel: The moment you began to act even the slightest bit of odd, he knew. Whether it was a cold or just a bad mood from a period. He knew. So it was no surprise that he figured it off right from the bat that you were struggling daily with pretty much all will to do anything. “Come on kid. You’re badass with a capital A-S-S. I saw you stand up to my bag of dicks brother all for me, you can stand up for yourself all the same.”

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Lucifer: Lets just say that it took you awhile to feel comfortable being an open, honest emotional human with the Devil. So telling him “hey, sorry I’m a pain in the ass. But that level of pain assery just upgraded to level depression.” That was how you practiced it all in your head. Of course it came out nothing like that. In fact, you opened your mouth to tell him exactly how your mind and heart were cooperating and he kissed you. For a split moment he silenced every demon lurking in your mind. “Whatever you need me, tell me. You won’t have to ask twice.” He was more than understanding if the feeling of hidden isolation you were going through. “I just need you. I need you to hold on and please not let go. No matter what.” Every word you spoke was mumbled into his chest that he held you into. Yes, the Devil himself was even so caring for just his one not so irritating and worthless specimen of human life.

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Imagine Crowley has a confession for you

Crowley X Reader

“We need him, whether you guys like it or not.” You stood in front of the demon, your hands on the blades you kept in your pockets, ready to pull them at any second. The Winchester’s exchanged surprised glances at your behavior. “You kill him, I kill you. Got it?” You looked between the two, waiting for an answer other than their shocked facial expressions.

“What has gotten into you?” Dean growled, taking a step towards you. You pulled out one of the blades and rested it against your thigh, a subtle threat.

“I’m doing my job without letting my emotions get the best of me. You should try it sometime.” You snapped. Dean’s jaw clenched, obviously more than annoyed with you. This was out of character for you. You always showed Sam and Dean the upmost respect, but something about the man behind you caused a shift within. You knew you had to protect him.

“Then you deal with him.” Dean pointed a finger at you, something a father would do to his daughter, and then turned to leave, Sam following behind. Sam looked over his shoulder at you, concern in his eyes. You sighed, giving him the smallest of smiles to reassure him. Once the Winchester’s were gone, you turned to face the cause of the situation.

“That was quite the show, Poppet.” Crowley smirked. “Seeing you get so defensive over little old me gets me bothered in all of the right ways.”

“Shut up.” You snapped, running a hand through your hair and pulling up a chair so that you could sit across from him. “I just need you to tell me about the deals going on in this town. There’s too many and we don’t know how to stop them all.”

“You don’t. They’re deals, (Y/n). Once those morons lock lips with one of my demons, that’s that.” He shook his head at you. “Why don’t we talk about something else, yeah? How about the way you can’t stand to see me tortured and beaten? Or the way you’re constantly trying to justify the evil things I do?”

“Don’t try and turn this into some twisted romance. I’m here to save those peop-”

“Romance? I didn’t say anything about romance, Kitten.” Crowley raised his brows, feigning innocence.

“I don’t care what you said.” You threw your hands to your side, starting to get aggravated.

“How about you tell me why you haven’t pulled a knife on me for pissing you off when you were so quick to threaten Moose and Squirrel. They’re like family to you and you were ready to kill them to protect a demon.” He was getting inside your head. You stood up from your seat, turning away from him. You considered pulling out your other blade, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Why couldn’t you do it? You shook your head, annoyed with yourself. “You know, I’ve done the same thing.” You turned back to him, confused.

“What are you talking about?” You almost snapped.

“Have you never found it off that none of my demons have ever come after you?” He asked. Honestly, you never really thought about it, but now that he’s mentioned it, you can’t remember a demon ever attacking you specifically. “That’s because when the thought even crosses their mind, I take their head off their shoulders.” Crowley’s eyes were following your every move. “Because I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt.”

“Why are you telling me this?” You blinked, more confused than ever. “Listen, I just want to know how to stop-”

“No, you listen.” Crowley interrupted. “You’ve been dancing around this for far too long and I know damn well if I’m not the one to say this, you never will. We care for each other, (Y/n). We protect each other, we go out of our way to make sure only good things come to one another. What does that look like to you?”

“Are you trying to say that you’re in love with me, Crowley?” You walked towards him.

“Well, when you say it like that..” Crowley raised his brows and looked to the floor. “Yes, I guess that is what I’m trying to say.”

A Supernatural Preference- How your brothers Sam and Dean find out you're dating

A/N: I’ve done something like this before but I can’t help it I just love the whole idea.


Lucifer being the idiot with an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude just told them straight out while they had to talk one day.
“So boys I’m taking it you summoned me to talk about this whole darkness situation.” He says looking over to your brothers.
“No we asked you here to tell us what you’ve been up to.” Dean responds sarcastically. 
“Oh you know, raising hell, dating your sister, the usual.” Lucifer tells them in casual tone.


Crowley and your relationship got found out because you’re an idiot who doesn’t read the name you’re about to send a photo to.
You pressed send as you sent the photo of you and your boyfriend Crowley to said boyfriend, except it wasn’t him, you read the name as you saw it was sent to ‘Big Bro Sammy’, oh shit.


Samandriel is just so adorable and I don’t think anyone could take their eyes off him and that was how Sam and Dean found out, because you couldn’t keep your eyes off the cute little thing.
Sam and Dean had taken Samandriel to the park because Cas insisted on helping his little brothers mental health. 
You look over to him with the softest sweetest eyes and anyone could see that the love was basically pouring out of you like honey. He looked over to you and gave you as smile and a wave and you waved back with a smile just as sweet. You didn’t think of the consequence of doing something so harmless until your brothers gave you a look that told you, you were busted.


Cas and you get caught in the shower of a hotel room you and your brother were staying at.
“Oooohh Caasss.” Your brothers heard you moan as they walked into your room to get you.
Both their eyes went wide as they knew what was happening, all of a sudden they knock on the door and your doofus of a boyfriend opens the door with an almost apologetic smile.

Preferences: When You Dream They Died

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At around 3:00 AM, Dean rose to you clutching onto his shirt. You were asleep, but clearly distressed as your fingers dug tighter into the fabric. He gently roused you, cringing when he sees the tears in your eyes. “I thought I lost you”, you whimpered, burying your face in his chest. “I’m not going anywhere sweetheart”, he promises, caging you safely in his arms.


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Your frantic “Sam!” quickly caught sleeping Sam’s attention. You were sweating and thrashing in your not so peaceful sleep, calling out your lovers name. He quickly wakes you and opens his arms. Your tears stain his shirt as you mumble out nonsense about his death. He presses soft kisses on your head and whispers “I’m here”, over and over until you relax in his protective touch.


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Because Cas has no need to sleep, he likes to watch over your dreams instead. When your seemingly calm dream corrupts into a nightmare where Cas lay on with his wings burnt to the ground, he places a hand on your forehead, waking up you. You’re hysterical when you wake as you clutch to his familiar trench coat. He reassures you he’s right here while smoothing over your bed head softly until the daylight comes.


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Crowley, much like Cas, didn’t need to sleep and liked to watch over you as you rested. When your once peaceful face morphed into one of discomfort, he shook you awake gently. Once your eyes locked with his, you began to cry and soon wrapped your arms around his neck. “You were dead”, you stutter between sobs. Crowley holds you tightly, whispering “It’s alright, I’m right here” in your ear until your sobs turn into soft snores.

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Being Sam and Dean little sister would include:

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  • The age difference is big.
  • Dean took care of you when you were little.
  • You used the old clothes of your big brothers.
  • Bobby adored you.
  • Dean tough you how to walk.
  • He looked at Sam with the victory on his face.
  • John wasn’t there. Seriously,he ignored you.
  • Sam went to Stanford when you were only a child.
  • You missed him so much.
  • When you saw Sam again you almost cry.
  • “Dean,she need to get out of this” “I know,Sammy”
  • You cried for days when Dean was in hell.
  • When he came back you won’t belive it at first.
  • You weren’t affected when John died.
  • Bobby was your father figure.
  • And Dean too.
  • You wanted to know that angel who saved your brother.
  • “(y/n),NO!”
  • When Castiel saw you for the first time he was impressed.
  • Your look a lot like Dean.
  • But you have features of Sam too.
  • In the apocalypse your brothers tried to take you apart.
  • That doesn’t work.Of course.
  • You and Cas share the backseat of the Impala.
  • Dean give you drive lessons.
  • Dean is the vessel of Michael, Sam is the vessel of Lucifer and you are the vessel of Gabriel.
  • Gabriel didn’t want to posses you. (Not in angelic terms,at least)
  • You were so affected when Ellen and Jo died.
  • The angels were confused about you.
  • You met Crowley when you were in the house of Bobby.
  • “Hello,dear”
  • His nickname for you is “Bunny”
  • You liked Adam and be devastated when Michael used him as vessel.
  • You cried again when Sam was in the cage.
  • You lived with Dean,Lisa and Ben.
  • Ben thinks you’re so cool.
  • Both of you play videogames and read comics.
  • In the bunker Dean prepared a room just for you.
  • The Ghostfacers think you’re really cute.
  • “If any of you two,you freaks,touch my sister i will rip your skin off”
  • “We get that,Dean”
  • You liked the bunker. It is the most similar to a home for you.
  • Sam and you have Harry Potter marathons.
  • You show Castiel what is Netflix.
  • You had a crush on Samandriel. I mean,seriously,have you seen that angel face?
  • He cried with 13 reasons why.
  • Dean and you share a love for pies.
  • You cook for your brothers.
  • But the food of Jody…Man,that food is amazing.
  • Dean trained you. Just in case.
  • A lot of deaths made you cry: Kevin, Samandriel, Benny, Gabriel, Bobby,Charlie,Gadreel,Balthazar…I mean,seriously,you were so young to see all those deaths.
  • You explain Cass a lot of things.
  • “And…the pizzaman”
  • “I’m not going to explain you what’s the pizzaman”
  • You were so impressed when discover that Chuck is God.
  • “No way”
  • Castiel protect you from the angels.
  • Rowena thinks you’re more polite than your brothers.
  • You and Dean sing AC/DC or Kansas in the road trips.
  • You think Garth is amazing.
  • He never lets you drive the Impala.
  • You and Sam fight for the copilot seat.
  • When Lucifer possesed Cas you won’t believe it.
  • Lucifer flirted with you in the body of Cas.
  • You tried your best to help your brothers with Amara.
  • You won’t be able to talk when you saw Mary for the first time.
  • “(y/n)?”
  • “Mom?”
  • Dean,Mary,Cas and you went to rescue Sam form Toni.
  • Mick looked at you like if you were a legend.
  • You don’t trust Ketch. That stupid bastard.
  • You hang out with Claire.
  • Mick tried to recruit you.
  • You suggest Kelly about his baby.
  • You were so happy when she decided to have it.
  • Mick and you talked for hours about the Mans of Letters.
  • You hated Ketcht for what he did to Mick.
  • You fight with Cas because he preffers Kelly and the Nephilim.
  • Okay,maybe you were a little jealous.
  • Then Jack came.
  • Dean get’s overprotective when Jack take an interest on you.
  • And you had a crush on Jack.
  • Dean tells you he’s dangerous.
  • You don’t care about that.
Imagine Crowley giving you a hellhound puppy as a gift for your birthday.

“No way!” you squealed as you saw the small, but intimidating, hellhound trot over to you. “Crowley, you got me a hellhound pup?”

He nodded and smiled. “Only you and I can see her though. Juliet had her litter a couple of nights ago…figured now would be the perfect time to train her not to kill you.” The pup, which was larger than any newborn canine should be, ran over and began licking at your legs.

You giggled, eyes lighting up with joy. “I don’t think we’ll have that problem…”

“She’s only tasting you,” he scoffed, but you ignored him and jerked him into a tight hug. Of course, he nearly burst into flames at the affection, but secretly he loved to see you so happy for once.

“Thank you!” you exclaimed. “Best present ever!”

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“no its not a spell.” Dean stated, “im in love with her.”

“i am too!” Sam said.

“yeah yeah yeah, we all are.” Crowley sighed looking at the group of men, “now what are we going to do about it?”

Forever Loyal

(gif belongs to charlie-bradcherry)

Title: Forever Loyal

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Crowley

Word Count: 858

Warnings: death of a character, there are no spoilers because I made my own ending to last night’s episode, small amount of fluff. *The gif I guess could be counted as a spoiler?*

A/N: I said I was going to do it, so I did it. You all get some special treatment today!! Enjoy this extra fic! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

Crowley smirked at Lucifer as the fallen archangel fell to his knees.  Lucifer withered in pain and all Crowley could do was chuckle.  He had big plans to torture Lucifer.  Crowley wasn’t going to spare Lucifer, not one bit.

“Do you remember [Y/N],” Crowley asked Lucifer, his tone snarky.  “She’s your soul mate isn’t she?  Pretty little thing she is.”

“Keep your hands off of her Crowley,” Lucifer seethed as he clutched his stomach.

“It’s more like she can’t keep her hands off of me,” Crowley mused, his eyes traveling to the door of the thrown room.  His smirk grew as you opened the door to the throne room.  “Oh look who’s here.”

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Supernatural Preference- How They React When Someone Asks If They Like You

Dean would just be straight out with how he feels but he’d also be kind of quiet because he wouldn’t want you to hear.
“Wait, Dean, do you like y/n?” Sam asks his older brother with a smirk.
“Yes!” He answers with a whisper shout.
“But if you say anything I will cut all your hair off.” He tells him as he walks out the door. 

Balthazar wouldn’t really want to tell anyone and would get a little defensive when asked.
“Balthazar, do you like that human y/n?” A fellow angel asked him.
“Why is that any of your business?” Balthazar asks the angel.
“It is heavens business.” 
“And I care about this because…?” 
“Because she’s a human and you’re an angel, it’s dangerous!” The angel yells at him as he flies away. 

Samandriel would be rather straight-forward about his feelings towards you when anyone asked.
“Samandriel, do you like y/n?” His older brother Castiel asks.
“Yes, Castiel I believe I do. She’s perfect in every way and I want to be with her always.” He tells his brother, his words filled with emotion.

Crowley would tell it how it is when asked and would  not beat around the bush. 
“Fergus, you like her don’t you?” Rowena asks her son.
“Why yes mother, I do, I do indeed.” He says smiling after y/n.