I’ll never get over the time that we were supposed to write a short story in English class freshman year and I wrote a supernatural episode but I just added me and my friend and I got an A. Iconic.

Imagine Crowley just got done killing some demons and you call him cause you have cramps and want some cuddles

“Darling I’m in a bit of a bloody sticky situation,” the demon huffed, blood surely getting on his phone now, he’d have to clean it.

“Oh what a coincidence, so am I” you grumbled,  that’s when the King knew, and sighed softly. 

“Warm  baked cookies or ice cream?”

“Ice cream please,"You sniffled cutesy over the phone, "and fluffy blanket from the kings bed~" 

He chuckled softly,"You got it kitten, I’ll be over in five.”

“Are you gonna make me feel better,  my king?”

“‘lll make it all better, I promise, My Queen." 


Pairing: SamxReader, Crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 2,485
Co-aurthored with : @reigningqueenofwords
Warnings: Smut, mentions of past abuse, swearing, NSFW gif,
Original post date : April 15, 2016.

Chapter 6 of ‘She’s Leaving, Dean’.

After enjoying the silence, you turned in his arms, so that your stomach was on his crotch. You rested your head on his chest, looking up at him. “What’s on your mind right now?” Despite knowing him so well, his mind still remained a mystery.

“You mean other then how lucky I am to have you?

You laughed. “Yes, other then that.”

Sam thought for a moment on how to compose his thoughts. “I’m thinking about us, our future, how I know that no matter where we are, I’m home.” He smiled. “Because you’re my home.”

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Unspoken | Part 4

Dean X Reader

Word count: 1647

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The little bell on the door jingled causing Jenny to turn and greet the boys with a warm and completely fake smile as her eyes flashed black. “Ahh, Crowley did say you’d be coming by. Took you long enough” she jested.  

“Shove it Black Betty. Where is she?” Dean spat at the demon. Jenny’s eyes flashed back to their human brown color just as you came around through the back office door “Hey Jen I’m going to call it a day, I’m beat”.  You stopped short and almost dropped the books in your arms when you saw them…well him.  

“WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT!” He yelled pointing with his eyes wide as saucers.

You held up a book “These are books Dean” you remarked sarcastically.

“No shit Sherlock, you know what I mean” he retorted.

“Oh this! This is what happened when you put your penis in my vagina” you said pointing to your very swollen belly.

“B-but, wha. I mean um” he babbled while rubbing the back of his head and beginning to pace again. Sam placed his hands on his hips and gave a surprised and perturbed look mixed in the way only he can.

You set the books down on the counter and motioned for Dean to follow you into the back office. Sam nudged Dean as if his feet had been glued down and as he walked past you Dean moved around you giving space like touching you would make the bubble burst. “I’ll wait out here” Sam smiled at you as he turned and picked up a random book of the shelf.  You gave Jenny a knowing nod to not cause trouble, which she returned and you shut the door behind you. The back office was very spacious and well-furnished and looked more like a lounge than an office.

“Damn, nice digs you got here” Dean commented taking in the plush accommodations.

“Well Crowley wanted to make sure I’m comfortable and taken care of” you said in spite knowing it would get Dean riled up. Which it did.

“Ya about that. Freaking Crowley Y/N! Are you like a thing” he said using air quotes while giving the look of trying not to be sick.

“Oh my god Dean, THAT’S the first thing you want to talk about after all this time, and THIS” pointing again to your pregnant belly.

“I just don’t really know where to begin. I thought I knew what I was going to say to you when I first saw you again and then to have Crowley come at me and tell me he’s been helping you hide from me, and now THIS” he points again to the elephant in the room. “I’m kinda at a loss for words here Y/N” he gave an insecure chuckle.

“Damn Crowley. Well who knew you couldn’t trust the king of hell to keep your secrets right” you laughed. You motioned to the couch for Dean to sit down next to you. He hesitantly did after watching you slump down and adjusting your belly so you were partially facing him.

“Do you hate me that bad that you ran to the freaking leprechaun” he sounded hurt and the look in his eyes matched.

“I don’t hate you Dean but don’t you dare try to turn this around on me. It doesn’t matter if I went to Lucifer himself, YOU pushed me away so what I did after I left was none of your business” you poked his chest to make your point.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” He turned his head to look down at his hands he was now wringing in his lap. “We could’ve worked it out”.

Your head flung back with the HA that came out before you could filter yourself. “ You didn’t even want me around, why would I stay so you could hate us both” you said your voice shaking, tears threatening to stream from your glossy eyes.

“I don’t, I didn’t..” He sighed heavily “I didn’t know what to do anymore.” He turned to face you as his gorgeous green eyes met with yours. “When you got hurt on that Rugaru case last year I just about lost it. You almost died Y/N.” You let out a huff and looked down. Placing a finger under your chin he tilted your head back up to look at him again. “I found myself watching you more on hunts and I wasn’t always focused on what was going on around me because I was focused on making sure you were safe. That’s why I didn’t want you hunting anymore. And we started arguing about the smallest things, I thought you were just mad at me for that.”

“Are you serious” you grabbed his finger from under your chin and practically threw it in his lap.

“What do you mean?”

“Dean you and Sam get hurt on like EVERY case you take and I don’t see you demanding he stop doing what you two grew up doing!” You yelled throwing your arms across your chest.

“That’s different” he smirked.

“Uh, how?”

“He’s Sammy. He’s tough. Look at him, he’s like a damn moose” he waved his arms about.

Your eyes narrowed in anger “You don’t think I’m tough enough?”

“Nooo no no that’s not what I said” he scooted back on the couch.

“I think you’ve forgotten who saved his ass 3 times and pulled yours out of that house before it collapsed on you in Salem. So if you want to shove that theory somewhere I can make a suggestion mister.” He was holding his hands up in protest as if he thought you were going to start punching. Which you hadn’t made up your mind on yet.

“Look, what I’m saying is that Sam, he’s been to hell and back and he’s still here. I’m not saying you wouldn’t make it, but I sure as shit don’t ever want to find out. I just rather keep you up here safe and sound. Preferably in my arms.”

“Dean, you were a complete dick to me. You treated me with disrespect and completely ignored me at times. That is something I cannot forget” you pressed on.

“I know babe, I’m so sorry. I was such an asshole.” He paused, “I AM an asshole. I mean you tried and I just shut you out without any explanation and that was wrong. You were right you know, in your letter. I think I was trying to get you to leave me so I didn’t have to feel guilty, but baby the minute I saw you had really left I lost it. Ask Sammy. I cried baby. Like ugly cried.”

You giggled at the comment but the tears still escaped at his admission of being wrong. Dean was the only person who could make you laugh and cry at the same time. Who could make you mad and confused all at once. Make you feel hurt and love together.  

He leaned forward and took your hands in his and waited for you to make eye contact again. “I have had this pain in my chest since you left. I don’t sleep because I miss the smell your shampoo on the pillow or the way your body wrapped perfectly with mine. I don’t eat because I don’t see your smiling face across the table from me. I don’t want to go on anymore if it isn’t with you by my side” he was squeezing your hands now as a tear fell down his cheek over his stubbled chin and onto the arm of his coat.  

He let go of your hands to place one on each side of your belly, “And now there’s this little peanut and I just, oh god I can’t”. He stopped talking but he was smiling. “I’m just so damn happy!” He beamed up at you.

“Really!” You asked skeptically.

“Baby if you would take me back I’d do anything. Hell, I’d even stay home with it if you wanted to go on a hunt. I just don’t want to lose you…either of you ever again.”

You were both crying now, but happy tears. Him because he never thought he’d see you again and to now see he has a chance at a family and you because this is not the reaction you had expected from the commitment-phobe Dean Winchester.

Grabbing his face in your hands you leaned in and kissed him. Good lord how you missed those soft lips of his. He reached a hand around your head and deepened the kiss. Good good lord how you missed the way he swirled his tongue in just the right way. You moaned at the thought of how he expertly swirled his tongue in other places too, oh my god it had been too long. He groaned and slid his other hand to your hip and tried to pull you up on his lap. He was met with some resistance and you both parted giggling. “Yeah that’s not really going to be the same for a little while” you patted your tummy and flopped back down panting. “Sorry babe. Your lips got me a little worked up” he adjusted his jeans.  

“Here help me up” you held up your hands and he stood then pulled you up wrapping his arms around you and placing another kiss on your lips. “Follow me” you held his hand and pulled him out the back door into the alleyway.  

“Where are we going?” He asked.

You turned around and while walking backwards you grinned “My place” pointing the little row of houses down the street.

In the shop Sam’s phone buzzed. He saw it was a text from Dean: Might want to get lunch we’re “catching up” ;)

“Ugh.” He grimaced. He looked up to Jenny “So any good restaurants around here?”

To be continued…

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